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  1. Man you are really trying. Are you telling me that marketing brochures and websites would never ever aggrandize amenities/features? Please This is one of if not the priciest addresses downtown. If it didn’t include at least a private sidewalk called a private park to walk someone’s shih tzu i’d be shocked. You can keep going on and on but I just called you out on saying this was anti urban even though the most urban cities in the work have similar features end of story.
  2. So some of the most of the urban cities in the world have private parks? Awesome, it sounds like we are finally getting there! Though I hold my ground this is more like a courtyard, lol.
  3. Camden McGowen Station + New Park (Midtown Superblock)

  4. I would say this is more like a private courtyard, lol. It sounds like it will also serve the food hall. You ever heard of Gramercy Park? That is a fenced in private park in the northeast's most urban city with other parks/plazas all around it.
  5. Six Houston Center

    Not to be critical but this is factually incorrect. BG Place 2011 46 Stories 609 Main 2017 48 Stories. The truer statement would be nothing over 50 Stories has been built in some time. Some, many years ago, would have said we would never see residential towers be built in downtown again.... By my count we have 5 new towers, one conversion, and 2-3 in the pipeline. The super-tall will come its just a matter of when. Who knows maybe Hines has one last gift for us on the chronicle site?
  6. TMC|3, Texas Medical Center Research Campus

    You missed Houston19514's entire point. Everything you mentioned is great but unless it's an exact replacement for what was pushed away it is a net loss. You can spin it which every way you want but the shortsightedness of some in this city pushed away what could have been another gem in our city's crown. Just as an example. " Mr Bezos on top of all the great universities and institutions we already have the state's flagship university is building out a multidisciplinary campus to work closely with employers in the area to better prepare professionals for today's workplace. On top of that they will be adding to our city's already expansive research capabilities. " As I said in my last post I am very glad to hear UT is heavily involved here. Any investment they bring to Houston is welcomed in my book.
  7. TMC|3, Texas Medical Center Research Campus

    I would not say failed more like pushed away by politicians with horse blinders on but I digress. It is great news that UT is heavily involved!
  8. East Village at 1201 St. Emanuel

    I’m not saying you have to be a sunshine pumpers but geez. Calling this pesamistic would be offensive to pessimist. If ,and it’s a big if, the park happens it will only add to the area not kill it. Once an area is determined to be a entertainment area (by community not developers) it’s not just gonna die. If current business’ don’t make it others will come in.
  9. The Post Oak: 36-Story High-Rise & Conference Center

    That staircase is pretty impressive!
  10. 708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    I was under the impression this was a restoration project. This looks like they are simply building out a hall. Anyone found renderings of the inside?
  11. Amazon HQ2

    Amazon has made it a point to innovate. What if for their employees living downtown they offer a taxi service from the docks at Allen's Landing to the KBR site. Talk about alternative transportation! On top of that, guess where that drops you off at?? Along the rail line! An employee could live anywhere along the light rail and just get off on the last stop in DT and then board the water taxi service! I know this is a pipe dream. But where there is a will there is a way!
  12. Amazon HQ2

    Regardless of exact Houston location how does the port play into this? Don't we have two massive amazon distribution centers in town? Anyone know when they are set to announce winner?
  13. Camden McGowen Station + New Park (Midtown Superblock)

    The park is open! The park is open!! There were already people in the dog park and a camp gladiator set up! Not sure about this last pic though, lol. It just keeps posting by itself.
  14. Parking Garage to be built next to the Le Meridian

    anyone able to find renderings on this?
  15. Methodist Hospital North Campus Expansion, 22-floors

    Is that 7 cranes in this picture? If so , what are all the projects?