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  1. Beautiful photo. Being from Houston I am guessing directions. Is this a north to south view from your uptown to your downtown? Lastly what is that comlex in the upper right hand corner. The French looking building with the dark roof?
  2. I do not see a tree. Looks like three more stories to go before this beauty is topped out. Too bad it's not thirty stories. Could be our new signature building in Houston. I suggest a name. Could be called the Big Tu-d.
  3. Looks like a good shelter during a hurricane or tornado. No chance anyone is going to drive off this thing. I agree with Utterly Urban. Throw in a few mummies and you've got both a tourist attraction and parking revenue and a hurricane shelter.
  4. Sorry, I am way off topic unless someone is doing a Master's Thesis on Houston MSA population growth
  5. Anyone have any idea when the Census bureau is releasing the July 1,2016 Metropolitan Statistical Area population estimates? Last year it was on March 24th.
  6. Would love to see something like One Vanderbilt built here. NYC is getting approximately 10 new supertalls in their building cycle.
  7. My top choices for surface parking lot demise are : 1) Between the Marriott Marquis and Minute Maid Park, 2 and 3) the lots near the old Exxon Mobile tower, 4) the half lot on Main near the bars and 5) the one near what I believe is the Law College.
  8. Could not say it better myself.
  9. Is this privately or publicly owned land? If it is privately owned will the public be able to access it like Discovery Green or just the residence of the complex?
  10. Scarface , that is an interesting idea. Just as long as it is not an imitation of Toronto or Seattle-like space noddles. Sorry needles.
  11. Great statements with someone capable of only 6th grade level thinking and vulgarity. " If I don't like you, you're a Nazi" Not exactly original or even vaguely intelligent. As for the anti-police statement wait until the writer gets attacked or mugged. Bet I know who they will call. Stupid from top to bottom.
  12. What is oxbow? That is, beside a lake made by a meandering river.
  13. The population density must be quite high in the photographed area. Not familar with it. Is the nightlife active?
  14. Sure keep it if want to attract low class politically rigid people. Like those wonderful folks in Berkeley who way laid some poor sap.
  15. The weather was near perfect, the city was beautiful, and the game was exceptional. Thank you God and thank all the people who worked so hard to make this happen and thank you Patriots and Falcons for a historic Superbowl. Good look Minneapolis matching this next year.