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  1. I wanna say 2 years from construction
  2. I like the look of the "updated" version a year back that was made out of cardboard.
  3. Lol geez, I can understand if he was pushing a political point & opinion or something but the dude's just giving us a heads up on a new spot with awesome savings. Hell he even prefaced it by apologizing ahead of time.
  4. Paging @Yoda.. can we get an update from your view?
  5. HOU** hehehehe
  6. Not being funny but what did they want?
  7. Crap just saw this... sorry, it's late. Thanks to you as well @AREJAY
  8. Urbannizer posted on another forum that this is scheduled for construction in the spring. On on a side note, @Urbannizer don't betray us by posting this type of info elsewhere first! Hahahaha only kidding. I truly do appreciate all the information you share and I believe you deserve more props than you receive. I look forward to logging in here daily and checking for updates, and you're one of the posters that really contributes to that so, thanks.
  9. I want this built only if it's redesigned! Hehehehe
  10. A friend of mine just text me and said that the kulture sign was removed and replaced with a chick-fil-a. Can anyone confirm this with a picture??
  11. TBH the restaurants were blocked by everything that was set up. I'm willing to bet not many people even knew papadeaux's was there. The fencing was necessary for security I suppose but without it the whole scene/experience would have been taken to another level. I would have liked the 2 entry/exits on avenida to have been pushed back away from the pedestrian area.
  12. Doesn't that mean they're currently still look DT? Is there a possibility this may not be a Ritz?
  13. Any pics you can share?
  14. Wow can I share that on Instagram??