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  1. This is the same bus that Metro is using (the newest one) https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/North_American_Bus_Industries_40-LFW It is 102 inches wide = 8' 6"
  2. The canal street connector, now that I see it on the map, seems like a good idea. I do wonder if they have any one that goes to EaDo or the east end regularly on the design committee - someone like that could help a lot with making this better I don't know if the Dowling connector could work; it would go through a bunch of town houses, not just empty warehouses.
  3. This all looks good. They seem to be following how I drive down Westheimer - treating it as being one lane with left turn lanes (people stop in the left lane to turn, I go around them, but usually stay in the left hand lane because the right hand lane is awful)
  4. I'm going to call it ho foods from now on
  5. Interesting. I wonder what it will attract as tennants
  6. I worked in an office that was east facing, and my desk was also east facing. I had an arc of sticky notes on the window to trace the path of the sun, and sometimes needed to wear sunglasses to get anything done
  7. whatever happened to this deal? Shouldn't we be hearing about plans or ballot items or something by now?
  8. Also the street has been closed for the past couple of weeks to install "tunnel structure"
  9. What would you propose as a solution? I would think some sort of ramp closer to where I-45 and I-69 become co-located - closer to the new turn for 45. It would need to be somewhere that it could be a right entrance to 59/69 from 45, so that there's no weaving required if they immediately want to exit.
  10. I mean if you want it to happen now you could lobby for a referendum letting the city issue as many bonds as it wants to get everything done now
  11. It wouldn't allow for big fields but, if properly programmed, having the several distinct park areas would be an asset not a hindrance. You could have the playground section separated from the adults eating lunch section, so all the watchful parents wouldn't have to worry about that stranger eating a sandwich. And @Sparrow has a good point - for special events, you'd close down those streets and then boom - more park space. Would be good for food trucks, setting up stages - things that kill the grass at discovery green
  12. In sim city, if you can't afford to do something at the moment, you can either get a loan or wait until your tax revenue has gathered enough cash to do the project. And you can only get 3 loans I guess Houston used all 3 loans getting ready for the super bowl, and now needs to just save up money to upgrade the street
  13. Any word on what restaurant it might be?
  14. would it be big enough for a top golf