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  1. Saw the other day that Midtown BBQ has closed down. Such a cursed spot!
  2. I recently saw that the grocery store on Robin st has sold. Does anyone have any info on that? I drove by a few weeks ago, and there was a fence around the entire corner of robin and wilson. (the lot next to the grocery store and also the location of a murder on the 4th of July.) This would be a great step for the neighborhood.
  3. I dream of the day Sears and Fiesta close in midtown...
  4. If it were to be a subway lane, they should shift it to westheimer.
  5. very interesting!
  6. This will probably just attract more homeless people to the area. Churches are always giving hand outs to them. Look at the mess around the church on the light rail in the med center.
  7. Booo! Anything is better than the current wasteland, but definitely a missed opportunity.
  8. $1825 for a 800Sqft apt. You've got to be kidding me.
  9. That would be cool. I live right next to here.
  10. Bobruss, i might be able to get you a contact for abc13 also.
  11. I noticed that Mama's Grocery in the 4th ward has been sold! Also, the next lot over is for sale. This should really clean up Robin street, between Bailey and wilson.
  12. UGH, build this somewhere else.
  13. I wonder if this development is dead...
  14. 505 Fairview, Downtown Radiator. Looks like a junk yard haha.