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  1. I'm gonna go ahead and say that I like it. 25-in-total gleaming there will add a lot of dynamism to the skyline.
  2. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    Man, that theoretical downtown to Northwest plot jaunt everyone is planning is bonkers.
  3. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    Eschewing "should", private companies have and will use eminent domain, so this project could and might happen. Also, I like trains.
  4. 40-story High-Rise for Block 98, Behind Hess Tower

    The anarcho-hopscotchers live by different rules.
  5. Camden Conte: 21-Stories x2 (2 Phases) - Downtown

    From the Toyota Center Garage
  6. Marlowe: 20-floors, Downtown Condo Tower

    I went to the record-breaking Harden game last night.
  7. The lot south of Torchy's is ripe for something.
  8. In an adorable (I'm assuming) one-time office building in Timbergrove, they seem to be dumping all the earth dug up from this site.
  9. In support of Twitter1 and their spelunking, I will say I like this glass box.
  10. Richmond Loop Plaza Redevelopment

    In one of the many multiverses that we do not exist in, there is a hotel here and a train that runs by it.
  11. Australian Developer Planning Three High-Rises for Midtown

    St. Joseph's Professional Building and Old Central Bank Building are in midtown. Both are over 10 stories. And of course, 2016 Main must be 26 stories. This is the first high rise in the lull.
  12. Bike Path along Little White Oak Bayou

    I know, I know. Ha. Though, to be fair that span of bike path near the bridge is pretty new.
  13. Bike Path along Little White Oak Bayou

    Next time I run by I'll take a picture of the sign. All I know is that it's signed Ed Emmett.
  14. Bike Path along Little White Oak Bayou

    Yes, I think you're right. I suspected they were on the wrong thread when I posted them. Apologies. Where do they go?