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  1. As I've said many times, it's probably my favorite joint so I'm sharing some new rendering of Pop and Pan on here.
  2. Was that from a Time's op-ed section? Was it a Brooks or Douthat suggesting Chicago was better when people rode to the opera in carriages and the proles had to go on foot so they couldn't catch the horses?
  3. I lived in container apartments in Huntsville. There were three different containers and the front and back walls were all glass. Here that all glass view is covered with plywood.
  4. Well, it seems like there are a large number of "plausible" looking towers proposed for midtown. They range from 100 feet to almost 700 feet. They have offices and residential. Some more and some less serious. I hope to see them all pop up.
  5. Yeah and Paul George is driving a U Haul to Houston right now.
  6. Look at all that green space. I'm being facetious.
  7. There's a lot of interesting comments and great pictures on this thread, but every time I see someone remark on this my first thought is "is the glass box getting taller!"
  8. Went to see a talk on Mathematics & Language in the brain at Baylor College. And took a few snaps. From about a week ago.
  9. As I was driving down 610 it occurred to me that the overhaul which would suit Uptown most (other than a damned train) is turning the malls into street grids. ...also, I want to raise the flag...
  10. Drove by not too long ago and was struck by how deep it is. It's quite a sight.
  11. I'm so excited for this!
  12. Hey, architects & engineers! Why not put a reflective glass of similar hue over the panels? Problem solved?
  13. I grew up in Pasadena. Totally the Blade Runner mise-en-scene down there.
  14. I jog by a lot (and eat at the restaurants around it) and it seems like it'll be very handsome in the end. And pricey.
  15. Well, certainly, it's changing right now. Just comparatively very slowly. Sorry for all the adverbs.