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  1. Pitch 25 at 904 Hutchins

    Lol yeah it’s defiently nothing to look at but I’ve never had anything sketchy happen to me there.....I will say that their St Patrick’s day party can get kind of hood lol. But , they frequently go out of their way to always have some sort of event or watch party and it’s usually well attended. I want to see where the dynamo fans end up gravitating to once it’s complete.
  2. Discovery Green

    Wonder when the updates to the park are in line for?
  3. Pitch 25 at 904 Hutchins

    Anyone else think this will make Lucky’s the ugly step child..?
  4. Forgot how classy this thing looks...
  5. More, more, more!!!!
  6. This looks so much better. They should have kept with the brick from top to bottom. Maybe the units facing DT have the decks....?? IDK
  7. Shipping container homes

    Nice! Share the link I would like to take a look at said thread
  8. I came across these randomly but they caught my eye and they're marketed as brownstones if I remember correctly. I looked on HAR and never found anything on them so maybe what you’re asking is the case. They look cheaply made in person. Although, I like the brick at the bottom.
  9. In my dreams I often ponder of Destroying the Embassy hotel and building there, but realistically I think the lot directly behind the Embassy next to One Park Place would be a good fit. I’m saving my real disappointment for whatever is built behind the Marriott I’m still in wait and see mode. I can totally change my mind and be wrong. I fall guilty to wanting every building built to be a landmark lol but I appreciate anything that adds to this city.
  10. Design aside, putting this on top of the tower adds nothing new at street level, that’s a critique I mentioned . I like the new experiences new buildings provide, and by building on an empty lot I feel like we would get that experience as oppose to throwing it on top of an building that’s already there.
  11. My disappointment comes in the fact that we’ve been anticipating a W forever here on this site. Going from seeing several crazy, cool, out-of-the-box renderings in the past to what from the looks of it (I acknowledge it’s VERY early) is a 15 story box, forgive me if I’m not head over heals. I have a ton of civic pride so I want the best of everything for us, and I definitely want our stuff to be as or more impressive than our sister cities stuff. And to respond to your comment of ignoring the fact that it’s being built on top of 10 story building (making it 25 stories), my main complaint about that was I want to wait and see if it changes street interaction/presence or if it creates a new feel to the area.
  12. 15 story tower? Far cry from the cool renderings we saw in uptown. I’m really down on the W at this location. I really hope the renderings suggest more than just a 15 story tower plopped on top of a building.
  13. I thought they were using this space to widen the street?