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  1. Woah.. I dig the mural/sacred geometry. Im glad they are doing something to spruce this place up while they wait for the green light for the tower.
  2. Geez, Hess Tower is getting a banner too? They were putting one up on the Hilton when I was walking around there on Wednesday..
  3. Now they'll just be showcasing Ric Campos parking lot for his next development..
  4. Haha, yep.. thats the one! To be honest, I had no idea it rained that much/there was flooding when I posted that. I was driving into the city after I made that post and found out about the rain/flooding from the highway notification signs saying that 288 was shut down/flooded. Oops.. But like hindesky mentioned in the convention center thread, you would think that the stage/grass area on top of the cistern would make for a nice, flood free alternative site. Ah well..
  5. Nice! I just clicked the website and noticed they've updated the page to show performances every day of the festivities.. I was wondering if thurs/fri/sat would be the only shows. A guy I grew up with will be performing on Friday.
  6. Yeah, but a parking lot.. really? I could see that for the 2004 super bowl, but I thought we were finally starting to shed our parking lot identity.. Tinsley Park/Buffalo Bayou would of been a great spot with a nice backdrop.
  7. So do we know how many stories this is now? No way it will be 28 stories if it's 234' tall.
  8. I agree, a CityTarget would do very well. I would much rather it be in the ground floor(s) of an office/residential tower downtown than be located in midtown. Maybe I'm not rich enough, but I don't consider target to be a "low end retailer". My previous comment was in response to the suggestions of Ross/Marshalls types of discount stores in downtown.
  9. I may be ignorant on the matter, but I don't see low end stores working for downtown. Unless you're catering to the homeless population, like Main Street Market, I don't see the clientele for low end retail being in downtown. All those new apartment buildings have rents starting at like $1500 for a studio. I'm not saying everything needs to be upscale luxury, but I just have a hard time seeing very much low end retail working in downtown. Especially given the rents/profit margins needed to make money.
  10. "Checked the pool area"..? Do they let the general public wander around inside/go up to the pool deck?
  11. Hmm.. I didn't notice it originally (I usually check HAIF on my phone), but I see it in the close up. Weird.. I wonder how/why it would already be showing signs of wear?
  12. Where do you see that? I see the anti-skateboarder bump things to keep skaters from grinding on the bench/tearing them up, but no worn through places..
  13. Grupo Posadas/Live Aqua is different than Dream Hotels. They just hired Debut Hotel Group to manage their properties. I would say it would be two separate hotels. The joint venture explains the dual branded 80+ story Live Aqua/Dream Hotel tower proposal for Chicago. Though no work has been done on the site, and last I heard, the Las Vegas developer who owned the site that the tower was supposed to be built on was facing foreclosure/bankruptcy and a lawsuit? Im not sure if there was ever a resolution, but that doesn't seem too promising.
  14. Haha, that was my first though too.. I dig the bench. Everything is coming together.. ChannelTwo, did you happen to walk by the lake and see if they were working on repairs?
  15. Thats true.. I guess it would of had to of been a pretty deep freeze to go that deep into the ground. The water above it serves as a decent insulator too I'm sure, just interesting timing. Good point about the garage.. hopefully they can get this fixed quickly. I haven't been back since those pictures, but it would be interesting to see what the site/repairs look like. A few hundred million? I assume you're just talking about the $300+ million hotel? The construction costs of the developments around DG are well over a billion dollars.