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  1. negative, Im referring to the dirt lot between Cafe layal and the dentist office.
  2. Also a sign up on the vacant lot used for parking on w gray, just down the street from the old Fuzzys. The sign calls it West Gray Plaza
  3. Taft is supposed to be closed across from the site soon, I assume it's to install the crane.
  4. According to HCAD, Fourth Ward Redevelopment Authority bought the old grocery store at 1409 Bailey. Im very curious what the motive is here. I really hoped it was a private buyer.
  5. Nice location, hopefully if will clear out the bums that hang around that gas station.
  6. The music sucks there, so anything else would be better.
  7. Finally some progress. The stucco is being painted on the eastern building.
  8. It's true that there is not much currently within walking distance. There is a pretty large untapped market in the 4th ward though. There is still lots of area to redevelop between w dallas and w gray. Maybe this will be enough to really spur that development.
  9. Saw the other day that Midtown BBQ has closed down. Such a cursed spot!
  10. I recently saw that the grocery store on Robin st has sold. Does anyone have any info on that? I drove by a few weeks ago, and there was a fence around the entire corner of robin and wilson. (the lot next to the grocery store and also the location of a murder on the 4th of July.) This would be a great step for the neighborhood.
  11. I dream of the day Sears and Fiesta close in midtown...
  12. If it were to be a subway lane, they should shift it to westheimer.
  13. very interesting!
  14. This will probably just attract more homeless people to the area. Churches are always giving hand outs to them. Look at the mess around the church on the light rail in the med center.
  15. Booo! Anything is better than the current wasteland, but definitely a missed opportunity.