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  1. Thank you sir! I didn't think Block 58 would be full residential. Seemed to be suited for office or mixed use office. This makes sense.
  2. CRE - did you think the residential project will be on block 42 or on block 58? Your comment about tearing down the garage made me think perhaps this is 2 separate towers you saw? Both residential?
  3. I’m not sure who said this, but I thought a groundbreaking was 4Q 2018
  4. Mixed-Use Development Coming to 1107 Shepherd

    Sign is still up. Even some images on the fence..
  5. Montrose Mining Company building

    I hope it is not demolished. It’s architecture is important to preserve. These last historic facades are so important to keep.
  6. Sawyer Yards

    Do we know if they are taking A or B? Thanks
  7. For reference - The Dallas Arboretum is their botanical garden. It is a little out East but not too bad. it gets 1,000 people per day... It is amazing and truly beautiful. I bet ours can be just as good or better.
  8. 3300 Main by PM Realty Group: 336-unit high-rise

    They were moving dirt around and had some heavy equipment there
  9. Well said sir. Completely agree.
  10. Broadstone Sawyer Yards

    Bring it on! They usually do a good job, right?
  11. Midtown Sears

    Wheeler and Caroline looks like a pretty significant intersection that is suspended above the freeway... logistics?
  12. HCC Central College Improvements

    I love this idea... City College legitimizes this institution a bit more and sounds traditional.
  13. 509 & 517 Louisiana to be Demolished

    Doesn’t feel good to see those beautiful buildings again. I hope the Lancaster goes the way of those buildings. who even likes this place?