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  1. ...Unless you don't consider GFR an to be an 'improvement'. Some outsiders are more impressed with looking at big skylines than they are with being able to walk to Starbucks. I guess it depends on if you are trying to please the 1% who will live and visit the area or the 99% that will just drive by it on their way to go to somewhere else. My dream of one day seeing the Downtown skyline connected to the TMC skyline, through Midtown will take decades to achieve (if ever). Anything that helps that happen is an exciting idea to me. Another little structure in Midtown doesn't do anything to expand the skyline. Maybe if I lived in Midtown right now and were someone who might benefit from walking to retail (a dying concept, internet deliveries are the future) or Midtown already had a decent skyline, I might see it your way. I don't know if this rendering is accurate, but it looks like most of us are going to get what we want on that spot. It looks like a high rise with some kind of GFR.
  2. I can see how living in a walkable urban neighborhood would be an attractive feature, especially to those who live in a city that doesn't have a lot of them - but the whole idea of impressing guest, as if that's a good reason to do anything, makes me want to hurl. Hopefully we'll all get what we want, but seeing the 369' on this thread is the only thing that makes this project interesting to me.
  3. Why would someone who lives in a city with a walkable neighborhood want to visit another city that's exactly like where they came from? All my visitors hate walking anywhere. They just want to be chauffeured around town (by me). I'm only interested in my own personal vision for Houston. Your visitors can go jump in the Gulf of Mexico. Just kidding.
  4. Not me. GFR isn't everything. I think its high time Midtown started to develop a real skyline of it's own and a "beautiful" 3 story building wouldn't cut it for me even if it had the greatest GFR in Texas. Don't get me wrong, I want it to have GFR too, but not at the expense of this building doing whatever it can to help connect the DT and TMC skylines. Even if it isn't 40-stories, a 369' building in Midtown is significant and I hope this is the beginning of a trend. This and the 3 high rises proposed across from the Midtown park superblock will go a long way in making my own personal midtown dreams come true. If enough of these high rises take off, the GFR will come organically out of necessity anyway.
  5. Before the election, the Obama administration issued several warnings to Moscow about its activities, including one delivered by Obama to Putin in September 2016. Imagine what trump would have said if Obama had tried to postpone the election or done anything more than call it out - WHICH HE DID. I'm sure trump would have taken Obama at his word, been outraged and done everything he could have done to stop the russians from helping him get elected. Right. I suppose that senerio makes perfect sense if you live in an alt reality. But in ACTUAL reality, trump said "Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing", and constantly denied that russians were ever trying to hack the elections at all. Nobody is overlooking what Obama did or should have done or could have done. But what difference does it make in the here and now whether Obama botched it or not - or how trump would have reacted 9 months ago? What's done is done. We can't change the past. What happens going forward is all the matters. Don't believe me? Just say, "you can grab the p-word" to trump supporters and watch how quickly they don't want to talk about what happened in the past. There is a CURRENT situation going on that the CURRENT president consistently doubts is happening, denies that he benefited by it and only acknowledges that it MIGHT have happened when he can use it to pass the buck to his predecessor. And when the media calls him out on his wacko double talk, he calls it 'fake news'.
  6. Who is head of the US government right this second? What is he doing about Russian interference? I'll tell you what he is doing about it. He is calling it 'fake news'. He is delivering speeches to bussed in supporters in Poland questioning his own country's intelligence agency findings. He is blaming his predecessor for not doing anything while he, himself is saying 'we don't know what country' is hacking American elections. He is doing less than nothing about Russian hacking and simultaneously accusing his predecessor of doing the same. Accusing somebody of doing nothing about something you deny ever happened doesn't make a lot of sense to most people. But then the trump cult has never been bothered much about things that don't make a lot of sense. If an idea is too complex for them to process, they just call it 'fake news' and go back having sex with their farm animals.
  7. No evidence? That's what Nixon supporters said for years before his corrupt actions caught up with him. Just because they haven't found the fire that caused all this smoke YET, doesn't mean that reporting on an expanding presidential criminal investigation isn't legitimate news. Even if trump is truly innocent of colluding with the Russians and obstructing justice, his expanding criminal investigation is still real news and somebody needs to be asking serious questions to keep the public informed. The right wing media isn't going ask any questions that they think might hurt their own agenda. When it comes to the trump cult, "fake news" is nothing except reports about something that they just don't want anyone to hear about or think about. When a poll has him ahead, they think it's real. When the same poll has him behind, they think it's fake. Nothing trumpers believe ever seems to add up, make sense or include logic. Any hard proof or visual evidence that contradicts trump is ignored. It's so much simpler to dismiss something you don't understand, disturbs you or goes against your personal beliefs as "fake news". It's classic cult mentality. BTW, no one in the trump cult seemed to care about lack of evidence when they were screaming 'lock her up' at those awful nazi-like trump rallies. trump benefited by convicting people in the court of public opinion, now he and his supporters are getting a taste of their own medicine and will be until he's out of office.
  8. Don't forget the Weekly World News. Seriously, President P-word grabber once said that he thought Weekly World News competitor, The National Enquirer deserved a Pulitzer. What's next? Fortune Cookies, Terot Cards and Ouija Boards? Any weird piece of garbage typed by anyone on an iphone is completely believable to the Trump Cult. Question the President's long list of obvious bold face lies, non-sensical exaggerations, his sometime serious - sometimes joking OFFICIAL Presidential statements (tweets) and his relentless daily internet B.S. and you get called 'fake news'. Somebody besides the National Enquirer and right-wing opinion websites better be able to hold the president and all politicians (of both parties) accountable for the things they say and do or else we're all screwed. This 'they're all out to get me' stuff is pathetic. David Koresh, Jim Jones and Marshall Applewhite had groups of people who thought everything that didn't come from their leader was 'fake news' too. How'd that work out?
  9. I know trumpanzee B.S. when I read it. The only thing I know for certain is 'fake' is whatever juvenile non-sense garbage is coming from the twitter account of the Birther and Chief.
  10. I once knew someone who didn't like the color blue. Go figure.
  11. These renderings scream "FRAUDULENT SCHEME" at first glance to me. Out of all of Houston outlandish and far-fetched proposals and grandiose renderings, this one looked custom ordered for born suckers. Notice the sales office that, according to their website, was supposed to be there in 2008:
  12. Density isn't everything. I like the mix of great architecture and a beautiful green space. This perspective is really unique to Houston. Most skylines aren't blessed with a gorgeous front lawn.
  13. A good parking space is a huge benefit in the real world (Houston 2017). Parking spaces are only the enemy when you go on the internet or whenever you realize that you aren't good enough to live in New York or Chicago or SF. But even in those cities, I never heard anyone complaining about parking right in front of where they are going - at least in real life.
  14. That's what they said about Williams tower but they got over it.