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  1. Amazon HQ2

    One Shell Plaza? Shell's vacancy is putting a million square of primo class-A space on the market. Good access to mass transit. Lots of parks and amenities. And walking distance to city hall which will make future bribes very convenient.
  2. $1.3 million seems like a lot of money to build out a restaurant space. Can any industry people comment?
  3. Not that often. Though it might be more and I might just be sleeping through them.
  4. I moved last month and have really been digging it. They did a great job renovating the building. The train can be pretty loud but I've lived in a few different places in the East End and have always lived close to the train tracks. I don't really mind it.
  5. Downtown Restaurant and Bar Scene - More Coming

    I know I'm feeding the troll here, but the sandwiches and pizzas are pretty legit at Sundance; it's not just popcorn and milkduds.
  6. 2619 Polk St

    I rode my bike by there last night and it was full of people. I think it really adds to the fabric of the nascent neighborhood and I think it would be smart for city parks to emulate this concept.
  7. Lockwood @ Harrisburg

    Any information on this neighborhood center anywhere?? This is the first I'm hearing of it.
  8. 420 Main (Byrds Lofts)

    I frequently eat on the patio at Honeymoon cafe or Barnaby's which are both around the corner. I've had homeless ask for change a few times but I've successfully never been eaten alive, whatever that's supposed to mean.
  9. I'm really excited about this project. The price seems really fair for new development. I think the key will be the commercial space next door. Hopefully they can have a cool coffee shop or restaurant. The only thing holding them back is the specific location. It's still too industrial with not enough places to walk to.
  10. Block 309 Parking

    It's crazy this wasn't a parking lot already considering it's two blocks from Toyota Center and two blocks from GRB. Just goes to show how much of a dead zone that the southeast corner of downtown still is.
  11. While i wish the building was pushed to the sidewalk to have a more urban feel, the brick looks good. it matches the surrounding structures, new and old, pretty well. I live walking distance and am pumped for new restaurant options. EaDo dental signage is up already.
  12. Frank's Backyard @ 413 Travis Street

    Whoa. The airstream is a little corny but I think it's pretty cool. Really looking forward to this project.
  13. The Gateway on Cullen: 4-Story Student Housing

    LOL, I can't imagine the roommate drama that's gonna happen with those five bedroom units. But seriously I think this is a good project for UH and the Eastwood area. There's a lot of land around there for redevelopment (old Finger's, Bestway Motor) that hopefully this might help spark. While these would be a tough walk, it's in a sweet spot for cycling to campus. Cullen has a bike line and it's 5 - 10 minute ride to most places on campus.