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  1. The rendering shows 25ish floors on top of an 8 floor parking garage over GFR. I'd assume the 20-21 floors is atop of the 9 floor podium, right?
  2. So, how long before Tilman starts that modeled tower west of Masetro's? That surface parking lot is begging for it.
  3. Details from the paywall article: roughly 25 story right across the street from the dual hotel-multifamily development the company is currently building (Latitude @ 6750 main) skybridge to Latitude break ground in Q2-Q3 2018 in talks with several healthcare systems, both local and out-of-town to occupy tower retail and restaurant on ground floor
  4. Under their "projects" tab, 3/10 of their other listed developments are W hotels (one dual branded with Element). @monarch could finally be getting his wish. Their other projects are a majority NYLO (5/10) and one Element.
  5. Boucher Design Group is the architect. Marketing animation:
  6. 5424 Katy Freeway: New Office Building

    That sign appears to just be a general office rendering, or compeltelty the wrong rendering altogether. The actual building going up is a much less impressive owner occupied two story building. this is the Loopnet listing: I'd hate to know what the guys that said that the 15 story rendering was boring, think about the actual building...
  7. Hunington, only one 't'. They primarily develop one story strip centers, I would curb my expectations on this one.
  8. MetroNational Luxe Apartments on Barryknoll

    It appears that these cranes are for this site. Has this broken ground already?
  9. A listing for $3.3M popped up on HAR too
  10. Phase II incoming? "A popular Galleria-area restaurant is closing its doors. Sullivan's Steakhouse said it will close on May 23."
  11. Odds are that it's nothing big, but I saw 3-4 trucks on the yellow 1.14 acre site this morning. Couldn't get a good look at what they were doing as I drove by on 610...
  12. Spaceport Houston
  13. From the most recent Google review on the Best Western: Review on Trip Advisor: Unfortunately, at least for the immediate future, it sounds like this is just changing Hotel chains.
  14. McNair Mixed-Use: ~6-acres at Post Oak/Richmond

    Definitely appears to be some sort of site work going on here. Drove by this weekend, but couldn't really tell what they were doing.
  15. Take the survey here