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  1. They're planning on using it for parking correct? It could be any number of factors; every contract has a set number of days and maybe this one is almost up, maybe said contract had encentives for finishing early and the owners think it's financially beneficial to finish early, maybe Hines wants this done asap so they can get parking revenue and submitted a change order, or yes, they could get ready to start development on a tower, but i highly doubt it would happen this soon considering the huge supply of office space on the market.
  2. Or the demolition crew had a stipulated amount of days in their contract to get their job done and time is almost running out?
  3. That "whooshing" noise is the sound of this forums hopes and dreams flying away...
  4. I'm just glad everyone's having a good time online
  5. Someone remove the Botanist posting for HAIF; the position has just been filled.
  6. @HAIF.cares The site is completely unusable on mobile. I'm getting redirects to adds on every page. Home, Going Up, this forum. Anything to fix that asap?
  7. He said this immediately after releasing the letter in response to Whitmire's scathing review? Sooooo that's $200 million for nothing or were they still in the due dillegence period?
  8. No start date I know of but I heard it's happening soon* *within this year? Idk
  9. Can we stick this discussion to the Transpo thread guys?
  10. Yeah but imagine the guilt that comes with trying to walk into a meeting at an office at Redemption Square! "Hello sir I'm looking for company that provides a service I need" "WELL HAVE YOU REDEEMED YOUR SOUL TO OUR LORD AND SAVIOR YET" Honestly though, McCord is 0/2 on naming schemes.
  11. I've never seen his show before, what's it about? A Fertita-only Shark Tank?
  12. Is he leaving TCR though? It wasn't mentioned in the article (at least I don't think it was) and he's still listed as an employee on their website.
  13. Looks like a judge issued a default summary judgement stating Texas Centra is indeed a railroad if that Catch-22 argument would ever hold up.
  14. I wouldn't even be that mad tbh
  15. I think Buc-ee's is thinking of the long term plan; when (if, I guess) this line is built it should eventually expand to other cities, which would cut into their profits? As a side note, I'd join the TAHSR group if the stations are branded by Buc-ee's tbh