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  1. AT&T Building (3303 Wesleyan) Renovations?

    Work is in progress on the distinctive structure on the top of the AT&T building on Weslayan at West Alabama. So far the top "layer" is almost totally dismantled. I always assumed the large structure was some kind of microwave transmitter and receiver. It's been there forever, and I was always intrigued by it as a kid in the 1970s. More recently I've wondered why a 1960s-era radio structure is still needed. Maybe it's just a shell, and the electronics have been kept up-to-date. So far it looks like the work may be a removal job. Maybe the new tower across the street had a negative impact on its operation. Anyways, we'll see what happens to the structure in the next few days.
  2. Gables Westcreek High-Rise - 15 floors

    I've worked at 2223 West Loop South for the last two years, and for the last two years during the day there was always a security vehicle and guard on the east side of the property. So yes, they spent a fortune on security guards. Since the teardown and cleanup will take around a week, the cost should be low. It does make me wonder why they waited to demolish the building.
  3. Gables Westcreek High-Rise - 15 floors

    The building is gone. The surrounding area smelled like a lumber yard today. The cleanup remains.
  4. Gables Westcreek High-Rise - 15 floors

    Demolition was proceeding at full speed today. Tear-down is in progress on the Westcreek (east) side and also on the southwest side.
  5. Future International Routes Out of IAH

    Air India is a mess and the Indian government is trying to sell it, but analysts say it will difficult to privatize due to all its troubles. So I would be cautious about being excited about the possibility for new service.
  6. I-10 West of the Brazos River

    Bids were opened last week for the expansion to 6 lanes from FM 359 (or wherever the current 6 lanes is reduced to 4) to the Brazos River. Williams Brothers was the low bidder, but for some reason the results are no longer on the TxDOT bid results site. I don't know if the absence of the results means anything. The next 10-mile section from the Brazos River westward is slated for bidding in August 2018, with an estimate of $233 million.
  7. Parade Of Homes Addresses?

    About five years ago, someone in Sharpstown claimed that John Glenn once lived in the neighborhood. (not true). But having heard the stories about the astronauts and the 1962 Parade of Homes, I decided to find out what really happened and posted my findings on my web site. You can find out the full story here
  8. New Mixed-Use Project - Texas Instrument Facility Site

    It looks like the interior of the main factory building is being gutted with numerous broken/removed exterior windows. It appears demolition is imminent. Some of the mature trees on the property have been chopped down, some are protected with fencing (presumably to be preserved), and some are intact without fencing. The warehouses on the eastern edge of the property are complete and appear to be occupied.
  9. The Pierce Elevated/I-59 Redesign Thread

    I admit that I'm somewhat biased because I lived on Roseland Street (near (Richmond @ Montrose) once upon a time, and I'm thinking in terms of people who live west and south of Midtown. The San Jacinto on-ramp and Fannin off-ramp are the access points for a large area to the south and west, and population is increasing due to the large apartment buildings being built. But yes, your point that there are plenty of alternate options for people in east and north Midtown is valid. In terms of people making the weave from the 45-northbound-to-69-southbound ramp to the Almeda exit, I'm speaking in terms of northbound traffic on Interstate 45. The 45 downtown Spur is not a reasonable option for those folks.
  10. The Pierce Elevated/I-59 Redesign Thread

    I just posted my updated analysis of the project using the May 2017 schematics. I still have 12 concerns, varying from minor issues to larger concerns which could impact operations. While TxDOT made numerous improvements in the latest schematics, some of my concerns are unchanged since the last version, so prospects for fixing the issues may not be good.
  11. Randall Davis 99-unit Arabella, 33-floors (Westcreek)

    Taken Friday 5/5/2017. Construction appears to be around floor 29.
  12. The Pierce Elevated/I-59 Redesign Thread

    That's an obsolete schematic. See the most recent (which was posted a year ago) at The latest version still has the entrance/exit ramp configuration that you are concerned about. However, it is impossible to eliminate all weave and merge situations from a highway project of this scope. The designers had to accept some non-ideal situations.
  13. Randall Davis 99-unit Arabella, 33-floors (Westcreek)

    Taken Friday 3/17/2017 5:30PM.The construction appears to be on floor 25.
  14. Cooter's Bar and the 86 Mets

    I remember going to the "Back from the Beach" events on Sunday in the 1984-1986 time period. I was underage until 1986, so I'm thinking they may have allowed all ages on Suindays. KLOL publicized the event and one of the personalities (Dane Steele, I think) sometimes made an appearance. I seem to remember light attendance at the back from the beach events. Unfortunately I don't recall ever visiting during prime time. After reading these reflections, I wish I had!
  15. Moseley's tenure with Texas Central was quite short. He started in July 2016. Obviously he was brought in to help the project survive the legislative session currently in progress. Maybe he's done with that task, even though the session goes through the end of May. But it does seem somewhat suspicious he's leaving before the end of the session. I'm always left to wonder if there is more to the story, good or bad for Texas Central. (Were the C-types dissatisfied with the lobbying effort? Or are they confident of success, so there was no reason for Moseley to stay? And assuming they proceed to construction, is there no role for Moseley?)