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  1. This forum worried so much about it looking awful, that it forgot to worry about it looking out of place.
  2. 3300 Main by PM Realty Group: 336-unit high-rise

    It's like they're raking a giant zen garden
  3. Chase Bank on W 19th for Sale

    It must have been those two bungalows I saw being torn down.
  4. Chase Bank on W 19th for Sale

    Yeah, so my understanding was Angostura's understanding: that the SE corner (the one fence off) will be the site of the new Chase building, and the big brown brick building will be sold off. There's a pavilion on the north side of that east block (I think of them as two blocks) that might have an ATM, I've never checked. That Chase building and corresponding parking lot is huge.
  5. Chase Bank on W 19th for Sale

    So, as I mentioned in the Midrise/waterworks building thread, Chase Bank took out the ATMs at the drive through ATM spot on the eastern block last week. Today I drove by and saw that the southern two-thirds of the east block where the ATMs sit are fenced off and they are currently demolishing things.
  6. This one is surprisingly imposing in person I think.
  7. Certainly the charm is attenuated, atomized (west of Ashland). There are still a few cool buildings west of there. I kind of hope this apartment adds toward the urban vibe. Though I was really disappointed to see the sea of parking they had planned in front of the water works buildings.
  8. There's a few in the area. There's one in the Bank, a walk up. I think there's one on eleventh in front of Republic Diner. But, yeah I think they've been totally removed.
  9. I'd like also to note that the chase bank lot directly east of the Chase building and south of the apartment building going up, now doesn't have any drive through ATMs.
  10. Spaceport Houston

    I'm not aerospace engineer, but I figure a horizontal takeoff and landing spaceplane really needs a control tower. I'm sorry I'm on this control tower, but it's there and it's big.
  11. Spaceport Houston

    The air traffic control tower is going up there.
  12. Midtown Sears to Become Houston's Innovation District

    All I know from occasionally driving on Old Galveston Road is that they are building that massive new air control tower at Ellington Field.
  13. I'm under the impression the short one is the hotel, and the tall one is the residences, full stop.
  14. Plan Downtown the next 20 years

    During Harvey, the 11th Street Bridge didn't so much become a dam. I know, I was there. I'm not fully sure how high it should get.
  15. Houston: Potential

    I love the potential page.