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  1. Too bad this Chevron building in dead.
  2. Just got back from LAX the Terminal is incredible. What a nice impression when you land here.
  3. You will be able to see it is taller then Pennzoil Place.
  4. Agreed and the density is going up.
  5. Your right went Downtown Saturday and it is a huge foundation for a garage.
  6. There are very few Randalls in Houston. HEB just killed them better products and services. The few remaining will close Randalls will close very soon.
  7. All the homeless people are east of the Wheeler Red Metro station , and Axelrad is off Alameda.
  8. Went to the Art Car Festival totally fun! 609 Main look just incredible what a nice addition to the skyline. I wish they did build Chevron Tower.
  9. Went to Alexlrad Bar near Midtown underneath the overpasses lots of tents. Many homeless people there. People laying in the streets. I saw at least 40 tents. It's was very sad.
  10. When we go Downtown I take the 82 Westhiemer takes 10 minutes from Kirby. Some places want $40 to park which is crazy. It is safe and $1.25 each way.
  11. Very great thinks for the link.
  12. The Earth Cam is very busy. I'm happy I did fly today!
  13. He is now president of United and I think he is running the airline. He posted new flights from ORD. Also larger planes going from EWR-ATL. Now he will focus on DFW. Very smart hired from American Airlines. I saw his video and is going to take business from DFW.
  14. Your right landing in terminal b and the planes are there and it is beautiful. I was looking for the UA Club but went home to tired.
  15. How nice!