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  1. Uptown Park Renovations

    A new rendering of Uptown Park from Houston Chronicle: More renderings here and here.
  2. Uptown Park Renovations

    Houston Chronicle reports on the Uptown Park renovations in Uptown: Uptown Park, the Italianate shopping district abut a mile north of the Galleria, represented an innovation in retail development when it opened in 2000. The original developer called it a “lifestyle experience” where shoppers could stroll along hand-paved walkways between boutiques and cafes, taking in the architectural elements of old-world Europe: brightly colored window boxes, Italian urns and stone columns. But as today’s high-end shoppers seek a more authentic aesthetic, the newest owner of Uptown Park is giving the property a modern-day makeover. Construction fences surround the first batch of buildings being updated with cleaner, more modern storefronts. Over the next several months, the center will be getting more outdoor seating and fresh landscaping, offering shade and a feeling of shelter or inclusion that’s been shown to encourage shoppers to stick around longer. “Our goal is to get you to come there 3½ times a week and to stay there 90 minutes each time,” said managing director Tom Kiler of Edens, which took over the project in 2015. ...New retailers will open there this fall when much of the work will be completed. Ideally, Kiler said, the center will have new restaurants, more home and apparel retailers and perhaps a small market with freshly prepared foods. An entertainment concept with a music theme is also under consideration. Many existing tenants, Kiler said, do well and have strong followings, but because they are separated in individual buildings broken up by parking lots, they don’t benefit from the additional activity that can come from proximity. More on the renovations in the forum here.
  3. 2805 White Oak Dr

    From The Heights Life on the parking garage planned between Christian's Tailgate and Tacos A Go Go for the 2805 White Oak Dr development: An update on this project. I happened to run into a local business owner/investor yesterday. This person offered some insight regarding questions about this project. This property, from Public House Heights west to the minimart, was sold to a Chicago developer. The strip mall pictured here will go where the parking lot across from Barnaby’s is because they are, indeed, planning to build a parking garage: a 7-8 story, 350 car garage where the small covered parking area between where Christians and tacos a go go currently sits. According to this source, they have not been permitted yet. If you live in the area, you might consider calling the city and organizing your neighbors. We definitely need some parking garages, but seven stories is a little much for this spot, don’t you think?
  4. Mid Main — Mixed-Use Development for Midtown (3600 Main)

    Photos of Kula Revolving Sushi Bar in Mid Main in Houston, 3510 Main St, Ste A. From Yelp
  5. 2044 East T.C. Jester

    Tea & Victory, a board game cafe is opening next to King's Bierhaus at 2044 E TC Jester. From Facebook last month: From Facebook yesterday:
  6. 2044 East T.C. Jester

    Rendering of Egghaus Gourmet 2044 East T.C. Jester. From Houston Chronicle
  7. 2044 East T.C. Jester

    Egghaus Gourmet opening at 2044 E T.C. Jester. From Houston Chronicle: The owners of the popular King's BierHaus in Houston and King's Biergarten in Pearland are on an expansion streak with plans to open a fast-casual breakfast concept called Egghaus Gourmet. Although the opening date has not been announced, the father-and-son team of Hans and Philipp Sitter, owners of the King's brand, already have secured the Egghaus space, 2042 E. T.C. Jester, next to their rollicking BierHaus at 2044 E. T.C. Jester. Egghaus will serve gourmet kolaches, breakfast tacos and breakfast sandwiches. The Sitters decided to branch out with a breakfast concept following the success of their kolache pop-ups at both the Biergarten and BierHaus. "We wanted to bridge the gap between the concepts of 'fast' and 'quality' when it comes to breakfast by developing an experience that is equal parts prompt in service and elevated in flavor," Philipp Sitter said. "Egghaus will allow guests to get the utmost in quality of ingredients without having to wait around all morning to get their food. Dishes at Egghaus will be made from scratch with cage free eggs — just like our kolaches."
  8. 2044 East T.C. Jester

  9. East Village at 1201 St. Emanuel

    Exterior of Rodeo Goat in Houston at East Village, 2118 Lamar St. From Instagram:
  10. Capitol Lofts @ 711 Main St

    The Springbok before at 711 Main in downtown Houston Photo Yelp The Springbok rebrand to BirdDog Saint and renovations at 711 Main in downtown Houston: From Instagram
  11. Henry Henke Building @ Congress and Milam

    From Swamplot yesterday: ow on its way to the former Fusion Taco space shown shaded by trees and orange awnings next to Barnaby’s in the photo at top: Sapporo Japanese Sushi & Bar. The restaurant’s spot in the Henry Henke Building on the corner of Congress and Milam — across from Market Square Park.
  12. East Village at 1201 St. Emanuel

    Before pictures of True Anomaly Brewing at East Village in Houston. From Facebook A few before pics of our gorgeous warehouse! Demo is starting soon so we had to soak it in.
  13. East Village at 1201 St. Emanuel

    Truck Yard is an eyesore. Fun place but not the right fit for East Village. It looks out of place and hideous.
  14. East Village at 1201 St. Emanuel

    Progress pictures of Truck Yard in Houston at East Village. Location 2118 Lamar St. Photos from Facebook.