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  1. And yet somehow, the midtown sears lives?
  2. If there's no turquoise, than this building is just a generic concrete high rise
  3. I think the bigger issue is just a fundamental problem of funding for a subway more than anything else
  4. Maybe Prime Now deliveries will be faster?
  5. I take that drive about once a month, but I usually try to leave SA first thing in the morning to avoid that traffic. This weekend was the worst that I had seen it in a while though. Glad to hear about the widening to TX 71
  6. I was in the same traffic, and I assumed that there had to have been a huge wreck or something. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it was just traffic. Added an hour to my trip if my GPS is to be believed
  7. I've seen a car parked in the capitol alley way. I think they left through the sun roof though. I just looked at the street view and the Texas end is a little bit bigger than I remembered. Probably big enough to squeeze a dumpster into it https://www.google.com/maps/@29.7591544,-95.3612761,3a,75y,206.94h,121.35t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1szU1hbvDqk2b2hNFbdrw9lg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  8. That section of the alley is pretty small - I'm pretty sure it's narrower than a car (or dumpster)
  9. Yeah there's almost no access to this building. Even if all they're doing is internal rennovations, if Savoy -> Holiday Inn is any guide they'll need somewhere for a dumpster at the bear minimum - and I don't see a place for them to put it. Maybe they can get one down the back alley from Capitol st
  10. Stupid question: is this park going to be open for the public? On a related note, the empty lot next to the Holiday Inn downtown (where the demolished Savoy building was) was originally rumored to be a park, but it's just fenced off. I saw some people in there though measuring
  11. Oh I have a very wasteful imagination dedicated subway from the Apple store to Starbucks overhead cable car system that goes from the parking garage to memorial park a scale replica of the Colossus of Rhodes astride Westheimer escalator, stairs and an elevator to a cantilevered viewing platform over the train tracks (does not go back down on the other side) aviary filled with drones
  12. During the winter, Houston probably has less delays than Denver, but in the spring/summer I bet it's similar
  13. The issue with the parking moat isn't that there is parking, but that walking through a parking lot when its 87 degrees and 75% humidity sucks. Therefore it reduces the walkabilty of the area, reducing the benefits of density.