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  1. The grand entrance is showing!!
  2. New concrete poured and polished at the front of the store by the registers. It's so shiny! They had the floor taped for a week.. Baby eels, "Angulas are one of the supreme seafood delicacies of Spain" "very rare and highly sought" 4 oz for $50 Fran's Chocolates from Seattle. Wonder if this is going to be a staple or if it's a special.
  3. Of course, not *all* smokers litter. There are some people with respect.
  4. This is the type of people I live with. I really wonder what makes a litterer. Parenting I'd say has a big part of it. How you are influenced. Not caring about the surrounding environment because you do not own it. Cigarette 6 inches from the ashtray bucket! This yellow tall ashtray, there is a cigarette butt right at the bottom! People simply refuse to put it in a hole right in front of them. This ashtray is actually more level to your smoking hand than the ground is. Bonus, The tenants do not own the field behind us, so they throw their cheap beer cans over the fence. It's not their property and not their problem. Not everybody smokes, but everybody has to deal with their litter.
  5. Downstairs bathroom by the food court. The family bathroom near the wine department is also getting a touch up.
  6. Units will be available 04/17/2017? That's around the corner! Date came from their portal to select a unit.. Still no mention of a smoking ordinance. Their website has a pet policy statement, so I'm going to assume smoking is permitted. What a waste! "Luxury" if you want cigarette butts littered every 2 feet. They can supply ashtrays around the complex, but from my experience, smokers ignore ashtrays. "Luxury".
  7. Project fence going up. I got in there just in time. Might be blocked off to the public in the next few days (scheduled demo this Friday?) All products are removed from shelves. Shocking sight but it would have been cooler to see an empty shell before the demo. Last days of the exterior.
  8. Any demo crews on the scene this week? Looks like "construction" starts on Friday. Thought about grabbing a beer and sitting on the side lines watching the demolition
  9. Whoops. Chocolate information on the other window.
  10. I heard rumors that only one bathroom set will be remolded. Basically all the (male) bathrooms are "torn apart" though. Maybe they'll touch them up, but just not remodel them with new sinks, urinals, toilets, etc. One thing that CM doesn't do a good job at is the men's bathrooms. Yuck New wine racks by the meat deli
  11. This place still continues to blow my mind. It's a "foodies" paradise. Some misc. photos from the past week or two. New directional signage around the store. I like the design. They really did create/expand their olive oil/vinegar area! In their press release they indicated they'd focus on olive oils and such. It's a curved section of the store. The area is separated from the rest of the food. Fancy olive oils reminds me of tequila bottles. Unique glass, writing, waxed corks, etc. The new grand entrance I assume. The 3900 Essex Lane bldg and the 2929 Weslayan residences in the background.
  12. I'm siding with UT on this one. UT > UH
  13. That's beautiful. Amazing how fast San Felipe/Post Oak/Westheimer grows
  14. Across the street at Whole Foods Old/New Windows going in this week Off topic, Whole Foods down the street got new stone/signage this week. Looks a lot better
  15. Kirby Collection during today's visit to Buffalo Speedway HEB.