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  1. Looks nice but gives off a grab and go feel which is probably best suited for a coffee shop in a office building. I'm waiting for a "comfortable" coffee shop DT with the same vibes as the one in montrose. Although, I do love honeymoon
  2. I wonder how the application process works for the affordable units in the apartments? I imagine there will be no shortage of applicants.
  3. Love the P.O.V. from the inside looking out with all that glass.
  4. Reading the article it didn't necessarily mention the move was because the park wouldn't be ready. The article actually mentioned that they will still have events at the park during SB. As far as backdrop goes root square park and the DT skyline are better IMO,
  5. My only complaint is I wish that they would have stuck with the same dark brown brick that's on the bottom throughout the building. The light brown brick looks too much like stuco... lovely building though!
  6. Noticed that the first week they were installed. There are also spots where the railing is bent already.
  7. ::Gulp::
  8. Trust me all the excitement it gone hahaha
  9. This one and The Capitol tower are slightly upgraded suburban office towers. Not every tower will be 50+ feet but I little creativity would be a plus.
  10. Even more disappointing is that it doesn't even live up to the revised renderings much less the original ones. I think 75% of my displeasure is with that tired ass beige color.
  11. No way chapman and Kirby will be ready by the super bowl right?
  12. I was never a fan of the capiotl tower design to begin with. Just kind of another glass box.
  13. My dream is for the block right behind MM to be that rumored W hotel... o and with residential too!!
  14. Does anyone have pics of the second floor of Biggios? When I went the upstairs was closed..
  15. I remember talking about this HUGE block as game changing....that's of course before seeing the plans..still nice but not game changing.