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  1. Eh, just make the property a 150 pump Buc-ee's already, minus the Fitness Connection/Lord & Taylor/Mervyn's box of course, and call it a day.
  2. That's only half of the story. Where's the picture of the mob, running at the white people, yielding sticks and screaming pure vile & hatred, which incited this lunatic to hop in his car and do the unthinkable? But that's not what "reporters" are paid for these days, is it? There's only one way for a foreign power to ever take out the United States, and that is to divide it and conquer it. This, dear sir, is the dividing. The conquering is forthcoming.
  3. Aw, and I was really starting to like the girl from Austin, Chrisdyann Uribe. She's gone, Blue Dogs? Any word on the M.I.A. Lisa Vaughn?
  4. https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=hzAu%2fyON&id=1BFA6E503748054DBF6A2D7A6B2631E9D26FE008&thid=OIP.hzAu_yONJ_TPPDufh8j81QEyDM&q=picture+of+hostage+about+to+be+beheaded&simid=608020435672892823&selectedIndex=26 No place for hate? Look across the ocean. Plenty of it over there.
  5. Not quite. There were parts of the Greenspoint Mall floor plan would've been left enclosed in the original layout. Others would have become open air.
  6. LGBT family - Pittsburgh PA to Woodlands/Spring TX

    Fantastic area, and please don't overlook Shenandoah. Great neighborhoods, community oriented, and you will find some nice homes on the market. This is between Hwy 242 & Research Forest Boulevard, west of the North Freeway. The Woodlands is a very busy area. If you need accommodations while you search for a home, please come and see me. I have a couple of nice Homewood Suites within 5 minutes of one another, and we'll be opening up a Home2 off of Tamina Rd. in the coming days. Feel free to PM me here @ the HAIF.
  7. KBR Site Puchased by Midway

    It was off of Mesa Drive. They used two out of service sidings to house the cars for several years. This was around the time they restored the M-K-T and Southern Pacific cabeese. I don't recall a turntable there, cloud. Only turntable that I vividly recollect in East End is the one at the Milby St. shops at York and Milby. This is the video of the museum equipment being moved onto the Canal St. spur. The spur doesn't see a lot of activity, as you will see below.
  8. KBR Site Puchased by Midway

    A nice one, too. http://www.kingswayrc.com/gcst/ They have a restored M-K-T passenger car, caboose (MKT 6), SP caboose (4696), a couple of old switchers (one of which is an old HB&T unit), and a helium tank car. Weird, weird looking car to say the least. Last I saw these pieces of equipment, they were being stored off of Navigation, just west of Sampson/York, on an old rail spur. I believe the museum is moving, but have heard nothing recently concerning its venue change.
  9. Opening Dates/First Movies Shown at Theatres

    That would be interesting to hear what you find, mkultra. Along the same vein, here's a fun fact. Family Dollar on Parker Rd. @ North Freeway was originally 1/2 of the old Rice Supermarket. Behind the double doors in the rear of the Family Dollar is the back half of the former grocery store, stock room, bathrooms, etc. unchanged. Just a couple of quickly installed sheetrock walls here and there in the back. They use the area for regional wide meetings and such. If you venture down that way, be sure to say hello to Miss Carla, the store manager. From what she told me, the hair braiding studio next door (the other half of the old Rice) is also unchanged in the rear of the building. Interestingly enough, someone was doing work inside the old Eckerd's next door to the left of the Family Dollar earlier this week. The space has been empty since Eckerd's moved that particular location from Parker to Tidwell in the 90s, now home to the CVS Pharmacy in Northtown's parking lot. Edit to add: Next door to that is the Self Storage USA, former Builder's Square, former Woolco. That one is quite creepy, being inside that old Woolco with its deafeningly quiet interior, and very few lights illuminated within.
  10. Opening Dates/First Movies Shown at Theatres

    Gosh, Firebird, I shudder to think what may have been "Beyond the Door" at the Deauville Twin. One side X-Rated, the other general audiences. You just can't find quality entertainment like that in the here and now. You have neglected the Greens Crossing Cinema, which ended its run around 15 years ago. Its final incarnation was a $1 cinema, but it did run new releases, if memory serves. I can't for the life of me remember the opening, but certainly seems like it was in the early 80's.
  11. If only.... I can offer up nothing helpful, Tiger. Not to sound stuffy, but I've never worked in, nor know any history about the Motor Inns of Houston.
  12. Estrella TV is broadcasting nothing as of today. The transmitter is on, as I'm still receiving a signal from channel 61, but it is black and appears to have ceased broadcast transmission. First the fight with Comcast, resulting in Estrella TV being ditched from the lineup, now the over the air signal is gone with the wind. What is really going on over there at Liberman Broadcasting? Are we witnessing the end of LBI as we know it, right before our very eyes?
  13. KQLC 90.7 Sealy now Christian Pop

    Huh. Well, that's interesting. I wonder if the ministry is leasing it out, or if they are planning on selling it out? Reverend Orrick has been deceased some 15 years now, since even before they flip flopped the then facilities of 107-9 KQLC and Houston Christian Broadcaster's 90-7 KBCP. The Orrick ministry then donated what became 107-9 KBCP to Royal I.S.D., and the only thing the district did with it was to let a big, fat "D" get placed on the license. For the better, anyway. KQQK absolutely obliterated the Sealy co-channel IN SEALY itself. This is why I chuckle every time I think about the knuckleheads applyinv to place that K297BT translator on 300 from Simonton. Idiots. Don't know, Mouse. It's had better days, anyway. I don't see how English language Contemporary Christian pop would fare much better, given KXBJ is there screaming in from the south. 96-9 has decent coverage of that I-10 corridor for a good chunk of distance. It even battles with your lil' KPPC-LP on the east side of SA. Major feather in KSBJ's cap to have gotten that facility from Liberman for a song...
  14. Fox 26 KRIV-TV News Director Bob Morford leaving

    That's interesting, one guy out and one guy in. Did you see that 26 has hired Don Teague's replacement? A guy by the name of Jonathan Martin. Haven't taken the time to look up his background, but Melinda Spaulding introduced him on the 5 o'clock newscast tonight, and he's apparently starting Monday night @ 9.
  15. No Más "La Ranchera" en 1230 KCOH

    La Ranchera is back to only airing on 850 KEYH here in Houston (and 101-7 KNTE over in Bay City) as 1230 has flipped its programming to Spanish language Christian music, sans commercials or DJ chatter, just wall to wall music. It looks like the consummation has occurred and Liberman has relinquished programming control of KCOH to Pueblo de Galilea, LLC as of today. One improvement I've noticed rather quickly is that the audio being fed to KCOH is much better now than it was simulcasting KEYH. Well, congratulations Radio Alel...er, Pueblo de Galilea. Another facility playing Christian music en Español. Even I, as an avid proponent of Spanish language representation in this radio market, am beginning to see that this is becoming just a little bit of overkill at this point.