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  1. They'll get pennies on the dollar after the lawyers get their cut.
  2. Flooding in Downtown from Hurricane Harvey

    What's the opinion on permeable parking lots?
  3. Flooding in Downtown from Hurricane Harvey

    Not sure about Boston but San Francisco places so many restrictions new developments. SF is vertically limited to preserve "the charm."
  4. Harvey impact on real estate?

    I hate to be an ass but do people even look at maps when they shop for homes. That whole area is no go zone based on a quick glance. I was lucky in that my home didn't flood but I also took the precaution of purchasing a home that was several miles away from bayous, drainage ditches, or any area that normally floods.
  5. Alley Theater Renovation

    Alley Theater Lower Level Flooded
  6. parking lots over a certain size should have a detention pond.
  7. Harvey impact on real estate?

    1. good luck trying to get a hotel for months. Will be filled with workers and people displaced. apartments will fill as people that were renting homes will move into apartments that weren't damaged. there will also be taking on short term rentals while their homes are being fixed 2. Meyerland is going to look like a neighborhood on the coast. 3. I'm sure those with house over garage townhomes are feeling good about their purchases. 4. some people will be extremely flood sensitive
  8. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    "Irving-based Fluor Enterprises and the Lane Construction Corp. have been chosen to operate the high-speed rail line that will carry travelers between Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston, developer Texas Central Partners said Monday." "Lane Construction is a subsidiary of the Italian construction and civil engineering company Salini Impregilo. Fluor is a multinational engineering and construction firm. "
  9. GreenStreet Redevelopment + 21-Story Hotel Alessandra

    Looking forward to completed pic. Time lapse video of color changes would be even better.
  10. Frank's Backyard @ 413 Travis Street

    From floor diagram looks like it takes up a large area where a they could have easily built out a bar and had more seating.
  11. Camden Conte: 21-Stories x2 (2 Phases) - Downtown

    Not downtown but Midmain is a development centered around easy access to transit. People love amenities even though some go barely used. My gf joked about how people would ohhh and ahh over media/theater rooms when doing tours but tenants never used them.
  12. Emancipation Park Redo

    This park is a huge success for the area. I see families utilizing the playground, swimming area(crazy crowded with the heat), and the covered areas. Even stopped by to eat free BBQ when Drake had his Houston Appreciation Week. New York Times article about the park
  13. Not sure how this rumor got stared but this popped up on my feed today.
  14. Oh I just meant that companies are continuing to layoff people, move personnel, etc. Making the problem worse for landlords.
  15. Expiring leases pose next big risk for Houston office space Lots of consolidation still to come in O&G