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  1. If only.... I can offer up nothing helpful, Tiger. Not to sound stuffy, but I've never worked in, nor know any history about the Motor Inns of Houston.
  2. Estrella TV is broadcasting nothing as of today. The transmitter is on, as I'm still receiving a signal from channel 61, but it is black and appears to have ceased broadcast transmission. First the fight with Comcast, resulting in Estrella TV being ditched from the lineup, now the over the air signal is gone with the wind. What is really going on over there at Liberman Broadcasting? Are we witnessing the end of LBI as we know it, right before our very eyes?
  3. Huh. Well, that's interesting. I wonder if the ministry is leasing it out, or if they are planning on selling it out? Reverend Orrick has been deceased some 15 years now, since even before they flip flopped the then facilities of 107-9 KQLC and Houston Christian Broadcaster's 90-7 KBCP. The Orrick ministry then donated what became 107-9 KBCP to Royal I.S.D., and the only thing the district did with it was to let a big, fat "D" get placed on the license. For the better, anyway. KQQK absolutely obliterated the Sealy co-channel IN SEALY itself. This is why I chuckle every time I think about the knuckleheads applyinv to place that K297BT translator on 300 from Simonton. Idiots. Don't know, Mouse. It's had better days, anyway. I don't see how English language Contemporary Christian pop would fare much better, given KXBJ is there screaming in from the south. 96-9 has decent coverage of that I-10 corridor for a good chunk of distance. It even battles with your lil' KPPC-LP on the east side of SA. Major feather in KSBJ's cap to have gotten that facility from Liberman for a song...
  4. That's interesting, one guy out and one guy in. Did you see that 26 has hired Don Teague's replacement? A guy by the name of Jonathan Martin. Haven't taken the time to look up his background, but Melinda Spaulding introduced him on the 5 o'clock newscast tonight, and he's apparently starting Monday night @ 9.
  5. La Ranchera is back to only airing on 850 KEYH here in Houston (and 101-7 KNTE over in Bay City) as 1230 has flipped its programming to Spanish language Christian music, sans commercials or DJ chatter, just wall to wall music. It looks like the consummation has occurred and Liberman has relinquished programming control of KCOH to Pueblo de Galilea, LLC as of today. One improvement I've noticed rather quickly is that the audio being fed to KCOH is much better now than it was simulcasting KEYH. Well, congratulations Radio Alel...er, Pueblo de Galilea. Another facility playing Christian music en Español. Even I, as an avid proponent of Spanish language representation in this radio market, am beginning to see that this is becoming just a little bit of overkill at this point.
  6. KULF is broadcasting with its full 1kW this afternoon, for the first time in several weeks. Airing Mandarin language, I assume reverting back to the China Radio International Beijing service it was running prior to the unceremonious dumping of the station back in February. How is THIS possible? Supposedly, the person running the facility was on the run himself, the landowner of the tower site was looking to conduct a fire sale with all the transmit equipment in hopes of recouping his unpaid land rent, and KULF Bellville was facing imminent deletion. Suddenly, it's back in action like nothing ever happened. What changed, and why suddenly is the very same station that was supposedly doomed, now broadcasting full force? Whew, at least Bellville won't lose its only licensed service. Certainly glad about that.
  7. You know what's interesting to me? The address. 1600 Pasadena Avenue. In all actuality, isn't it Pasadena Boulevard? Now, check this interesting factoid out: https://licensing.fcc.gov/cgi-bin/ws.exe/prod/cdbs/forms/prod/cdbsmenu.hts?context=25&appn=101722422&formid=314&fac_num=65309 Look at the address for the proposed license assignee of KCOH. Pueblo de Galilea, LLC apparently shares the building on Pasadena Boulevard with Aleluya Broadcasting Corporation, and by my count KCOH will make 6 AM facilities operating under the same roof on Pasadena Boulevard/Avenue. The FCC stipulates no broadcaster can operate more than 5 facilities in a given band, nor more than 8 facilities in a given MSA, ours being #6 Houston-Galveston. Once we add KFTG 88-1, KCVH-LD 30, and the slew of translators including Mo. City licensed K236AR, my question quickly becomes where was the petition to deny the transfer of license for KCOH from Liberman to "Pueblo de Galilea, LLC" from our resident radio policeman that's been keeping such a keen eye on such things? KUHA's application has now been held up and placed on a review docket because KSBJ is supposedly doing the same thing, but KCOH's assignment has already received the rubber stamp of approval, and is only awaiting consummation. I'm seeing a bit of inequality here.
  8. Add another user to the list. There has been some significant upgrading done to the HAIF recently. Likely working through some bugs. Hey Mouse, shoot user "editor" a PM detailing your issues. He's the head HAIFer in charge .
  9. I don't know currently, Mouse, but once upon a time it threw up enough red flags on my firewall to stop an army.
  10. Yes, as Mouse said, the former KCOH (now KKBQ-HD2) employees are not affected by the sale of 1230 to Pueblo de Galilea, LLC. This thread is regarding the actual KCOH facility, licensed by the F.C.C. To update: after 2 days off, KCOH is back on the air. Albeit with very low audio. It has returned to simulcast with 850 KEYH. You see, Joe? This is why I suggested "Q2" for what's on 92-9 HD2. It's just frustratingly confusing with Beyond Broadcasting still associating itself with the legendary calls, when its programming no longer airs on the actual KCOH facility itself. Here's the official scorecard, readers. KCOH: Regional Mexican "La Ranchera"; currently pending license transfer and subsequent sale. "Q2": Beyond Broadcasting programming currently available on KKBQ-HD2, and which employs longtime KCOH on air personality Ralph Cooper. Hope that helps clear the confusion we currently face with the tale of two KCOHs.
  11. http://fccdata.org/?facid=148127 Mrtejano, this is what I thought was the current facility #148127 for 106-7 in Columbus, the now former K294BI. I had completely forgotten, it's actually fully licensed to be operating on channel 297 from Sealy right now. 106-7 K294BI Columbus no longer exists, given that K297BT (that's frequency 107-3 in Sealy) replaced it. That makes one third of the trio illegal as all get out. But I have faith in someone rectifying this situation quickly and efficiently.
  12. No, this is supposedly temporary for K254BZ. I find it absolutely appalling that La Nueva 94-1 or La Mejor 104-5 were not chosen to temporarily relay transmission on to 98-7 instead, for licensing purposes. Money is indeed the root of all evil. Christian Center of Eternal Life my size 13 foot. Live what you preach, Hector Guevara. Live what you preach.
  13. There is a 106-7 involved, Mouse. That's the translator in Columbus that is attempting to move to channel 300 with a COL change to Sealy. Now, Joe, this is going to upset me enough to start making a stink. Enough is enough with that crap. Know what I mean?
  14. Oh yeah, when he's got it on the air, you should have it loud in clear at your location. It's hit or miss, though. It wasn't long after we posted all this last night, that it shut back down. You've just got to be lucky (or nerdy) enough to catch it. I check the entirety of both radio dials pretty much every day and multiple times a day after I get off work, so it's pretty difficult to get much past me. Some people watch a lot of TV, I monitor a lot of radio transmissions. Yesterday, it was airing the programming from a subchannel of KZHO-LD at about a 4 minute delay. What can I say? I don't live a normal life...
  15. Somehow, I overlooked this nugget of hilarity. My grandparents absolutely loved this place. I grew up getting dragged to the Barbecue Inn when I was a kid and I swore many years ago, after I moved out and then got married, that if I never set foot in that place again, it'd be much too soon. Mkultra is spot on with his assessment. The barbecue isn't what Barbecue Inn is known for. Their chicken, seafood, and ridiculously high prices for what you get on your plate is. Hungry Farmer, hands down.