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    The neoclassical house is always attractive to investors today. With the architectural style of French villas with sharp lines and soft features will certainly satisfy. The history of Western Europe dates back to the VSCN, on the disintegrating background of the ancient Roman Empire, so to the end, European architecture influenced the style of Roman architecture. The architectural style of ancient Greece. The two Greek and Roman civilizations that were formed in the third and the first millennium BC, the cradle of ancient Western civilization, flourished and left a profound influence on them. The cultural appearance of Western Europe during the Middle Ages. So back up the history of European architecture can not fail to mention the ancient architecture style Hy - La. The most beautiful architectural complex of Greek classical architecture is the Acropolis in Athens. There are 3 masterpieces: Parthenon, Erechteyon and Propylaia. The Parthenon is the pinnacle of Greek classical architecture, which is the eternal image of many works in Europe, the Americas and many other places. Erechteyon Temple has a unique type of human column called Cariatit. Ancient Greek architecture has created a convincing architectural language system and has contributed enormously to the treasures of world architectural art. General characteristics of the Roman architecture is massive architectural scale, thick wall, monumental surface, impressive power, power, create a feeling of long-term sustainability, many projects have suffered The challenge of time. If Greek art is to find a harmony between form and structure, between architecture and decoration, Roman architecture, on the other hand, is an art applied to satisfy the vibrant and real of the Romans. And these features have been incorporated into European architecture in general and French architecture in particular to create architectural styles that are innovative, unique and impressive without losing the harmonious beauty. Throughout the history of architectural styles in the West from ancient to modern, it can be seen that France is one of the cradles that has contributed to preserving the classical architectural styles. Contribute to the creation of new architectural style is very unique and impressive. French architecture inherits the beauty of classical Greek-Roman architecture, the cradle of European architecture. Like many other European countries, the French architectural style exudes a mythical Greek-Roman style, with the basic "modes" of consciousness: Doric, Ionic and Corinthian, or even the progressive forms of Romans such as Toscan and Compozit. The history of the world architecture in general and the history of European architecture in particular have left a mark on each of their developments in French architecture. Therefore, it can be said that French architecture inherited the essence of human architecture. But also from France, many architectural styles have been formed and spread throughout Europe such as Roman architectural style, Gothic architecture, Rococo architecture. French architects are also leaders in the creation of new architectural forms based on the harmonious combination of classical values of Hy - La with French cultural identity as well as with imprints and vapors. breath of the times to create works and style very own. It can be said that it is not wrong that European architecture in the Middle Ages imbued the spirit of French culture - a culture that is both dynamic and creative, but still retains the beauty and elegance. , which is a common feature of Western classical architecture. Another notable feature is that French architects are less likely to be constrained by their creative capacity in a certain framework that frequently explores, combines many styles and architectural schools. Moreover, they attach great importance to the specific space or context of the place where the architecture is located, to create works of high pragmatism and still soul. This creative philosophy was applied not only to French architectural works but also to the French colonialists in their colonial bases such as Algeria, such as Vietnam. Thanks to that, today we can refers to a typical French architectural style on the common ground of European architecture. Please refer to the link =>> https://thietkenhadepmoi.com/tag/biet-thu-co-dien
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    Mẫu thiết kế kiến trúc biệt thự 2 tầng đẹp phong cách Á Đông hình khối và nhịp điệu có tính chất vay mượn của bán cổ điển pháp. Điều đáng nói khi thiết kế biệt thự có không gian 4 phòng ngủ 1 phòng thờ chúng tôi còn tối ưu theo phong thủy kiến trúc hợp với cu hướng và phong thủy của chủ nhà. Kinh phí xây nhà biệt thự đẹp 2 tầng khoảng 2 tỷ VND
  3. Được xây dựng theo phong cách biệt thự 2 tầng tân cổ điển kiểu pháp kết hợp với mái thái đỏ tươi, mẫu biệt thự nổi bật với kiểu nhà kiến trúc pháp 2 tầng 8x16 bề thế sang trọng như đem cả bầu trời châu âu về vùng đất Long Thành. Với mong muốn sở hữu được một mẫu thiết kế biệt thự đẹp mái ngói nguy nga làm nơi sum họp gia đình, vợ chồng anh dự định đầu tư khoảng từ 2 tỷ đến 2,2 tỷ đồng nếu có phát sinh để xây mẫu biệt thự 2 tầng tân cổ điển khoảng 2 tỷ. Ngôi biệt thự 1 trệt 1 lầu 8x16m thiết kế rất khang trang hoành tráng khiến mọi người qua đường đều phải ngắm nhìn và tấm tắc khen ngợi.