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  1. Yep, two actually. One restaurant and one kiosk.
  2. From 609
  3. Historic garage...because it's been under construction for so long
  4. From 609
  5. Sun setting on tower from 609 More of Rice and Chronicle in second pic
  6. From 609 Main...trough dirty windows lol
  7. views from near the top
  8. Sorry for the quality but some pics from the 44th floor of 609 Main
  9. What is amazing is there are 5 new buildings in that picture. 1. 500 Crawford 2. Catalyst 3. 609 Main 4. Aris at Market Square 5. Market Square Tower Can someone dig up a before picture?
  10. With the freeway revamp a go the Astros will loose some serious parking. Half of their season ticket holder parking? Also some parking lots below 59 that are used for games. What is the solution? 1. Nothing, let people figure it out 2. Surface lots on all of the lots north of the stadium 3. Another parking garage I have no insight here. Just asking about what will be an issue. Does anyone have an insight into what the ball club is thinking?
  11. Correct, protected building at this point. The freeway will have to adjust to it, not the other way around.
  12. You beat me to it. Thank you.