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  1. Can we get this moved to Going Up?
  2. Which may explain:
  3. They started adding glass and the LED "V" on Monday (March 20th). Picture taken by me on March 21st in hellish West Loop South traffic. ALSO! Randall Davis' site updated the floor count by one to 34 (and reduced units by 3)
  4. That's Element's old facility, they moved out to 290 and the Beltway a couple of years ago and the land has been for sale since. They are an O&G / Aerospace material testing facility. Looks like the property is still for sale (the listing on loop net was just updated last week). My guess is they are demoing one or a few of the existing functionally obsolete buildings to make the property more marketable.
  5. Don't get too excited... I think they may have just been the taco truck employees installing a new vent duct on the truck's roof.
  7. Note: Edited title to reflect new discussions
  9. From Crain Square's facebook (03/12):
  11. from blakeanater on Reddit
  12. Black Eyed Pea is on the demo report today. Interesting that is lists "Cambridge Place; Bellaire Storage" as the permit buyers. EDIT: after looking into it more "The Bellaire Busybody" comment from oct 2016 from HCAD confirms and says the current owner is "OSF Bellaire LP". Looks like this one needs a thread name change. pics of the building at 5700 Washington also by Ojala Storage for reference:
  13. They started building out a steel frame yesterday to expand the crown to encompass the entire floor. This morning it looks like they were boxing it in with the pre-cast. From the construction came, it also looks like they are also about to pour a new parking lot next to the Bently / Rolls dealer.