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  1. Speaking of residential, a development sign finally went up on the lot on the southeast corner of La Branch and Elgin. UPDATE 7/19/17: Per the Houston Permitting site, 4 residents have building permits now (Assuming this is 3203-3211 La Branch). UPDATE 7/20/17: But not sexy enough for a new post. They broke ground on this yesterday apparently.
  2. The abandoned funeral home across Almeda can't be long for this world either.
  3. Looks like this has finally, quietly opened.
  4. But the cafeteria here sucks!
  5. Also just noticed an unfortunate typo in the flyer linked above...2nd paragraph
  6. This is on the planning commission agenda this week.
  7. "Midtown" tho?
  8. Plan review fee filed. I guess note that it's a different company than Braun? Am I reading too much into a permit?
  9. Ho Foods is on the signage again - sorry it's at a distance:
  10. Haha. It also has a Borders.
  11. Things I've never seen before:
  12. Ha who knows. I'm just impatient
  13. This is on the plat report for next week's meeting - more townhouses :| "Colina Court on Elgin"
  14. Well I missed that post above! I wrote Boykins's office last week asking for an update since I thought this development was imperative after the demolition of the Kroger on OST. No response of course. But there is another article about this out yesterday:
  15. This should be great for the area. Address is 1730 Jefferson.