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  1. I would think the likes of GM, Chrysler, and Ford could increase their bottom line with such a revised way of doing business. Why let the dealers see all the profits?--just take them for themselves and their shareholders. Cut out the middle man. I've always thought that an interesting evolution of the car shopping experience would be for the highway-side car dealerships to go by the wayside and instead car brands would be in the mall (yes, the mall). Why is it when I go to buy a car I have to pick and choose from the current inventory on the lot? Why can't I order a vehicle made with exactly the features and colors that I want? It's kind of like going to Sears and buying clothes off of the rack as opposed to getting a custom tailored suit. What's wrong with signing a contract to buy a car and getting it a week or two later delivered to my doorstep? The car companies would benefit from reduced inventory on hand--what sense does it make to be holding millions of dollars of inventory (outside in the elements no less)? Wouldn't it be great to go to one location and have the option of seeing what Volvo, Ford, Chevy, Honda, Toyota, Kia, Lexus, Mercedes, Tesla, etc. all have to offer? Everyone wins--except the middle men car dealerships.
  2. Spring ISD seems to be trying to slip school attendance boundary changes under the radar of locals. You have got to love a survey process that only lasts one day past the community meetings and the only news releases to the public about the meetings are in the "neighborhood" section of the 2p the afternoon before the day of the last meeting it appears. The numbers on their campus "enrollment projections" don't seem to incorporate development patters at all--are they not aware of new neighborhoods and apartment complexes that have already gone up? For that matter, the numbers in the doc also are not reviewed--Salyers somehow magically loses 100+ students one year and gains them all back the following year, while Smith does the opposite?? What's going on here is a typo that the school district failed to catch. Oops! SMH. Does SISD really think that by the 2020-2021 school year their districtwide high school student population will only increase by ~100 students? Then what are the three new 9th grade campuses in the last bond election for!?!? Using I-45 as the "natural" boundary for Middle School zones? Give me a break. What they're really doing is setting up for another bond proposal to fix the terrible zones that are going to be put into place now--all of those middle school kids living along Imperial Valley will be riding the bus thru Aldine ISD to get to school. Take a look at the high schools too--that one's an "interesting" one too. Check it out for yourself and see if it passes the smell test. This one ought to get media attention very soon--something's not right here.
  3. What's all this talk of separating anyhow? I thought the jury building for the county was more of an organizational convenience than a need to isolate the populace from the law. I served for nearly 2 months on a trial at the Bob Casey Federal Courthouse a few years back, and on many occasions walked in thru the metal detectors right behind or in front of the guys that were on trial or lawyers from either side. We jurors exercised good practice (as did they) and didn't ride in the same elevator up with them--we would just wait for the next one.
  4. I envision a retail power center going in here with maybe an apartment building or two and about a dozen pad sites. Perhaps an office building or two if we get really lucky. Maybe they could keep the mall structure for the big box retail stores for cheaper than tearing down and rebuilding? I'd like to hope for something more "urban", but I'm not going to set my expectations too high for this one just yet.
  5. With all of the advancements made by the car companies with regards to driverless car technology, has TxDOT begun considering such technological advances when analyzing future needs? Many hypothesize widespread adoption within a decade. This project may at best be coming online when the major shift will be occurring. Following distances will likely shrink when humans no longer drive vehicles--will additional lanes really be needed on new highways or are we spending our funds unnecessarily?
  6. By the time this train finally gets running we'll have self-driving cars thanks to Elon Musk's Tesla, trains that travel 700+ mph thanks to Elon Musk's hyperloop, congestion alleviation thanks to Elon Musk's The Boring Company, and frankly Houstonians could travel to Mars on one of Elon Musk's Space X rockets rather than go to Dallas anyhow--Mr. Musk is who Buc-ee's should really be scared of.
  7. I foresee the downtown highway reconstruction project as a HUGE necessity if Houston really does intend on landing another Super Bowl--not because of the roadway reconstruction, but rather because the possible privately funded park on the back side of the GRB over the highway lanes that could be twice the size of Discovery Green and stretch 10 city blocks (think of the new development possibilities--maybe start a program, much like we did to spur downtown residential development this time around, specifically for the blocks surrounding the park). Perhaps we would also get the north canal diversion project north of downtown which may bring more waterfront oriented development by the time the next Super Bowl Houston rolls around. Maybe the Dallas--Houston high-speed rail becomes a reality (as well as airport Metrorail connections). By that time maybe the Astrodome would be ready for occupancy again too. A huge new city park, a new waterfront district, a new high-speed rail line, and a reborn Astrodome would surely put the icing on the cake to draw a new Super Bowl to town--a bigger scoreboard, more seats, more suites, and new restaurants or whatever they dream up of doing with NRG Stadium would just be the sprinkles.
  8. How about creating a marina district? I don't own a yacht, but if I did, it sure would be great to have it parked out back while still living in the heart of the city.
  9. Can we get a adjustment to the name of this thread? "I-59" is inaccurate. Just saying.
  10. Demoing this block is something too get excited about if you ask me. Prepares the land for something Going Up! next cycle. They could decide just to leave the existing building vacant. I actually prefer an empty parking lot for this block for now. We'll get a better project next time around than we would if they began something now.
  11. Proposed loop road around Bryan-College Station.
  12. Losing support in the Brazos Valley. The longer this takes to get started, the more time the rural opposition has to stir up problems. It's kind of peculiar how the local politicians have made such a big show against this project that aims to gain a 100 foot wide easement while we hear nothing negative from them about the planned 400 foot wide 249 Aggie Expressway or the similarly wide proposed Forts-to-Ports Interstate 14 or even the proposed loop around BCS. Do these same rural folks and local politicians oppose Union Pacific, BNSF, the power line companies, and the Keystone pipeline?
  13. Grand Parkway Market Place will be anchored by a 126k sq ft Target store.
  14. Spring Crossings renamed "Grand Parkway Market Place II".
  15. Okay then, if not a park or a garden, how about getting handful of cows to munch on that green grass and seeing a lower tax bill on their "agricultural land"? Are there regulations in Downtown against livestock? It could be a tourist attraction for the out-of-towners who miss the Rodeo.