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  1. Construction ending late 2019 as per the above graph.
  2. Central Market Makeover

    Holiday Lights continued
  3. Central Market Makeover

    Curbside pickup night view. I'm just wondering how curbside pickup will work. Traffic? Wait times?
  4. New HEB in Bellaire

    Any kitchen renders? Food Service in general would be nice to look at. Meeting notes that were posted earlier has elevations. Wonder if kitchen specs would also be included?
  5. 59 - 610 Interchange Partial Rebuild

    Is it just me or does CenterPoint's new towers include red blinking lights? That's crazy. They spread out so far! I only thought two towers were built. It's more like 6?
  6. Has anybody else seen the lighted trees across from The James? The trees could be on the property. Saw it as I was driving down Westheimer. They did a great job! So nice..
  7. Walked around BLVD Place today. Having Lamborghini and Ferrari in the shot was perfect. Only BLVD Place! (okay, and maybe River Oaks District as well)
  8. The Post Oak: 36-Story High-Rise & Conference Center

    View from BLVD Place.. with BLVD Place's Christmas decorations out. With BHP
  9. Highland Village holiday decorations
  10. Wrong thread. I was looking for The James River Oaks Apartments
  11. Blvd Place is peaking into the Uptown skyline!
  12. Uptown is lit up with holiday lights! It's so beautiful! Stretches so far too. The Mercer on Richmond to Greenway Plaza (approx). Don't know where to post this. Might be the wrong area