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  1. LOL, who are these "people"? Oh yes, it's the city and the site's owner, Midway who corrupt everything they touch. Same people proposing a TIRZ funded trolley to their isolated site while there are literally hundreds of acres of empty lots within a block of light-rail access. Not a dime should going towards making their property easy to lease while there is so much left to waste closer to downtown on existing infrastructure investments.
  2. Fairview District (Fairview & Nason)

    Where did you get RA sushi from? That RA is the name of the vintage furniture place currently there, have they said anything?
  3. Regent Square: Allen Parkway at Dunlavy

    Impressive line-up though they are taking so long some retailers like Scoop NYC don't even exist anymore lol. Would be really impressed if Soho House and a few others were actually present.
  4. Their store on Westheimer is such a disappointment compared to the design of their other stores outside Texas. Hopefully this one is better.
  5. Westheimer Flea Market @ 1731 Westheimer

    They'll be demolishing the house next door to put the parking in but I wonder why it had so much not used space in back? [Never mind, just saw whats posted]
  6. Lol, claiming to be first chef driven food hall in the world. These chef's counter food halls are all over, especially in Seoul or like Sarona market Tel Aviv etc.
  7. This developer owns the pad of the CVS by the coffee plant and many others like Waught so it's for sure. Sprouts has been in negotiations forever.
  8. Only in Houston could an area with 2 large universities be such a disaster and have people wanting to preserve it exactly as is segregation and all... Why would anyone want a neighborhood dominated by one ethic group in the 21 century? This should be a booming university neighborhood and it's not. UH needs to jumpstart cleaning up the area.
  9. East River - KBR Site Puchased by Midway

    Maybe look glamorous, don't require much water, can grow surrounded by concrete without lifting it up, are ever-green, create focal points and don't litter a parking lot with 4 tons of leaves annually? How can a tree be tacky lol?
  10. The existing structure on this site was demolished I think yesterday morning as the site rubble was being cleared as I passed heading to the gym yesterday. Guessing this one will move kind of quickly!
  11. Wait, they are trenching it when? Right now there is a massive tent community on Caroline so all they did was move in that direction. City needs to fence off asap
  12. Why does everyone think Sears is the problem and not the massive pariah filled housing project across the street and the Men's Center?
  13. Sharon of Tacos a gogo to bring us Retrospect Coffee

    Innovative young talent? The innovative one is not "young" and the "young" one who funds the investments inherited a boat load of cash from his father who was a very successful attorney lol.
  14. Midtown Common @ 2403 Caroline

    Maybe HCC sublease until their facility is built? Or maybe canceled because now it's actually going to be built?