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  1. 628 E 11th St

    Where do they get these numbers? I've never been to a barbershop that could even be cutting 48 people's hair at once. That would be one busy barber shop
  2. Amazon HQ2

    It would be nice to get confirmation from Amazon if this is why, but if it is true - we need to work on our public transit (at least inside 610) to try to attract more businesses. What do they mean by quality of life? Is that code for "it gets hot in July and August"?
  3. Must be the Australian skyhouse
  4. Images of Old Houston

    The faces that my grandparents make when I suggest kayaking on the bayou would confirm how bad it was
  5. The Hampstead - 1508 Blodgett

    Ah yes the beige cladding mullet
  6. Camden Conte: 21-Stories x2 (2 Phases) - Downtown

    It's happening!.gif
  7. Anyone who doesn't want to go west or north
  8. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    Or Roan's prairie will get hundreds of expansive ranch houses for people commuting into both Houston and Dallas
  9. Possibly the old RoW south of Washington Ave along Memorial Heights Dr. You can see it on Google maps - it extends to Memorial Ct https://www.google.com/maps/place/3028+Washington+Ave,+Houston,+TX+77007/@29.766699,-95.3915112,18.24z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x8640bf54f6887d1d:0x8b09fc2fd429b9b8!8m2!3d29.769252!4d-95.390399 It's really skinny. I don't think Houston style townhouses would fit there - it would have to be buildings that take up the whole depth of the plot, and rely on street parking (or a shared parking lot every so often)
  10. https://www.msg.com/madison-square-garden/directions Looking at google maps, there's a bunch of garages around it, but they are integrated with their buildings. It's unclear how many are available for parking for major events.
  11. By the time downtown Houston's real estate is that expensive, I have a suspicion that on-site parking requirements will be less due to either autonomous cars or years of price wars on Uber-like services
  12. 2112 Pease Street.... New Bar?

    Drive past this strip center every day; it looks deserted. I wonder what this new place will be like
  13. You could fit a bunch of these in a line
  14. Midtown Sears

    Something like this would be way better, and would help the people who are on that street corner as opposed to pushing them to a different street corner
  15. I suspect that they will throw money at all 3, and see which one they can actually buy for the least amount of cash.