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  1. New HEB in Bellaire

    bam! So hot.. Love this shot
  2. Alexan Southside Place

    Got both signage before one of them disappeared! Re: Palace Bowling Lanes next door Per Swamplot? the tenant did not pay their rent so they were locked out of the property. Not very welcoming to have a junky, empty lot next door to Class-A apartments. of course litter is accumulating down the sidewalk from Alexan Southside Place
  3. New HEB in Bellaire

    The truck receiving area is coming a long. I know it's way to early to mention this, but let's hope they have beer on tap! Maybe like a wall of 10/15 taps.. Most "flagship" HEB's these days have a tap wall.. I think. Edit: Would love to see the plans. The City of Bellaire has posted drawings via meeting notes, but they're probably not of the interior.
  4. Alexan Southside Place

    Signage and landscaping is up! Try to take snap photos this weekend
  5. Went to the site today. Rising
  6. Was this concept drawing from ZC posted? Looked back a few pages and didn't see it. Awesome!
  7. Alexan Southside Place

    Loving this. I like the colors. Off topic, but next door.. Activity at the old Black Eyed Pea. Dirt excavation.
  8. Was checking out at Central Market and noticed everybody outside was taking photos of the sky. I was like... what's going on! Turns out it was a double rainbow. Overheard somebody say that double rainbows are rare. To be honest, I don't think I've ever seen one? Caught 2929 Weslayan in the background The rainbow was very bright and color pronounced! It was amazingly strong.
  9. New HEB in Bellaire

    Taken Friday, June 30, 2017 Taken Friday, July 8, 2017
  10. The Kirby Collection by Thor Equities

    Saw this on Friday. Great addition to Upper Kirby!
  11. New HEB in Bellaire

    Went to the site today.. Concrete trucks!