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  1. Original Mid Century Modern Home for Sale

    When I represented the current owners when they were buying the home, we were told that the owner was the widow of Arthur Moss, the architect. Since Arthur died awhile back, I never knew him, although I did know his brother, Phil, because the family is of Greek descent. I do know that Arthur had a home in Riverbend that I didn't think was habitable; Phil's widow still lives in their home in Briarbend, so having a home in Briarmeadow made sense to me. I have no idea if Linwood Moss was a cousin of Arthur, Phil and Manuel but will ask. The current owners have the plans, and I asked them to check to see who designed the home when I saw your post. Anthony Cannata was the architect for 2903 Freshmeadows. I apologize for the misinformation I relied on and am very embarrassed. The fact remains that this home is a still wonderful virtually unchanged example of mid century architecture, although not designed by a noted architect. I am so sorry for my mistake.
  2. The home Arthur Moss built and lived in will be for sale soon. His widow, Dorothy, lived in the home, never changing a thing, until August, 2011. The young couple who bought the home only renovated the master bathroom, but the home is otherwise intact - even down to the apricot colored oven, built in record player and light fixtures. Arthur Moss was a noted Houston organic mid century modern architect whose works include the Penguin Arms apartments and the Triton 101 Apartments. I wish someone who appreciates the style would consider buying this home to preserve it. The address is 2903 Freshmeadows Drive In Briarmeadows. My name is Nancy Tropoli, 713-591-1955. Please call if you'd like to tour this gem of Houston mid century modern architecture before it's sold and "modernized".