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  1. I overlooked Houston Chronicle's article on Canino's Produce Co Farmer's Market on Airline. I guess all the local media received an embargoed press release about this. Over the next three years, the new owners of the farmers market on Airline Drive plan to transform the property into a "destination retail experience," one where fishmongers, dairy makers and bakers operate in air-conditioned buildings alongside an open-air pavilion where merchants will sell fresh produce. The space surrounding the buildings - now a jumbled mess of pockmarked parking areas and heavy truck traffic - will be reorganized and made a safer place for pedestrians. Dozens of trees will be added, and a central lawn could host community events like chef demonstrations and wine tastings. The company that bought the farmers market earlier this year is beginning to execute its vision. The group on Thursday will formally unveil its plans, created with the help of a large team of architects, engineers and consultants, including Houston chef and James Beard award-winner Chris Shepherd. The new owners and their consultants say the intent is not to strip the market of its authenticity or ignore its long history in the community, but to improve its offerings and make it a better, safer place for people to visit. More on Houston Chronicle:
  2. It does look that way. I like change and this can be good, but in the back of my mind I see this will be the downfall of inexpensive produce and the charm that's part of Canino's. It will be interesting to see how this farmer's market and food hall will compare to the Heights Market going in on Old Katy Road.
  3. Renderings of the changes coming to Canino Produce Co. farmers market at 2520 Airline Dr from CultureMap: Site plan An aerial view of the transformed Farmers' Market A view from the entrance. The park will give the facility a green space. A pavilion will host performances and chef demonstrations.
  4. Updated news of what's in store for Canino Produce Co. farmers market at 2520 Airline Dr from CultureMap: An ambitious plan is taking shape that will convert a charmingly shabby produce market into a comprehensive destination for food-obsessed locals and visitors. MLB Capital Partners, a local commercial real estate investment company, has announced its vision for the future of the Houston Farmers’ Market that it purchased earlier this year. Better known as the Canino’s Market after its primary tenant, Canino Produce Co, the almost 18-acre tract on Airline near 610 will be transformed into a facility that provides a “destination retail experience offering more diversified products, renovated facilities and community programming,” according to a press release. MLB founding partner Todd Mason tells CultureMap that he first developed an interest in the market back in 2004 or 2005 but became more serious about developing a vision and completing the transaction over the last year-and-a-half. The goal is to renovate the market in a way that preserves the quality Mason describes as its "edginess" while improving the property's comfort and usability by, for example, separating consumer and retail traffic so that patrons don't have to dodge trucks and forklifts while they're shopping. Other highlights: Slated to take place over three years, the changes include adding air conditioning to both warehouses, building an outdoor market in the middle of the property, improving parking and mobility, and creating dedicated green spaces that “will serve as a setting for community programming, such as chef demonstrations, wine tastings, local entertainment, and more.” All in, Mason estimates the facility will add between 50 and 60,000 square feet of retail space at a total cost of between $8 and $10 million. The goal is to develop a facility like Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market or the Pike Place Market in Seattle that brings together food purveyors such as butchers, bakers, and fishmongers, with additional retail vendors and places to eat and drink. To help them achieve that goal, MLB has tapped James Beard Award-winning chef Chris Shepherd and his business partner Kevin Floyd to serve as food and beverage consultants for the project. Other participants in the project include landscape architecture firm Clark Condon Associates, Studio RED Architects, Houston-based consulting firm Gunda Corporation, and Arch-Con Construction. Together, they have developed and will implement the plan. To add a layer of complexity, the renovations will take place while the market is operating.
  5. Looped In, Houston Chronicle's podcast speaks with Todd Mason of MLB Capital Partners about the changes coming to Canino Produce Co. farmers market at 2520 Airline Dr
  6. Canino Produce Co, a farmers market at 2520 Airline Dr in the Heights area could be upgraded. From Houston Chronicle in May: The farmers market on Airline isn't the kind of place where you'll find duck eggs, artisan cheeses or an array of exotic mushrooms for aspiring home chefs. The decades-old collection of vendors spread over some 18 acres in the northern Heights area has been a mainstay for more traditional produce, along with such Mexican staples as hibiscus flowers, nopales and hot sauces. But a deal in the works to sell the operation could set in motion plans to expand the market, not only upgrading the existing facilities and parking but also adding more food services and attractions to engage the community, the prospective buyers said. Mason sees the property becoming a local tourist attraction where families from around the area would visit and spend a few hours there. He envisions there being culinary events and live music on weekends. The sale has not yet closed and details are limited, but initial plans call for cleaning up the well-worn property, improving the bathrooms and the parking area. From a tenant perspective, little is expected to change within the first year, Mason said. New buildings could come later. More here: Photo from Houston Chronicle
  7. Finished exterior pictures from Braun Enterprise of Texas Children's Pediatrics, Texas Children's Urgent Care, and Bernie's Burger Bus at 2200 Yale
  8. Yes! Has there been hold ups? Shouldn't this be further along?
  9. Here's the Facebook for Heights Swim Club
  10. Another picture of Chubbie's storefront
  11. It's nice but it would be nicer if this included more floors. Does anyone know how many mid-rises Midtown has in comparison to hi-rises (open or planned)?
  12. Has anyone found proof this will become a tower? Are there renderings?
  13. Ugh not every thing belongs in Going Up and this is one of them. Going Up includes skyscrapers, hi-rises, schools, mixed-uses, and large constructions. I'm convinced people post things in this forum that don't belong so their posts can be seen. Mods please move this to the West Loop Galleria forum @Urbannizer @Triton I take it OP is also the person of this post If not, why is it everything shared here is taken from this forum without acknowledgement?
  14. And didn't include a conceptual rendering to the article. This is why I tell people to include HAIF, Swamplot, and Offcite to their local news diet too.