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  1. Grade separated limited stop commuter rail that travels same route as westpark with connectors(bus/train) would be nice. Stops East to West would be Downtown >Greenway Plaza>Galleria>Chinatown>Energy Corridor>Grand Parkway.
  2. Well damn... I was hoping for something more in line with the MidMain vibe.
  3. I don't play but I know Brooklyn Athletic Club has a Bocce court.
  4. good luck with that because for some people trains = socialism which is practically communism...
  5. "I think that as we get more rail transportation, we will alleviate the traffic. And we need more rail in Houston, as our Main Street line has shown between the Medical Center and downtown and all the apartments that have been built there." --Gerald Hines
  6. So about that future rail station...
  7. I spoke with my girlfriend that sets rent pricing(not Houston market). She said "Under ideal situations you offer concessions(free rent) before a sale. In the Houston market it's probably due to rent projections during funding and matching what the competition is doing."
  8. Don't forget about the Magic Island building.
  9. Yea keep showing green space that requires funding outside of TXDOT... /s
  10. Houston Chronicle building, is that you?
  11. So increased taxes once the Pierce is gone is the only that will likely cause something to be done with this property.
  12. Looks like 3 units from the drawing.
  13. Wow this looks amazing! I work in O&G so I get to see this out in the field but I always enjoy well done interactive exhibits.
  14. Spoke with my friend and they said construction is still a few months out.