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  1. AT&T Building

    I noticed that too when I was passing by a week or two ago when the crane was there removing the antenna on the roof. Kind of like how the old Chronicle building had one segment built over the old theater.
  2. Oh wow, I assumed it was just perspective, but the floors don’t look like they go much higher than Calpine Center’s 33 floors (451’). I wonder if they’re trying to be more “courteous”, with respect to imposing on Market Square, or just a more realistic view of the downtown office rental market?
  3. I never realized that the protrusion/set back on the side wrapped around the back portion of the tower.
  4. Thats awesome. I count ~16 floors in urbannizers post, and about 10 of them are shorter parking garage levels, so this should have a decent presence for being only 35 stories.
  5. Discovery Green

    Haha, I know right? Though it is a convention hotel.. The issue isn't so much that kids are there. That's to be expected.. the problem is all the terrible parents these days who don't punish their kids or teach them how to behave properly, so you end up with a bunch of kids yelling and screaming as they're running across the podium causing a ruckus, because the parents don't want to be bothered or deal with them while they're sipping their mixed drinks over in a cabana.. I've read multiple reviews talking about the problem with kids being loud and obnoxious on the pool deck.
  6. The Post Oak: 36-Story High-Rise & Conference Center

    That area where they look to be shoring up the bank of the bayou? I noticed that too. Maybe just trying to fix an erosion problem?
  7. welcome my dear HAIF, to the NEW TEXAS!

    Im all for the school spirit/enthusiasm, but I cant help but think the UT locker room looks oddly familiar to another in state locker room.. The big state schools seem to prefer the flashy lights and video boards.
  8. Discovery Green

    Thats what I'm afraid of.. with all of the local press coverage of the pool, and the lack of a ton of other staycation options in Houston, it seems like kids running wild around the pool deck will unfortunately be the norm. That's a big reason why we didn't go this summer and have been holding off until sometime after school starts back up. Hopefully it won't be quite as bad then.
  9. 1717 Bissonnet - Ashby highrise.

    Haha, the developer waits just long enough that the neighborhood calms down and thinks the project is dead, then sends out a random construction crew to play mind games and increase the anxiety of the homeowners..
  10. Melrose Building to be Redeveloped into a Le Meridien

    Seriously.. that is amazing. Hard to believe that an old, seemingly forgotten office building could turn into this. It looks like a brand new building with that lighting scheme!
  11. Discovery Green

    Mark me down for someone else trying to (finally) plan a staycation at the Marquis. Just a matter of coordinating a weekend between mine and my girlfriends schedules, and avoiding any busy holiday weekends (i.e. Labor Day) when a bunch of families might be there with little kids running and screaming all over the pool deck. Hopefully we get to experience the Marquis soon enough.. I guess they're finally doing a more permanent fix to the concrete uplifting problem that I posted pictures of back before the Super Bowl? I wonder how long the repairs will take..
  12. Melrose Building to be Redeveloped into a Le Meridien

    Whoa! The building looks amazing with that lighting. I presume they will do the same in the southern facing recesses? And yeah, hopefully black out curtains suffice/they don't get too many complaints from guests. The original renderings showed a vertical Le Meridien sign on the southeastern corner.. are there any signs of that?
  13. East River - KBR Site Puchased by Midway

    Milby Street sounds familiar. I've been meaning to drive by and try to catch a glimpse of the turntable, but every time I'm in the area I forget.. Thanks for the video! Those rail cars seemed to have been sitting there for so long that I was starting to come up with ideas for how to incorporate them into a new development/repurposing of that warehouse at the end of the spur.. Haha. If they were to do an artist oriented development at the warehouse that the spur dead ends into (on the south side of the bayou across from KBR), kind of like the Silos on Sawyer development, some old rail cars on the abandoned tracks could make for a unique industrial vibe that houses individual art gallery/installation space, as a throw back to the sites former industrial heritage.
  14. East River - KBR Site Puchased by Midway

    Yeah, I like alternate 1 the best, due to the downtown connectivity and the loop down Clinton. Is the railroad museum at that old rail round table thing? I had been wondering about those random rail cars on the spur.