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  1. Midtown Sears

    Per Nextdoor: Police Officer Tasharra Brown, Houston Police AGENCY Sears!!! Good morning Everyone, We are starting this new week off on a good foot! We are excited to report to you that South Central DRT officers have teamed up with the management company of the Sears, located between Main St and Fannin St., just off of Wheeler; to have the building and the offset parking lot all fenced in at this time. It is all cleaned up and ready for planning and development actions. It is definitely a start to making our communities a better and safer place to reside and do business! We are excited about what the area will become. Please be patient with us as we are working around the clock to address all the issues you may have; including, but not limited to: clean-up, homeless population, crime rates, etc. All of these issues are being addressed through the proper channels and procedures...we prefer to get it right the first time so there's no repeat necessary. Remember all we do is for you guys to be safe and live comfortable, so please cooperate with us to make it great for you.Have a great week!
  2. I haven't stayed at many W hotels but by far my favorite was the W in Hong Kong. Somewhere that can accommodate business travelers and also people wanting a fun place to stay in Houston.
  3. Chase Tower Sky Lobby Closed

    Go up to the sky lobby for a good cause.
  4. Muddy Sidewalks In Midtown

    Yeah they tend to close out tickets before resolving issues. Most of mine are illegal dumping and graffiti related.
  5. Muddy Sidewalks In Midtown

    I've had great results with 311 when taking pictures, just takes a while. Although I wouldn't expect much for trash and bad sidewalks.

  7. 40-story High-Rise for Block 98, Behind Hess Tower

    I'm sure the Kinder donation helped.
  8. Midtown Sears

    Never made it... destroyed Six Flags Mexico Map
  9. Doubt that will happen anytime soon. They can't even keep the lights on
  10. Amazon HQ2

    Were there any time limits on funding or validity of environmental studies that 'forced' them to build the Green and Purple lines?
  11. Future University line transit corridor identified as walkable area
  12. Amazon HQ2

    So the University line(or equivalent) is the only one we should consider building. University line ridership would have been a more compelling argument for future rail than green and purple.
  13. Amazon HQ2

    What about less freeway?
  14. Camden Conte: 21-Stories x2 (2 Phases) - Downtown

    I still think a UNIQLO store would be a better fit for our downtown.
  15. The Boulevard Project

    I think electric trolley buses would be a good fit for this project considering they're quieter and less polluting.