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  1. Congrats on getting XTO, Houston. This is a big loss for us in Fort Worth.
  2. Looks great! Hopefully, I'll be there later this summer.
  3. I'll be on the lookout for live Super Bowl coverage from Discovery Green on my TV.
  4. Well, at least we can't see those hallways from outside of the building.
  5. Wait a minute- what is all of that green stuff on the lawn to the right? Is that grass?! What happened to all of the brown dirt that used to be there? On a more serious note, the convention center area is starting to look really good.
  6. Since I'm here in Houston for the holiday weekend, I decided to attend the Thanksgiving parade yesterday. Here's one of the few parade pictures I took:
  7. Last time I went to Discovery Green (several months ago), there was hardly anyone there. The time I visited before that, Discovery Green was full of people and seemed much more interesting.
  8. Apparently, someone really wanted a new window. In more seriousness, does anyone else notice the lighter concrete square immediately around the hole? It looks like there may have been a previous repair in that exact same spot. EDIT: I can't find the lighter square box in the picture before the hole appeared, so maybe not.
  9. Both NW transit center and NW mall are bad locations for people arriving in Houston if their destination is downtown. Downtown Houston has the highest concentration of office buildings and hotels that you could walk to after getting off the train.
  10. Whenever I walk past the two cheap food stores on Main St, I'm baffled at how may homeless people congrigate at them. I don't see large groups of homeless people like that in other parts of downtown Houston or in other large downtowns.
  11. The problem last time was I only had about $12 dollars on me. I ended up getting an inexpensive cheesecake at a full-service restaurant near Discovery Green so I wouldn't stiff my waiter on a tip. I should've had Subway when I was on Main St, but I didn't realize everything else would be closed. I know to eat there or bring more money next time.
  12. Based on the online schedule, looks like travel time on the bus route I sometimes ride has been reduced from 60 mins to 40 mins. However, there are many complaints about increased travel time on Twitter.
  13. When I was downtown for the Green/Purple line opening a few months ago (Saturday around 7pm), almost every fast food (order-at-counder) restaurant I came across was closed for the evening/weekend.
  14. When I first read this a few days ago, I didn't realize there was actually a convention called "comicpalooza" in town. I thought you were referring to people like me attending the opening of the new lines.
  15. Here's a timelapse I made of the Green Line: