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  1. Day for Night has positioned itself as the Houston fall festival
  2. Don't forget about Walter's...
  3. I think a lot of people don't realize how much nicer it is to take commuter rail vs driving if the logistics work for you. Just completed a week doing this going from Lombard, IL to downtown Chicago. Reminded me of how Wespark was a wasted opportunity as they could have probably used the existing tracks and developed infrastructure at the stations.
  4. I entered a giveaway for a chance to win "JouerNow K3 Wireless KTV Microphone With LCD Sc..." by JouerNow. #giveaway

  5. Heavy commuter rail located in highway ROW?
  6. but density...
  7. I'm still waiting for Houston to get a Mandarin Oriental...
  8. I would tag this place everyday on 311 app if I knew they would do something about it.
  9. Tax abatement to steer them in the right direction?
  10. I wonder what it would have went for during the Super Bowl?
  11. I wonder how long that house on the block will hold out.
  12. I went to the one in Dallas a few months ago and it's Japan fun.
  13. Walking around downtown during the day there are "Houston Ambassadors" promoting the tunnels. I met this woman in Atlanta that mentioned the tunnels like it was cool thing to check out. For me personally when meeting friends for lunch I try to find the closest tunnel entrance to the meeting place.
  14. Grade separated limited stop commuter rail that travels same route as westpark with connectors(bus/train) would be nice. Stops East to West would be Downtown >Greenway Plaza>Galleria>Chinatown>Energy Corridor>Grand Parkway.
  15. Well damn... I was hoping for something more in line with the MidMain vibe.