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  1. AT&T Building

    That makes sense. I've been curious about that all weekend
  2. Memorial Hermann TMC Expansion (Master Plan)

    Perhaps the price of concrete has gone up just enough to make steel more economical?
  3. Hardy Yards Development

    The current ones are pretty busy with freight traffic, and have a lot of at grade intersections
  4. Midtown Sears

    Actually after I think about it I’d want them to restore the original Art Deco look and the murals
  5. Midtown Sears

    I wonder what rice is going to do with it. Midtown version of rice village?
  6. "Everything's better" lol
  7. Any issues

    It's fixed! at least unread content is!
  8. Amazon HQ2

    I guess Houston's BS percentage is too low
  9. Flooding in Downtown from Hurricane Harvey

    45 is currently already shutdown in downtown because of the Dallas Dip - though without that dip you'd still have flooding from white oak edit: I meant during a bad storm not right now
  10. Amazon HQ2

    They should just build a 102 story building downtown; there's the light rail downtown, which would check off their mass transit need
  11. Metro needs to get some of these and run evac runs
  12. Flooding in Downtown from Hurricane Harvey

    Boston also places restrictions on increasing density for the same reason; their housing problem isn't as bad just because they have more land to spread out in (there's no bay between the city and the rest of the state)
  13. Meyerland might be too expensive to buy out, and requiring houses to be raised by 3-4 ft plus the brays bayou improvements should suffice there. What I think is nuts it the idea that there are houses that are inside the reservoirs when they are working as designed.
  14. How much would it be for the state or the feds to buy out all the houses that would be flooded before the Barkers and Addicks topped the levees? I feel like that would be a good start - it would at the very least allow the reservoirs to fill up before there's danger of significant flooding over there. I bet a bunch of the residents whose houses were just flooded would love a visit by a government employee offering them (the original) market value on their house that was completely destroyed by flooding.
  15. Probably some alchemy that went terribly awry