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  1. Boxer Property Purchases St Joseph Professional Building

    Glasstire? 3 permits issued to "Glasstire" at this address for the remodel this last week. ..whatever that means.
  2. Midtown Common @ 2403 Caroline

    not a real update but a sign of life...a wastewater permit was filed by Midtown Commons at this address on 1/10
  3. Houston Aerials

    This is great! Btw I accidentally watched it while listening to "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" (thanks NME's "50 most explosive choruses" playlist) and 100% would recommend.
  4. 3100 Fannin

    Eh, interesting mix...
  5. Huh. Is it Rosalie that's closed off? I see this in the Midtown MMD minutes from last month but not really much more info: "....Midtown developer George Levan appeared before the Committee to talk about a proposed new mixed-use development project that may involve closing a portion of Rosalie St. He stated that the majority of Committee members believed the proposed new mixed-use development project would be beneficial to the Midtown Community." bottom of page 3.
  6. Hate to interrupt, but I just noticed the timestamp on this post and laughed out loud.
  7. Developments on the Rice University Campus

    It has gotten bigger, but not by that much. It's about 3800 undergrad and was 2800 when I started (in 2003). The 6700 includes grad students too.
  8. Midtown Common @ 2403 Caroline

    Not really. It's a video of their Dallas location. BUT the facebook caption says this, so at least they haven't given up:
  9. More coming to Midtown!

    What's all this then:
  10. Melrose Building to be Redeveloped into a Le Meridien

    You'll be fine in anything.
  11. Melrose Building to be Redeveloped into a Le Meridien

    Hey I went to the bar last night! It was pretty cool. But also chilly. Surprised they have no in door option up there (or fire poles). Glad to have a rooftop bar in DT Houston!
  12. Yay!
  13. I'd say so. Two articles today about them securing funding:
  14. HEB- 288 and N. MacGregor Drive

    Ha! I just posted on reddit today that I was growing skeptical about this. Good timing.
  15. Haha fair. Leave me be with my pessimism.