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  1. Yep. Hopefully they're just leaving a blank slate so that when the tower is built, they can cover it in a matching facade.
  2. When I read the title I wasn't expecting much, but that's a great design.
  3. I've been wondering that too. Downtown views versus sun..
  4. Like the catalyst tower, the garage is wrapped in apartments.
  5. If you didn't know what was there before, you probably don't think much of this new addition. It certainly blends well with the bookend buildings on either side. It's a shame the school didn't keep up with the old building enough to prevent it from falling into disrepair, but that time has come and gone..
  6. I wonder if it's time to take a cue from our neighbors to the north and consider converting one of these older office buildings into a different use..
  7. Haha, this reminded me of that proposed skyscraper in Dubai from like 10 years ago, called the Pentomimium. Well over 100 stories, and since the plan was for every floor to be one residential unit, they tried advertising it as every floor being a "penthouse". if 14 penthouses isn't enough to kill the allure, surely 100+ penthouses would..
  8. Noticed what?
  9. Buds BBQ "pop up"? So they haven't finished the actual restaurant? I tried to go there for lunch last Monday but apparently none of the places had opened yet since it was before the LIVE event had started for the day.
  10. Im sure it was. There is way more going on in downtown now than back in 2004 when it was really just some stuff on Main Street.
  11. I saw a big model depicting the tower and surrounding buildings in an architects office last week and was wondering if the project was moving forward. I don't remember what the height was originally supposed to be, but it was a decent bit taller than everything around it. Could be the 3rd tallest building in The Woodlands?
  12. Yeah, I took some pictures of the recessed "creased" lighting last week, but even that isn't very bright. I hoped/figured they would back the rest of the crown/fins with LEDs, so maybe it will look better once that's done. I just hope they can turn up the brightness.. so far they look more like a dim glow than bright colorful accent lighting.
  13. Wow. Hopefully not very many out of town guests saw that/thought it was the final product. I do have high hopes for the park though once it's completed. I am looking forward to seeing how the "bayou" water feature turns out.
  14. Dude, give it a rest. We get it.. You're upset that you left early and couldn't get back in to see ZZ Top. If you'd ever been to any previous secured events at Discovery Green, you would have known that the park can reach capacity and they start turning people away once it's full.. maybe next time you won't make the poor decision of leaving the park early, and then try to go back in later in the evening on the biggest day of the biggest festival the park has ever hosted. Or you won't, and will continue to accuse the park/city/fire department of being prude because they wouldn't accommodate your schedule.
  15. The lighting doesn't seem nearly as bright as I had hoped, but other then that it's not terrible. It could of been cool if they had LEDs along the angles/edges though.