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  1. Sand Dollar/Label Warehouse

    Sounds like you have the scoop. Thx!
  2. Sand Dollar/Label Warehouse

    You think Sand Dollar clears that plus overhead?
  3. Sand Dollar/Label Warehouse

    First of all, I'm not being "let's demolish everything that helps po folk" guy. This is a genuine inquiry. How do Label Warehouse and Sand Dollar stay in business? I imagine the tax rate on those places is insane, and while I do see people shop there, I can't imagine it's enough revenue to cover (letter alone profit). Is there some sort of subsidy or tax shelter for businesses like these? Has no one thought this would be a good indie movie theatre or retail spot? Just curious.
  4. Keep The Heights Dry Political Action Committee

    I think that's the obvious argument, but I think it should have been made 50 years ago (we probably agree there). To your point, if it was an alcohol good vs. bad thing, why not ban it in Harris County, the state, the nation, the WORLD?! (evil laugh). I get that, and given, I'm leaning toward voting for the wetness, but I think it may not be a question of alcohol good vs. alcohol bad for many people. At this point, the lack of alcohol, plus rapid gentrification have generated a unique, situational growth pattern. I think that's more what people feel they are voting for or against. They see that the neighborhood can indeed be nice without alcohol, so it becomes a not-broke-don't-fix thing. Is alcohol a straw man for many people voting against? Probably, but unfortunately I don't think anyone can say with 100% certainty that there won't be adverse effects. (For me, I think the good probably outweighs the bad) We should have have never home schooled this kid to begin with, but do we stick him in a public now that he's all grown up and weird?
  5. Keep The Heights Dry Political Action Committee

    Agreed, but maybe not as much as those within the dry area? I see where you're coming from though, and I'm sure it's frustrating. Fair enough, but I think having transportation availability and city services is agreeable to pretty much everyone within a city, and from a have/have not standpoint aren't as derisive of issues. And for the most part, I think being able to buy beer and wine at a grocery store is generally agreeable too, but the situation has metastasized as the Heights has gentrified. Thus, here we are with a relatively unique situation that can't be put into the same peg holes as cabs and trash cans? And before we go any further, to whom it may concern, don't get butt hurt or attack-y. This is an attempt to educate myself before pulling the lever.
  6. Keep The Heights Dry Political Action Committee

    I don't follow. Guess it's just my opinion, but management decisions should be made at the lowest possible level by the people the rules affect the most.
  7. Keep The Heights Dry Political Action Committee

    Why? Not being snide or trying to hijack the thread, but I would like to understand your opinion.
  8. Keep The Heights Dry Political Action Committee

    I see what you did there And I don't mean to trigger, or whatever they call it now when you present an unpopular opinion, but a lot of really good things happen thanks to 'corporate interests'.
  9. Keep The Heights Dry Political Action Committee

    "Liquor", as seemingly innocuous as the word may be, will be a frequently-dropped buzzword in this campaign. I really can justify voting either way, but I certainly recommend folks do so armed with facts.
  10. Lack of Restaurant Diversity In the Heights

    Pizza Heights lives.
  11. Fiesta at 23rd & Shepherd Closing

    Ugh, yeah Montrose sucks. So does Rice and anywhere else I can purchase a six-pack at a grocery store. What's next? Marijuanas? The only silver lining I can see to HEB opening up shop is finally being able to sell liquor and loose cigarettes out of my third bathroom. It's just the wife and I, so we really aren't using it unless the mother-in-law stops by. Doubt it will offset the massive drop in property value that comes with a grocery store opening in your area and being able to buy a bottle of wine without driving 10 minutes, but I guess those are the breaks.
  12. Spoken like someone who's really done their research and knows what's best.
  13. Laundrymat @ 20th/Columbia

    Nope. Certainly don't trust that. I'll pay $10 for a popsicle if it means not having to eat the Bicycle Man's mysterious confections.
  14. Laundrymat @ 20th/Columbia

    That doesn't make me feel any better. Who knows what's in the Bicycle Man's treats?! I sure as hell don't!
  15. Laundrymat @ 20th/Columbia

    Paleta. And thank God you're not afraid. Me and the rest of the rich white people are terrified.