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  1. Is there a jinx on the Astros? The curse of the Babino and the Billy Goat Curse both lasted 70 years ( I think). I guess my grandchildren will live to see the end of the curse, when they are old.
  2. What is causing the hostility toward this high rise? Is there no street level retail? I can not tell from the drawings. Or is this some sort of Ashby highrise based hostility? It is not near the River Oaks theater so how did that get into the discussion? It just seems to occupy a corner near Krogers.
  3. Photos like this get me wondering about the daytime population within the 610 Loop. High rises going up everywhere.
  4. I am definitely not a luxury hotel coinnoisseur ( wish I were but can't do it with three children), so I am dependent on others perceptions. Would you say this will out class the St. Regis of the Four Seasons?
  5. Monarch or Crockpot and Gravel any thoughts?
  6. Is that a Fleur de Lis above the name of the store?
  7. Thanks Mollusk. Next time I visit an old friend at the Med Center I am going to steer the conversation toward high rise buildings and then use the info you just provided. Make me sound more smart and worldly than I actually am. Of course I'll claim credit for the information. You don't mind do you?
  8. Beats the views I had ( mainly a parking garage) doing research on the 4th floor of UT Med during the 80's and 90's. You are fortunate. Night time views must be great also.
  9. According to emporis Captain, 609 Main is exactly 299 "Earth feet" above 717 Texas. Thank you Mr. Spock
  10. Of course this is Mr. Hines land, but I can wish. I wish he would put a signature skyscraper on this spot. Houston needs a signature structure that automatically says "Houston". The Astrodome used to fill that niche. Among North American cities NYC,SF,DC, Seattle, all have signature structures. Nevertheless I am sure anything he puts up will be top notch. I suspect this lot will not remain empty very long.
  11. It will exceed 500 feet. Using One Park Place and Market Square Tower as references ( both residential) my guess is it will not exceed the American General Tower.
  12. How does Houston pedestrian tunnel system compare to other cities such as Dallas, Chicago, and Toronto? Have these pedestrian tunnels negatively effected ground level retail? Chicago as I recall has a vibrant street level pedestrian traffic. Don't really know about the other two. Anyone studied this situation?
  13. I imagine the rents on the north side are going to be less than the south side. Parting the curtains to stare at a garage, that is going to involve interesting sales strategies. Rechlin hope you are right about your assumptions. The garage height has been roughly doubled from the previous drawing. Guess construction depends how the new residential towers fill up. Hope they all have a waiting list.
  14. Think you maybe right. Things certainly are moving in that direction. The high rise planned across the 'superblock" will be a big plus.
  15. So what is the tall shiny building where the old Sakowitz store was? Is this something planned or just artistic baloney?