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  1. The Post Oak: 36-Story High-Rise & Conference Center

    The crane is coming down for this one
  2. I counted yesterday, they have completed 7 floors so far.
  3. Bunker Hills - Proposed Residential High-Rise; Office Tower

    I really like what this area has turned into. It is crazy to think that I moved to Houston almost 10 years ago and they were wrapping up the giant hospital at Gessner and pretty much nothing else had been built. It has been pretty neat to see that development there, at Eldridge, and Highway 6.
  4. Gables Westcreek High-Rise - 15 floors

    The site is now just dirt
  5. Alta West Gray: 5-story, 166 unit mid-rise

    Rode my bike by, the crane was being jumped.
  6. I like that the base tries to blend in a little with the area
  7. HEB - Upper Kirby

    Good. The Montrose location is packed and can't find parking if you go during peak hours.
  8. Didn't want to start a new thread for something so small but the Camden Post Oak tower along this development appears to be getting repainted. It is currently what I would call that yellowish Mediterranean look. It is going to the now typical off-white/grey.
  9. Randall Davis 99-unit Arabella, 33-floors (Westcreek)

    The glass in the "V" portion along the side is curved. Gives a very cool visual affect when you drive by.
  10. In and Out

    You have to compare it to fast food like Whataburger and McD, not Hopdoddy. That said the fries are awful, the worst of any fast food fries. The burgers are okay but the fries alone make me never want to go back.
  11. Sage Park at 2121 Sage

    Williams Tower is 64 floors. I guess it would depend on the crown.
  12. I live close to here. This is really going to stick out. It sure beats the empty lot that is sitting there now. There is a 5(?) story condo building at Hyde Park and Waugh nearby but this will be the tallest structure in this area.
  13. 3300 Main by PM Realty Group: 336-unit high-rise

    Can't it be both? Build a high rise with retail in the bottom like the rest of the world. One of the biggest reasons I live in the loop in to walk to restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and retail. Sure you can have stuff delivered but going out to eat and drink can't be replicated at home.
  14. Development in east montrose (fairview & mason)

    Oh thank god. I didn't know the name of that spot and assumed it was getting the boot. I am happy they are leaving that block alone. I was not happy about RA Sushi taking its spot.
  15. Development in east montrose (fairview & mason)

    Gratifi went under a few months back. It will be interesting to change the area from mostly good but divey spots to higher end places like RA sushi and see if it takes off.