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  1. Houston Food Finder
  2. I've been out of town the past few weeks. Is the tent city under the freeway still there?
  3. Nah it's the large open area under the freeway, unused surface lots, and unsupervised Wheeler Station.
  4. Houston is probably an outlier because we're just started our downtown renaissance with all the high density residential developments.
  5. I personally loathe the dealership buying experience. Last two vehicles I bought were through internet sales department. Everything went smooth until I went to dealership either they tried to tack on extra shit or balked at the negotiated price.
  6. Going further than that I wouldn't mind picking up the vehicle directly from the factory if I could save a few grand.
  7. Should paint it Vantablack so it looks like the Monolith.
  8. Looks like it won't be long before this place opens.
  9. Update on swimming hole for Houston. They've been busy.
  10. I'm reposting this from another thread as this probably deserves it's own thread. Houston Walkable Places Committee Page
  11. Delayed till March 23
  12. I have comcast right now after switching from at&t DSL which was garbage. I've heard good things about AT&T gigapower.
  13. More developments near the rail. Even included University Line...
  14. Still has the university line...
  15. Looks like they also updated the wraps recently. I saw a train all red with the words 'Stop. Look. Listen'