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  1. Very great thinks for the link.
  2. The Earth Cam is very busy. I'm happy I did fly today!
  3. He is now president of United and I think he is running the airline. He posted new flights from ORD. Also larger planes going from EWR-ATL. Now he will focus on DFW. Very smart hired from American Airlines. I saw his video and is going to take business from DFW.
  4. Your right landing in terminal b and the planes are there and it is beautiful. I was looking for the UA Club but went home to tired.
  5. How nice!
  6. China coming to Dallas very nice. Is there a tenant?
  7. Good competing with Air China. I would not be surprised if United flies IAH-PVG once they received more 777-300ERs. They are number one to China and will keep it that way. Delta is reducing flights out of NRT and making Seattle it's hub to China.
  8. Kudos Houston First. Went to Biggio's on he second floor patio we met people from Nashville. They said everything was beautiful. They loved the pool at the Marriott. So we took them to Ninfas! We had so much fun!
  9. New Terminal open very nice.
  10. He will when the market is right. Very smart man and look what he did for Houston. His son will live his legacy.
  11. It is ugly like he went China to get the design. Looks like the Museum Tower. Dallas deserve better.
  12. Capital Tower under construction in H-Town!
  13. You are right but will take a couple of years. The ong term is good.