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  1. hopefully no one was hurt
  2. A lot of the streets in midtown have parking already. It would be nice if it was more obvious you could park there (maybe mark out the spaces on the street like they do on Bagby)
  3. It's not just going to be a station platform like a light rail stop - it's going to be something more akin to a small airport terminal in size. They'll have parking, probably retail, and I bet they'll try to attract some office towers to be right there
  4. Are you counting 2016 main? I think it's mostly condos now 1711 Caroline 1825 San Jacinto 2016 Main(?) Alexan Midtown Camden McGowen Station Camden Travis street Camden boring gray stuff midtown 3300 Montrose Parc IV Parc V 10 Not sure: Building behind Camden Travis Stuff behind Camden Midtown - are those apartments? I feel like I'm missing a few towers Maybe 12?
  5. Houston seems to love 4 lane streets even when there could be a better configuration with less travel lanes Take Westheimer for example - lower Westheimer could work better as a 2 lane street with parking on both sides and left turn lanes at the lights, since that is what people treat it as now anyway
  6. They should at least paint a facade of old buildings on the back of the parking garage that faces the park, sort of like the garage at Pease and Milam
  7. I am perfectly happy to waste other people's money so I can go to Dallas easier
  8. I read somewhere that Southwest was a major part of the opposition to the original Texas Triangle line in the 90s. That at least makes sense - but why would Buc-ee's object to this? There's only one between here and Dallas, and 2 between here and College station. Do those 3 stores generate such a lion share of revenue that they would block a train line? I'd imagine they would still get a lot of business at those three stores even if the HSR is super successful - family trips, truckers, and moving in/out of college would all still be trafficking 290 and 45, and a bunch of people would still drive themselves instead of take the train. Of course, maybe Texas Central should approach Buc-ee's and to make a deal - the midpoint station can be branded as a Buc-ee's and only incidentally be a train station.
  9. I wonder if that turf system would make any sense for discovery green. Using the plastic panels that let the grass grow still would be a plus - a must have for these big events
  10. I think so too. I don't think anyone would build a parking-free development, but they might make a say a movie theater that doesn't have the required number of parking spaces, since they could assume that a lot of people would be walking, taking an uber, or taking the train (depending on the location)
  11. This one would be the most perfect for it considering how infrequent Dynamo games are