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  1. The Regalia at the Park: 100 Crawford

    Sounds like good news all in all. With the renovation of the Great Southwestern building, the new high rise going up north of MMP and now this, pedestrian traffic will pick up. This appears to be in a positive feedback cycle, so I suspect more development will follow. More life downtown.
  2. Downtown vs Downtown 2

    Aren't four high rise buildings in process or planned in the Midtown region along or near Main street: three Caydon and 3300 Main ? If these come to fruition it will provides some visual link between the two high rise clusters. I think the processes is already in motion.
  3. La Colombe d'Or Hotel Expanding with new Residential High-Rise

    Maybe it's a passionate litterbug who loves trash. They do say keep Houston dirty. -
  4. I'm going to hold off. Saw folks for block 98 take soil samples years back, then spray lines a few months ago, then nothing.
  5. KP Plaza Mixed-Use Project, Beltway 8 & Beechnut

    We are a near tropical region ( unlike our cousin city north of us). Quite a few palms grow well here: Sabals, Pindos, Windmills. The latest freeze hurt several of my palms but the vast majority are recovering well. If the people landscaping KB Plaza choose wisely they should have no problems with their palms.
  6. Midtown Sears to Become Houston's Innovation District

    It certainly going to enhance Main St which is already getting quite an enhancement. Especially a dilapidated area. This is certainly good. What I do not understand is how do areas like the TMC play any role in this? Beside patient care , Biomedical research is a large focus at the Med Center not software research. I understand the brain and creativity concentration in the area with downtown, Med Center, Museums, Rice University and on and on I just don't understand how they connect.
  7. 3300 Main by PM Realty Group: 336-unit high-rise

    Those of you wishing for a skyline connection from downtown to the TMC may get your wish sooner than you imagine. This thing appears to be in a positive feedback cycle. I hope.
  8. Museum of Fine Arts Houston Expansion

    I detect a chip on this Chicagoan shoulder. Personally I love visiting Chicago. Nevertheless the fact is in the last seven years our MSA added 945,000 people and theirs 61,700. Huge numbers of people find us a much more attractive place to live. Maybe instead of childish put downs they should study why this is so. In the meantime they better get ready to be passed up.
  9. Block 114 Marquette Cos. 24-story proposal

    This is good news. Hopefully they will move faster than the block 98 highrise: 2015 soil samples, 2018 lines on the asphalt, then nothing. The positive aspect of this location, in addition to nearness to MMP, is the easy access to the Hardy Toll Road extension. This extension, I believe, will spur development in that region. Any business will have rapid access to IAH once the extension is in place. I think the extension will also benefit the developers of this project.
  10. Chronicle Building; 710 Preston St. Redevelopment by Hines

    Where did you all get the height information for block 42?
  11. Chronicle Building; 710 Preston St. Redevelopment by Hines

    As far as I know, Gerald Hines has an excellent track record of going through with his building plans. This will be outstanding. Good riddance to the HC garage.
  12. New Park for the Southern Area of Downtown

    Good news. There is a dearth of green spaces in this area.
  13. That area has turned around 180 degrees from years back. The park was a hangout for vagrants with trash and empty bottles strewn about. Most of the buildings were in awful shape. What an improvement. Can enjoy gyros and the skyline.
  14. Houston Botanical Garden at The Glenbrook Golf Course

    I respectfully disagree. I think one can make a botanical garden without engaging in Marxian class warfare. It has been done before.
  15. 3000 Weslayan - Future Residential Development

    What is the large crane there for? Anyone know?