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  1. At first it may be pickers but long term distribution centers if home delivery takes off. But this would be the market for it to take off first in. I think Amazon is currently about 1% in the grocery market. Whole foods isn't that much bigger but now they acquire the knowledge of how to run a retail chain. We will see.
  2. Whole Foods is a smart purchase for Amazon. It gives them instant access to upper income areas for quicker distribution. This demographic is the most likely target for grocery delivery.
  3. This is the truth. Used to work by the Perrys meat market on Scarsdale. Best pork chop I've ever had.
  4. And most major cities aren't in Texas. The state is so massive it allowed for the sprawl. In Europe and other areas they had to build up to fit people in. Here everyone wanted their own piece of land so the cities aren't designed to be like those others. Trying to force it to be is not going to happen any quickly or easily.
  5. Everyone keeps wanting to make Houston more like NYC. I get it, it's a great city. But it will never happen. There is a reason that city is so unique. Urbanization is great but getting people out of their cars isn't easy. We don't have good public transportation like NYC has. You would be crazy to drive a car into NYC because of traffic and lack of parking. We grow up here under different circumstances when it comes to transportation and it becomes ingrained in how we commute. Plus we have massive suburbs with no better way to get into town than to drive. The schools within the loop that are public aren't great so people don't want to live in the loop. It creates more driving into the loop to do things than walking. In the end transportation and schools have to vastly improve (and affordable housing) for Houston to ever have a shot at really becoming urban. I love what Houston is becoming, it doesn't need to just become a clone of NYC to be great.
  6. Compared to the interior of his last couple projects, this is fantastic. Have to look at it through a Randall Davis lens.
  7. The foundation is poured and the steel frame for Mastros is being erected. The utilities are being installed for Willie Gs.
  8. Because most people aren't crazy enough to spend almost $1,800 a month on a 550 sqft studio. This is Houston, you can find a two bedroom in a new wrap for under $2,000.
  9. 33 with the crown making it 34. They did 31 concrete floors and two with iron beams.
  10. Construction on Mastro's has begun. Grading is complete and utility connections are being made. They have also brought in dirt and graded the space for the new Willie G's. It looks like most of the focus is on Mastro's at this point.
  11. Cranes are being jumped
  12. The steel frame for the crown is being installed. I don't think the building is slimmer. The rendering doesn't show a good side profile to show how slim it is.
  13. Parking is a major part of it. I know at many of the areas the parking is strictly for the 1-5 business in that area. If you walk across, in theory you can get towed. That would have to be changed. For instance, the parking at Mens Warehouse is for their customers only. If you want to go to The Gap down the street, you will have to move your car. The parking at Kroger says for Kroger customers only. The same is for the parking garage at the corner by Barnes and Noble.
  14. Legacy is expanding on their current building on the other side of the street. They took out the parking under the building and are building it out. The fenced off the parking lot east of the building as well.