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  1. I'm very srs rite now; did Randall have a seizure when designing this thing and all his employees just went with it because they're used to his style now? Still trying to figure out the window pattern
  2. I will take all of the above if they continue the cycle of stupid names. It's almost comica at this point. I hope it's called Revalations so I can go to Redemption Square and say to my friends, "Hey wanna check out Revelations? It's just around the corner!"
  3. I missed with it slightly
  4. Well I'd hate to see us belittle an orangutan here too
  5. I may have sounded salty in my drunken rants but it was out of love <3
  6. Fair enough, I'd like to see this kind of dialogue continue, and I apologize for my uncouth behavior. I will add this so that everyone can see it; these as redirects were happening on other sites I use as well. Users of those sites also experienced the same thing so I'm assuming HAIF and those sites use similar advertising software that went haywire last week.
  7. Is there an alternative for iPhone?
  8. I can deal with the ads that pop up and give the "close ad to proceed to page" thing even tho it's annoying as hell, but that, on top of the ad that doesn't disappear at the bottom of the page, and these redirects are so weird. I love this forum and the community, but let's be honest here, it's not particularly big. It's odd that the change in leadership has decided to profit as much as possible off a small user base. Are they trying to get as much profit as possible before a majority of the users leave, or did they just not have a great plan in place when they took over? I dealt with this for awhile, and I've only been posting here for a few years, but one would think that there'd be more transparency from the ownership on what's going on with the site and their plans for its future than spamming its user base with ads. At least Moderator used to interact with the users here.
  9. lol ok Edit; that's a post from awhile ago, but the "isn't unstable on mobile" is hilarious. Ever since TheSwitch, the site feels like a nostalgia trip to DialUp level speeds.
  10. I miss Moderator
  11. Idc if the mods delete this, I've mentioned this so many times and I'm told constantly by the HaifCares account that it's fixed. It is, but it's only for a month or two. New Ownership can you please stop making people want to leave this site? And while I'm on my rant, make the mobile site useable. It's awful.
  12. It took me 5 tries to post this. Im getting redirected on every haif page. This is not the first time and it's just ridiculous that this is what this site has become. Pathetic.
  13. IDK HOW THIS ENDED UP IN THE WRONG THREAD but it was supposed to be in the Rusk demo, but because of the stupid spam ads on this site it messed up. Just gonna point out that this only only happened once the site was taken over by new ownership. Guess it has something to do with that new Houston "Covering Katy/Cypress/etc blog that received its own sub in the various forums. Would be very strange if there was a connection since that was never disclosed to its users, but if they're gonna allow these kind of pathetic ad redirects continue I shouldn't be surprised. Haif sold out.