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  1. And let's not forget. HAIF is to the Debbie Downer what the lightbulb is to the moth.
  2. I wouldn't be judging the final product or be disappointed by a few photos of foundations, torn up land and three half-built kiddy rides. Those are not mobile carnival rides sitting on a parking lot. They have poured foundations and are going to be fixtures of the park just like the ones at AstroWorld used to be. There isn't one tree planted yet. So while it may look a lot like a carnival sitting in the mud during the first weeks of construction, it probably won't when the buildings and landscaping are complete. At this point, 12 years after AstroWorld closed and over a decade of failed proposals and empty talk, I'm just glad to finally see anything that has the potential of becoming a real theme park being built in the Houston area. Reserve your disappointment until opening day when you realize that this park wasn't built for you. It was built for your little kids. Maybe phase 2 or 3 might be built for you if your lucky. They are supposed to add roller coasters, build bigger rides and possibly buy a lot more vacant adjacent land if the first season or two is successful – at least that's what the guy giving the inside scoop and taking the pictures on facebook is saying. Also, he reminded his followers that this is a one-man business venture, and his name isn't Disney.
  3. How long was the warehouse there? 70 years? There could have been "hope" in that spot for 70 more. I prefer to live with this retail/entertainment development while I'm "hoping" for something better.
  4. Very exciting!
  5. Little Dubai.
  6. Wow. Look at all those people walking around. Don't they know they're stranded on an island? I think the pedestrian bridge makes The Allen become another amenity of Buffalo Bayou Park, just like Lost Lake, Johnny Steele Dog Park, Water Works, Eleanor Tinsley, Sesquicentennial Park, and the Police Memorial are. Except that this amenity allows for dining, shopping, parking and lodging in an area of the park that doesn't currently offer any of that. It may not be as good as a strip mall with a Subway sandwich shop, mattress store and big parking lot on the corner but it will do for now. The close up renderings make this development look pretty pedestrian inviting at street level to me, especially for anyone who is walking along one of the Bayou pathways or Gillette.
  7. The islands ARE the urban fabric, genius. The beautiful urban park on the other side of the eight lanes of traffic to the north will make this a great little 40 story island. Too bad that the Victory Park island isn't next to an ACTUAL park.
  8. Walking distance is a non-issue. You can't walk anywhere anyway. But at least anyone living or staying at this development can walk to a great park right across the street. I wouldn't be surprised if there might be a restaurant or shop to walk to right inside this 6 acre development eventually.
  9. Disappoint me once, shame on you. Disappoint me a dozen or so times, shame on me.
  10. I'm only surprised that more stuff like this doesn't get built along the beautiful banks of Buffalo Bayou. This development is in the nicest part of Houston and it's right between the 2 coolest parts of the city, downtown and uptown. This area is close to everything with killer views on every side.
  11. reminds me of that ugly giant tacky cigarette in l.a. on smoked ice.
  12. Ovals are round.
  13. Nice! I think that round tower is going to be one of my favorites in Houston.
  14. it looks like it was decorated by a robot or something that doesn't breathe.