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  1. Uhhh... I'm not sure what to make of this. Those are filings for actual buildings, not cell towers, and they were just submitted 2 days ago. Construction timeline puts both towers as being built simultaneously over the course of 4 years and 10 months time..
  2. I still wish they would have gone with the original design for this building, but this design isn't turning out bad at all..
  3. Ugh.. I'm jealous of all you members of the museum. I have a feeling it's going to be packed tomorrow. Yeah its awesome that both of the Pipilotti Rist installations are now part of the permanent collection. They will go great with the Kusama infinity room, that the museum bought before the exhibit last summer, over in the new Kinder building.
  4. As a HAIFer/urban development aficionado, I like the height, but everything else always seemed wrong. If it was a block north and the tower was on the north side of the block, fronting Westheimer, with a garage wrapped in townhouses, it would be a lot better IMO.
  5. Haha. Sadly, that's not even exclusively to the suburbs in Houston. Unfortunately the walled off/fenced nonsense is as close in as Midtown.. "Let's build a bunch of townhouses in the inner city.. while we're at it, let's throw a fence around the whole site!" edited to say I totally understand why Hines is doing that. This would be a great nook for homeless to set up camp. Until the city gets more serious about the homeless issue in Houston, expect to keep seeing this in high end residential projects.
  6. I don't see why they would go through the effort of constructing the cinderblock walls if they didn't plan on putting a gate there. Maybe Amashgo can chime in, but I would say they're going to fill in the gap with a keypad gate type set up. Otherwise, the wall is just one more place for homeless people to make shelter behind, and would unnecessarily confine the already small space.
  7. Its a small space with cinderblock walls (bricked over) along Main Street with 3 openings that I presume will house metalwork fencing and a gate. Unfortunately with the homeless problem downtown, they probably had to do this to keep the riff raff out.
  8. I agree that the "welcome" could have been worded better. You'll have to forgive us. We tend to put Gerald up on a pedestal (as we should) for all of his great contributions to the development of our city. Admittedly, that claim does come off as a pretty silly, given that like I mentioned previously, while Hines was developing the Galleria in Uptown, they were also developing their first skyscraper in downtown. The Trasnco era would make even less sense for that claim. It could very well have been the Greenway Plaza guy though.. Yes, on the 50th/51st floors if I'm not mistaken. Been a few years since I've been in their office. But their southwest regional HQ is in 609 Main (they moved over from BG Group Place). At any rate, I'm not sure where the HQ is located really matters given the huge investments Hines has made in both downtown and uptown. To tie this discussion in with this thread topic, here is a picture I took the other day looking across the Chronicle site. *Something of note - Every building in this picture, with the exception of Jones Hall at the bottom, was developed by Hines.
  9. 1-3 tenants in/about to be in the market... looking to relocate from other downtown buildings?
  10. Dont you say that! Haha.. admittedly that mixed use development seemed really ambitious, but it seems like the developers behind the project were serious about it, given their submission of the plat, trying to work with the neighborhood association to address any issues, requesting abandonment with the city, and what not.
  11. I was just wondering about that development yesterday.. Has the Museum District Neighborhood Association(?) said anything further on plans for the development/abandoning Palm Street? fullsizeoutput_74a by Justin Anderson, on Flickr
  12. Ah. I thought it had already happened when I stumbled across the set up yesterday. The new garage below the Glassell.
  13. "Wrapped into The Huntington development fold"? So the owners of the Huntington bought this and plan to develop this into an additional component to go with their residential tower?
  14. I would be curious to see where Gerald said that.. Hines was building the 50 story One Shell Plaza in downtown at the same time as the Galleria.
  15. Haha.. I saw the back of one of the cranes at the hotel/residential tower barely peeking out behind the new Children's tower when I uploaded the picture to my computer, but I didn't figure that was obvious enough for most people to notice, so I didn't mention it. Good eye!