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  1. New 58 story residential for Austin

    What a beautiful building. I live in Houston and wish we could get a tower like that. Austin's skyline has come a long way. But good luck with traffic.
  2. How so? It's an improvement for the area.
  3. Development List for Buildings in Houston - March, 2014

    I would say 1980!
  4. Hardy Yards Development

    Looks like a ramp with covering that looks like stairs.
  5. A mini skyline developing in Rice Village perhaps??
  6. 20 to 21 floors? ughhh. Well, I'm sure blocking the northern view had something to do with it...
  7. Get a streaming device and antenna for local channels.
  8. LGBT family - Pittsburgh PA to Woodlands/Spring TX

    You may also consider Montrose or Heights area if your money is long because inner loop is quite expensive but quality of schools may be lacking but they do have alot of private schools. Welcome to H-town!!
  9. LGBT family - Pittsburgh PA to Woodlands/Spring TX

    Woodlands is a nice area as far as living but not sure about the tolerance. It is Montgomery county and tends to be quite conservative. But it is ultimately your choice.
  10. Why no high rises? They need residential towers out along the Grand pkwy.
  11. I see progress since I live in this area. It looks like 3 floors are up so far and that could just be the garage. That location is so small. The townhomes south of it will lose their second story view of uptown.
  12. There goes their view of downtown but I like the density!
  13. More height in the TMC!