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  1. Your opinion doesn't match up with mine! Boo this man!
  2. Ten years later, has unfavorable opinions changed? Even if just a tad. How are home prices in this area? Is this the next neighborhood to experience a resurgence?
  3. So you're telling me this was in place of what is now a parking garage?
  4. Any pictures of what was there before? I always wondered when and HOW that garage was allowed to be built. Before I used to visit this site I always looked at that garage as out of place. Was there backlash on here compared to the other garages being built close to Market Square?
  5. Wow I thought it was only me. I've changed my password several times just in case and I still get redirected.
  6. I've mentioned this before but I'm excited to see what may come of the empty block north of this directly behind 500 Crawford. I would love to see a slim residential tower or almost square in shape. I just don't want anything to block the view of DT from MMP.
  7. If what we have saw of the 609 crown is the finale product then I would just prefer they have no lighting at all. Looks tacky and unfinished.
  8. I'm gonna guess there are either laws with the city or guidelines with the apartments, but I'm willing to bet someone would pay for the advertising space on that balcony. Something like a banner hanging on the railing could probably bring in some side cash. Annnnd these are things that I think about smh
  9. The owner Jim crane purchased some land recently around MMP, maybe he plans to construct a garage?? Although, I believe I remember reading that he bought the land to make sure future developments are in line with what's going up lately? Not sure.
  10. I love little tidbits like these cause I start picturing the tower in my head and it ends up looking nothing like I imagine
  11. Feel free to PM me and tell me everything you know . You can't trust some folks on this board hehehe
  12. They can do whatever they want with that shopping center as long as they don't touch River Oaks Theater. It's legit one of my favorite places in Houston. I encourage y'all to go give them your money.
  13. I wanna say 2 years from construction
  14. I like the look of the "updated" version a year back that was made out of cardboard.
  15. Lol geez, I can understand if he was pushing a political point & opinion or something but the dude's just giving us a heads up on a new spot with awesome savings. Hell he even prefaced it by apologizing ahead of time.