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  1. Did Doc's ever open?

    I get what you mean, it’s al about the staff. The Christians Tailgate in DT is a classic example, it’s a wonderful space but the staff is HORRIBLE
  2. You ain’t gotta go around using logic and stuff smh
  3. Did Doc's ever open?

    Man I actually thought the food was good especially considering it’s a bar. I liked the fact that it was an actual sports bar. Not a lot of those in montrose.
  4. Did Doc's ever open?

    Sorry for the old bump but couldn' find anything on the first page. If I missed it my apologies. Doc's is no more. Soon to be ruggles ice. Which is believed to be an ice house concept.
  5. Uptown Park Renovations

    We’ve seen this one correct? adding attachments here on this forum is so 1997. Hand to delete have my attachemts just to post this smh.
  6. Market Square Tower: 40-Story High-Rise for Downtown

    Do we know of this? Noticed it on the tower website captioned coming soon in 2018
  7. Minute Maid Park Renovations

    I'm gonna keep banging the "clean the damn roof" drum.
  8. Goodnight Charlie's + Parking (2531 Kuester)

    The waitress mentioned that they own that site as well. I wanna say she said the owner was doing some sort of wine concept maybe..? I was a few IPAs in so I don’t remember exactly.
  9. 40-story High-Rise for Block 98, Behind Hess Tower

    Bitter sweet. The pics from the Marriot pool won’t be as cool. Shucks!
  10. Hardy Yards Development

    What’s the completion date on this again..? I may have signed too long of a lease at my current spot Smh
  11. This being a hotel is new info right? cant wait for the details..
  12. 2100 Airline Dr

    We used to call this part of town the North it’s the heights hahaha
  13. Goodnight Charlie's + Parking (2531 Kuester)

    Were they charging for parking and if so how much..? I seen they have a machine at the entrance of the lot.
  14. Goodnight Charlie's + Parking (2531 Kuester)

    Fair. Maybe add the biz name in the tittle along with the address?
  15. The other half of the embassy hotel site would work as well. Although, I still have dreams of something really tall going there and blocking that waste of a building.