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  1. This technically is not even a publicly funded park and a majority of inhabitants of the surrounding zip codes are not even traditional nuclear "families" so sound a bit entitled. A lot of people don't enjoy being around a bunch of people's screaming children so shouldn't there be amenities that address their interest?
  2. It's insider but it's TIRZ 17 has a few of the reports on their website. This is the project: http://www.houstontirz17.org/files/9214/3075/1677/TC_TRC_Presentation_06-02-2014.pdf and this is a blog that summarizes it nicely: http://www.microscopehouston.com/west-houston-gets-a-roundabout/
  3. There's a huge amount of corruption involved in building that traffic circle in that image that is going to commence soon involving the local TIRZ that is paying 30 million dollars to build it for Midway and teardown a portion of the garage they already have an easement for... Like how did Midway even build on it in the first place. Once those works are complete phase 3 can start. Love the project but they should all be in jail:D!
  4. Ignoring market situations and pretending demand will fix them creates big messes like the 4th ward and south midtown where people build houses in fortress like clusters instead of being open and welcoming. The way they are building now will be extremely hard to fix in the future not facing anything and with small cracked sidewalks and little foliage. Unsafe cities with growing demand and population lead to the urban structures that your see you in central Sao Paulo or Guatemala City which is not exactly what I think people would want for Midtown. There is a serious public health crisis in the area and these little centers are not the solution, they are more like insurance lope hole scams. [ work in healthcare here:) ]. The city needs to help these people and get them off the streets in a more serous manner.
  5. There is a huge difference between sprinkling these across a city versus concentrating them in one single area creating an LA style skid row. A housing complex is not the same thing as a clinic like this and housing project in those cities serve a wide range of people versus the one's in midtown that for some reason seem to be filled with mentally ill, addictions, and people with terminally illnesses You can't argue that Cuney Homes just across 288 serves this same demographic. Mixed-use is not a synonym for mixed-income. Villa Victoria is not safe and has serious gang issues so really should not be mentioned as a model. The problem with the U.S is we have come to accept this crap when the city centre should be a Utopia to enjoy in peace like central London, Paris, or Moscow and not overtaken by people who make one feel unsafe.
  6. The new MFAH addition *
  7. One of the strips on one of the bridges already is out/not working, believe woodhead but otherwise looks "ok".
  8. Drove by this last night, they were still working and had all the light fixtures on in Kirby whatever and it looked amazing!
  9. Maybe he's referencing the fact it's a small plot sandwiched between a federal fortress and a very ugly low rise public housing project wasting away on prime land lol The view from the lower floors is going to suck.
  10. That statement only covers the first phase of the project, the footprint of the current building is small in relation to the site so imagine it at the core of a much larger development perhaps like something you'd see at porta nuova.
  11. OR how about we hold our clown of a mayor and police accountable?:) Don't act like this is an isolated event, crime is getting really out of control in Houston. Seems no day goes by without seeing a car with broken glass from a break-in or a house nearby getting robbed. I even had plants stolen from my garden lol...
  12. Totally shocked but De Boulle was basically totally destroyed today and the store looted. Houston never seems to surprise these days... Stuff like this doesn't even happen in places like Mexico City or Sao Paulo anymore. Really hope does not harm future investment in the project or Houston. http://houston.culturemap.com/news/city-life/09-14-16-with-guns-hammers-theives-empty-river-oaks-district-jewelry-store-in-broad-daylight-video/#slide=0
  13. The comments on here are a bit shocking, it seems no one knows how important and prestigious the Aga Khan foundation is.... Most of their projects are done by Pitzker Prize winners, including their huge project in Toronto by Fumihiko Maki and the water gardens are by an amazing guy based out of Beirut. People should google but their collections rotate among museums such as The Hermitage in St.Petersburg and the like of the Louvre and it would be amazing for Houston. It would be a MAJOR gift to have a project of theirs here and the monkeys who probably went to HCC at HCAD probably don't understand that but whatever : ) We'll see what mess this new administration gets us into anyways.