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  1. 615 W Gray

    Interesting, both sites? Skinny Rita's has been closed for a while now.
  2. 403 West Gray

    Haha classic, Harvey hurt their business? Doubtful. It was a weird concept and no one was interested.
  3. Baldwin Pierce Crossing

    Looks cool. Any ideas which companies are doing the metal work for this place or others like it?
  4. Atma at McGowen: 8-stories, 71 units

    where is this going to be built?
  5. The Allen: Allen Pkwy/Gillette Mixed Use 6 acres

    Looks cool, but you're landlocked between the federal reserve building and a housing project...
  6. 2204 Austin St

    Great, less bail bonds places the better.
  7. More coming to Midtown!

    Probably the residents that live on park benches, behind dumpsters, and under freeways.
  8. 2200 Main St

    I noticed this building was fenced off this morning. Not sure if its about to start demolition or just to keep the bums out.
  9. More coming to Midtown!

    negative, Im referring to the dirt lot between Cafe layal and the dentist office.
  10. More coming to Midtown!

    Also a sign up on the vacant lot used for parking on w gray, just down the street from the old Fuzzys. The sign calls it West Gray Plaza
  11. Alta West Gray: 5-story, 166 unit mid-rise

    Taft is supposed to be closed across from the site soon, I assume it's to install the crane.
  12. More coming to Midtown!

    According to HCAD, Fourth Ward Redevelopment Authority bought the old grocery store at 1409 Bailey. Im very curious what the motive is here. I really hoped it was a private buyer.
  13. 3100 Fannin

    Nice location, hopefully if will clear out the bums that hang around that gas station.
  14. The music sucks there, so anything else would be better.
  15. Finally some progress. The stucco is being painted on the eastern building.