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  1. I can't figure out how to download pics from the latest Planning Commission Agenda, but it looks like St.Arnolds is planning a massive expansion next to their current facilities. They will be adding a Restaurant and Beer Garden.
  2. Yeah but think of how many times you get to say "ayyy sqft blaze it"
  3. TCR's statement on that article is savage.
  4. New update; Polterghooosts
  5. We went from; "Look at these renderings on the fence with Whole Foods!" to "Look! They've removed the renderings! What happened to Whole Foods?" to "Look at this article! Whole Foods is closing some stores!" to "Well looks like this could be one of them...?" to "Here are some ideas for replacements" All in a matter of days. Never change HAIF, never change.
  6. That destroys the dramatic narrative we're trying to push here; ghosts?
  7. Look, no one was called a Nazi anywhere in the discussion, and I consider that a success, Hitler. Damnit.
  8. Yeah the target of your posts really need to quit using logic and common sense in their posts. Really irritating when that gets in the way of "I don't care if it doesn't make sense I just want a big tall tower"
  9. Yeah but wait until you see the PENTpenthouses...those are just the Penultimate penthouses... From the 3-point line...SWISH...
  10. Uhhhh...pretty sure a large amount of forclused homes/condos/offices and brankrupt businesses from the 2007-2008 recession state otherwise..
  11. Kind of a click-bait title then; it's not breaking ground, it's moving to the stage of "we hope a tenant signs a lease so we can break ground"
  12. How can a County Judge say something like this though? That's a blatant lie, and as a member of this nation, his role is to uphold truth and justice, yet here we are seeing him spout utter nonsense like this.
  13. Honestly, that's pretty impressive, all things considered with the (annoyingly) vocal minority's many Catch-22 arguments used against this. The fact that half of the Grimes/Waller county landowners have signed agreements with them is amazing too. Grimes county residents are impressively stubborn in their desire to be left tf alone.
  14. Oh so that's what we call that area. I always found myself struggling to find a name to describe that area. Me- "So it's like west of downtown sort of.." Friend- "Oh you mean Montrose?" Me- "No...its north of Montrose" Friend- "So you mean the Heights?" Me- "No to far north, it's below I-10" Friend- "Sooo..Washington?" Me- "That's a street" Friend- "East Downtown?" Me- "I hate you"
  15. I don't think I've ever seen Pre-DiscoGreen like that before. Kinda sucks we lost a block of park space but it wasn't in vain