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  1. You'll get someone coming up to you at a sidewalk cafe asking for food anywhere. We were in Seattle and a lady came up asking for some of our chips
  2. http://www.younanproperties.com/ Sounds like its a commercial holdings firm
  3. idk it surprises me - government entities working together and doing something that makes sense?
  4. I wonder if you could make a train network that takes advantage of that. In the traditional commuter model of suburbs -> downtown, you get a bunch of trains into the downtown station, and then they sit until afternoon rush. With all the work centers spread out, you could conceivably have the trains go from suburb -> work center -> work center -> suburb
  5. The north freeway is always packed right now - and it's bound to get worse, with commuting from Houston to the Woodlands for Exxon and other offices I would agree about the through Max lanes - how much through traffic is there on I-10 that is local traffic still? I mean through traffic that isn't a truck going from San Antonio to New Orleans?
  6. I hope it's clad in something...
  7. That Chipotle has expanded their hours to include dinner hours during the week. They had weekend hours during the Superbowl, but cut back. I think they want to run exactly one shift and one team. I went to to Georgia's market to try to shop many times, and every time came back with failure. The only produce I bought there was lemons, and most of their stock seemed like spices and herbs. In downtown, Phoenicia was and is a much better specialty store. I don't know about the Georgia's market outside of downtown, but I bet that it was more isolated from other specialty stores and a bigger store.
  8. Wow I missed out on stuff that looks much more fun than cooking mashed potatoes
  9. Wow it really is showing how large the combined 45 & 59 freeway is. It's not sunk for very long - that interchange is huge, and it's a wide swath in the SE part of downtown. Also, if they were showing deck parks that aren't going to happen anyway, why not cap 288/59 south of downtown?
  10. Maybe the rendering is wrong and it will actually be 102 stories tall
  11. Mods, could this be moved off into the Traffic & Transportation section? [Edit: I noticed that this was in the downtown section not going up (don't know why I thought it was there) so it's an ok section - but maybe spin it off into a new thread?] I think what @102IAHexpress is trying to say is that inside downtown, the train doesn't have much benefit, i.e. people living in the new apartments next to the train line inside downtown don't ride the train to other places in downtown. There is some truth to that, as I do see people taking ubers and walking, but I also do see people taking the train to go from one end of downtown to the other. If you're in one of the Skyhouses (Skyhice?), Block 334, or Houston House and want to go to the bars in Market square, that's a decently long walk, while taking the train is faster and doesn't wear you down as much. Where everyone else is coming at is that the train is very useful to get into and out of downtown for the people on the line. Last week for OTC (for instance) while everyone else in my company was dreading having to park at the stadium, I just rode the train down. At the end of the day, I was at home on the couch before my co-worker was out of the parking lot. Taking the train you can go to the places that are on the train, and the Red line, even with its flaws, is very well located - it hits downtown, midtown, the medical center, Herman park, NRG, and the museum district. Those are a lot of destinations to work at or to go to enjoy after work. The bus network of course is much larger, and probably has a lot more of your upper middle class office workers riding the P&Rs than the train does to downtown, but that doesn't overshadow that the Redline is built through the spine of the inner loop. Now if we could only connect it to Uptown...
  12. Just flew through terminal A this weekend - Friday there was a bar that looked ready to open, and then Monday when we got back it was open and doing good business
  13. I for one think it would be a nice addition to the area. It echoes the buildings around it, is a half block development, and turns a parking lot into not parking lot. The block directly across Milam from this one should be the target of a nice development (~35 story residential or mixed use) but this block is fine to develop to take up that parking lot and the blank wall of the wedge building
  14. Maybe the temporary structure will be an underground parking garage and a park
  15. The first one that comes to mind is the bridge from Memorial City mall to Memorial Hermann Memorial City over Gessner