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  1. Went to the site today.. Concrete trucks!
  2. Have a question. Where do I post random TMC photos? I see the phrase "Master Plan" so I thought I'd post this in here.. During our flight, my niece took my phone and said "Hey, that's the TMC.."
  3. Came back from Denver, CO yesterday. So lucky to get these inflight shots of Arabella! You have a good view of Uptown from this shot as well Night shot. Pilot flew us in a circle upon landing due to weather. River Oaks District is bright!
  4. That thread title revision (Sorry for my ranting) Went to the site today.
  5. Memorial Hermann just buys up space after space. So many "satellite" clinics. Great photos
  6. Pretty!! Can't wait!!
  7. John Cooper School Rock Math & Science Center
  8. Last week. The receiving area where the trucks unload will be to the left.
  9. The ceiling of the valet parking area! Roka exterior
  10. Ziegler Cooper Architects Went to check out the new office space that Ziegler Cooper did for us. We're leasing first and 2nd floor suites at Loop Central One.