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  1. Camden McGowen Station + New Park (Midtown Superblock)

    Houston has enough grass fields (in the suburbs). We need more Midtown parks.
  2. Camden McGowen Station + New Park (Midtown Superblock)

    Wow! This area has never looked better. I wasn't sure I'd ever live to see the day that Midtown Houston would look this good.
  3. Market Square Tower: 40-Story High-Rise for Downtown

    ...and 417 units are leased, kitty cat.
  4. Even with the stucco, this is a great looking tower. And I'm sure that is all RD is hearing from anyone that matters to him.
  5. ...Except financially. Evidently, internet whiny-boys are NOT in his demographic.
  6. Alltmont Building @ 311 Travis Street

  7. The Boulevard Project

    V as in Vik, right? The troll formally known as Slick Vik strikes again.
  8. Marlowe: 20-floors, Downtown Condo Tower

    Want to escape the white stucco pedestal? The only way to do so is to move into one of those buildings so that you don't have to look at it. What a ruthless, yet genius marketing gimmick.
  9. Somehow I doubt you are an authority on 'cool'.
  10. The answer to your question is no. I will not meet you for drinks. And BTW, you're the one having the daylong pissing contest with at least 3 different people, trying in vein to convince anyone that you are some kind of authority on building design. Sorry, still not buying.
  11. Trolling, repetition, reasoning? So are you.
  12. I understand the preference. I also understand the difference between "they're" and "their". But, nothing you've posted today makes any sense.