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  1. I don't know about the park delays but the building seems to be going in phases. The only side not pictured is the Travis street side. Most of the focus appears to have been on that side for the last 2-3 weeks.
  2. I'm going out on a limb here but guessing this property will now offer Amazon lockers.
  3. Mods, @Urbannizer or who ever else, can we have the discussion from the previous pages moved to more appropriate forums? Perhaps a portion into a transportation forum and the other into downtown restaurant sub forum?
  4. wow, every time I come to this forum it gets better!
  5. They have Royal Blue grocery stores in Austin. Would be a great add if correct.
  6. I for one agree with Houston19514. I mean look at how poorly Moonshiner's, Bovine and Barley, Springbok, and The Flying Saucer have done at serving customers on the sidewalk. You never see patrons on those patios because the homeless are all over them! Then you have this placed called Conservatory claiming to be a underground food hall. How truly horrific. That's only 3-4 blocks of Main!! This is sarcasm btw, I think Houston19514 could not be more wrong about his assertion regarding sidewalk eating. For Mothers Day we took mom out to Botanga and the place was packed. Market Square and Main was overrun not by homeless but by people out and about enjoying Sunday and Mothers day.
  7. Curious, where exactly do you go? Just over 610, Beltway, Fred Hartman, or is there a better view elsewhere?
  8. I love this development. My only hope is we continue to get projects like this along Allen Parkway and Memorial. Pending of course this does in fact come to fruition. The track of land at Montrose and Allen is another prime site for this caliber of development. Additionally the Regent square tract which of course is a pending project. Taller buildings from Shepard all the way Downtown would be quite the skyline in of it self. The property at the corner of Shepard and Allen specifically I believe has lots of potential. The buildings at that corner appear to be in disrepair or not really in use. Lots of disposable income right down the street.
  9. Driving by this I spotted a coming soon sign in the retail spot at the bottom of the garage. All I could make out was "café." Does anyone else have any additional details?
  10. You always put the weights backs when your done.
  11. I guess the crane is coming down? It looks like the weather might be affecting this.
  12. It appears Travis will be closed this weekend.
  13. With the residential that has developed along W. Dallas the 5 AC site is perfect for a residential tower. It would be a natural continuation and have park views.
  14. Yep, two actually. One restaurant and one kiosk.