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  1. Our next best shot at a tower is the 1 Market Square tower. All it takes is 1 company to sign on for 15 floors to make assurances to the developer. The activity in Class A space downtown is pretty good considering.
  2. I can’t see this image... Is there reason to be hopeful?
  3. 403 Westheimer

    The food was not worth a return on my part. Decor was uncomfortable.
  4. TMC|3, Texas Medical Center Research Campus

    TMC will pay for the Helix and charge rent for it. UT doesnt want to allow anyway they will be charged for the helix. Liability concern. Smart to add a layer of protection from them. This is so great for houston.
  5. TMC|3, Texas Medical Center Research Campus

    HOORAY! Maybe UH and Rice could come in for a second phase to make it 6 institutions one day?
  6. East Village at 1201 St. Emanuel

    If you showed me these pictures 5 years ago and said this was in (modern) Eado, I would not believe you.
  7. Westheimer and Kuester (1634 Westheimer)

    This development confuses me. Why would the knock down the older building? But it was only like an 80% demolishion? I need to drive by to see for myself.
  8. I’m sorry, but this is hideous.
  9. Here is my update for this: Confirmed redevelopment of the tire shop. An entity not connected to the lumber yard area is renovating the tire shop for studio/ commercial purposes. Think High First Ward warehouse conversion. This entity is not connected in anyway to the lumber yard. Thanks
  10. 2714 White Oak

    The parking lot already exists and is shared with Fitzgeralds... Not so quick to judge... I doubt they even own that parking lot.
  11. I think that is a great point. Obviously we are used to projects being scaled back, but he has tripled the overall scope of the project from the first look. I think It would be much more difficult to back the entire thing at this scale as he said for 1 tower. Seems like Caydon has been pretty good on their word without significant delays. In Houston, these hot areas seem to create momentum. I think 3 towers plus the parks should be a huge boost to their overall likelihood of success. Now... can we get 3300 Main going as well? They seemed to be here first but still no construction from them. I think they could also benefit from this 'momentum'. In my eyes, this creates a strong center for midtown, moving it away from Gray / Bagby.
  12. 910 Prairie St. Henry Brashear Building

    It could be a real photo, does't mean that is a photo of the space we are talking about...
  13. Kolache Shoppe. Just died and thanked God personally for being so good to me.