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  1. Is Ed Wulfe not leasing parts of BLVD Place anymore? Saw a leasing sign today from a different company
  2. Went to The Post Oak this afternoon. Valet only it seemed, so I went to WF Post Oak instead. Grabbed some crowlers of IPA to take over to a dinner party tonight. Liking that "curve" in the glass
  3. New HEB in Bellaire

    Wild to think another "world class" HEB will go up 2.4 miles away in Meyerland. Guess Meyerland deserves it. Seems like it is rebuilding as a whole new subdivision. As I like to say.. Meyerland is the new Bellaire
  4. New HEB in Bellaire

    wow! This store is going to be so pimp!
  5. Had to take a photo from the office.
  6. wow. Really liking how it turned out
  7. The Post Oak: 36-Story High-Rise & Conference Center

    24 beers on tap? Looks I may need to visit this weekend! Love to go into this one. I bet it is indeed well designed.
  8. To be honest, I did not know Hines was a founding partner of DE Harvey. Mr. Hines is the man!
  9. Central Market Makeover

    CM now has special computer screens for Curbside services? Found this one at the beer & wine dept tonight. They do look old, but maybe it's just the casing of the screen. Looks to be an iPad? The casing has to go!
  10. Williams Tower

    Here is the photo I was looking for! Courtesy of my neighbor. Edit: New page. This is from the "snow day" in Dec 2017
  11. Camden McGowen Station + New Park (Midtown Superblock)

    That is correct. Dixie is my dad's girlfriend.
  12. New HEB in Bellaire

    This thing is big! Oh so beautiful as well
  13. My Koch contract will be done early April. I'll never forgot my time there