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  1. AT&T Building

    TNT on site again, probably upgrading the cell towers.
  2. 1111 Rusk: Texaco Building Renovation

    A little better but still ugly compared to Lyric's and Rice's parking garages.
  3. Memorial Hermann TMC Expansion (Master Plan)

    I wonder what drives a builder to use steel instead of concrete when they build something like this? Looks like the elevator shafts are concrete but the rest is steel.
  4. North side glass.
  5. New Garage with Retail Next to Lyric Center

    They moved the statue on Saturday.
  6. Museum of Fine Arts Houston Expansion

    A second tower is going to be going up.
  7. GreenStreet Redevelopment + 21-Story Hotel Alessandra

    Is this painted plywood going to stay? It looks cheap. Not sure why I can't post pics anymore? It's kind of frustrating trying to deal with this problem.
  8. Saw 2 lattice boom cranes from the TWH parking garage, went to investigate. SubdivisionPlatPDF_LEELAND PLACE.pdf