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  1. Amazon HQ2

    Makes sense to me. Bring it, Amazon. Houston is ready!
  2. 11-story apartments for N Braeswood at Main

    It depends. Prior to Harvey many of these mid and high rises were giving discounts of up to 3 months free rent because of competitive market.
  3. Texas Southern University Developments and Updates

    I love all the redevelopment going on in the 3rd Ward area with TSU and UofH leading the way along with Emancipation Park!
  4. 11-story apartments for N Braeswood at Main

    Due to that recent Harvey flooding event, I suspect high rise living will be more desirable in Houston and more mid and high rise residential towers will pop up everywhere, lol.
  5. Amazon HQ2

    According to this website, here are the potential cities.
  6. Amazon HQ2

    I agree downtown would be the ideal location for Amazon. There would be alot more people living in downtown and there is still alot of space available for a project of this magnitiude. Houston officials should be getting a proposal set up to pitch to Amazon.
  7. The Sophie: 42-unit, 7-story Condo @6017 Memorial

    Did it flood here?
  8. Williams Tower looks lonely standing amid all of those mid-rises. Time to add taller towers in this area.
  9. KPRC Channel 2 Houston Expansion

    According to meteorologist Brooks Garner, after 57 years the KHOU station is rendered unusable. They will probably have to build new facility at another location.
  10. You mean Amazon Whole Foods, lol
  11. I say transform it into a big entertainment complex like Marq E Houston. Retail, bars, clubs, concert venue, theater, etc. all with palm trees
  12. they have an HEB across the freeway on i10 and Bunker Hill
  13. I guess Greenspoint Mall is here to stay. I still say redo the mall like Gulfgate or Meyerland.
  14. Northline has been redeveloped kind of like Gulfgate. They may have to redevelop Greenspoint like this.