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  1. If you haven’t found it yet then no
  2. Ads are Back! Again!

    Lol really? Buy the site then just disappear before spamming neighborhood forums with a new local blog? Sounds suspect to me
  3. Ads are Back! Again!

    So those were a nice couple of days without them but seeing as how this is the best way to get the admin’s attention I’ll just leave this post here
  4. Please fix the Ads

    This site is unusable with these pop ups and it’s amazing how many times this happens. It’s driving people away from the site
  5. Capitol Tower by Skanska, formerly Houston Club Building

    Anyone else getting adredirects on mobile? Making the site unusable...again (for the upmteenth time)
  6. Developments on the Rice University Campus

    Yay the ad redirects are back again!
  7. Post Office Site Mixed-Use Redevelopment

    I think it’s weird that the argument is one or the other; maybe mass transit hasn’t eliminated traffic, but I’m sure it’s alleviated traffic.
  8. Post Office Site Mixed-Use Redevelopment

    Lmao where are you riding commuter trains? India?
  9. GreenStreet Redevelopment + 21-Story Hotel Alessandra

    I would think they’d be much happier if all of the proposed Dallas Street Retail projects went through
  10. New Mixed-Use Project - Texas Instrument Facility Site

    I believe they also have to do some soil remediation as well.
  11. One Market Square: Proposed Office Tower for Block 43

    Some slant up, some slant down. There’s enough of a difference depending on your perspective I guess.
  12. Please tell me this is the other side of that original rendering...
  13. White Oak Music Hall on N Main

    Lmao A$AP MOB turnt up
  14. 610 West Loop Express Lanes

    Three if you count the BRT line