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  1. Somebody's around here has always got some stupid problem.
  2. Fortune 500

    And NYC could get hit by a giant tsunami! I'm not saying that I think diversity is bad or that Houston wouldn't be a better place with a brighter future if it was less oil dependent. I'm just saying that I've been hearing that Houston has no future unless it changes it ways for my entire lifetime and the glass towers are still rising and the people keep moving in for some reason. Anyway, I'm not losing any sleep over it because if things get too bad, Houston can always annex Austin or something.
  3. Fortune 500

    That's right. The last 100 years of having an un-diversified economy has been very unhealthy for Houston. If we don't diversify soon it will only be a matter of time before everyone moves away and they take all the high-rise towers with them.
  4. Midtown Sears to Become Houston's Innovation District

    Have a great day, kitty kat.
  5. Midtown Sears to Become Houston's Innovation District

    You cherish your concrete box, I'll cherish mine.
  6. Petition to Change the Downtown Forum's Description

    Change it. It sounds like it was written by someone who lives in another city and has an inferiority complex.
  7. TMC|3, Texas Medical Center Research Campus

    Yes. Screw Amazon!
  8. The Kirby Collection by Thor Equities

    I see reds and blues and blacks and browns and grays and whites. Color monotony? I don't think so
  9. So far, this is doing nothing for me.
  10. This may be my least favorite building ever built in the history of Houston. Not just because it's ordinary, but because it will block views of Pennzoil Place, one of the best and most famous buildings ever built in Houston, so I will hate it until the day I die. If they had built this tower just about anywhere else in this city or if it had been significantly higher in order to justify covering up Pennzoil from the north and east I would have liked it just fine. But no, it just had to be just a little higher than Pennzoil and do its best to flatten up the Houston skyline even more without doing much to enhance it.
  11. Camden McGowen Station + New Park (Midtown Superblock)

    Houston has enough grass fields (in the suburbs). We need more Midtown parks.
  12. Camden McGowen Station + New Park (Midtown Superblock)

    Wow! This area has never looked better. I wasn't sure I'd ever live to see the day that Midtown Houston would look this good.