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  1. American Cancer Society Hope Lodge

    ^^^ simply wonderful facility as well as objectives for patient's families. NICE!
  2. ^^^ lovely design, and quite appropriate for this burgeoning area.....
  3. Melrose Building to be Redeveloped into a Le Meridien
  4. Melrose Building to be Redeveloped into a Le Meridien

    ^^^ simply unbelievable! the dusk design is gorgeous......
  5. HEB - Upper Kirby

    ^^^ heb DOMINATION!
  6. ^^^ simply WONDERFUL idea! this area is on the UP.....
  7. ^^^ who would have ever thought that something this beautiful could end up in the downtown houston convention district? it just doesn't get any better than this......
  8. ^^^ is it just me, or is there a SEXY L.A. feel to this project? especially with the abundance of palm trees.......
  9. welcome my dear HAIF, to the NEW TEXAS!

    ^^^ can be any man's best friend. i'm certain that the "video" in question is not that difficult to locate, TOM is our HERO!
  10. welcome my dear HAIF, to the NEW TEXAS!

    ^^^ whenever gets something newly constructed, and trust me, they are always getting something newly constructed, I AM ALWAYS THE FIRST PERSON TO JUMP OUT AND OFFER CONGRATULATIONS! everyone here at HAIF knows that i BLEED BURNT ORANGE. however, i am also a houstonian, and i am always overjoyed at all of the magnificent achievements of our UH cougar friends. for some strange reason or another, it takes us forever to get things done at TEXAS. nonetheless, whenever it is completed, you can rest assured that it shall be second to none in this country. i just wanted to share it with you all at HAIF. i placed it here knowing full well that at some point that our cool friend URB.. would indeed locate a proper spot for it. nonetheless, i shall have to state that the silly season attitudes here... are indeed quite telling. HOOK'EM!
  11. welcome my dear HAIF, to the NEW TEXAS!

    ^^^ @UtterlyUrban well, please allow me a second to brighten your day my good pal. TEXAS LONGHORN FOOTBALL just so happens to be the richest football program in america. so rich in fact, that they are actually able to present money ($10mm+) back to college academia upon each glorious year. therefore, please do not waste this good morning being sad.... BE HAPPY!
  12. welcome my dear HAIF, to the NEW TEXAS!

    ^^^ just a further example of the new pull-out AVONITE doors that create a cool white glow throughout the locker room with the lights off. the BEST in the nation!
  13. ^^^ welcome to the NEW TEXAS. yes, of course, we have been awaiting these newly installed and hotly anticipated renovations to the MONCRIEF NEUHAUS ATHLETICS CENTER for like decades. nonetheless HAIF, they are finally here. and yet, (only temporary). for in a couple of forthcoming seasons, all of this shall be torn down and destroyed to finally make way for the long anticipated expansion/renovation of the (DKR) darryl k. royal memorial stadium south-end zone (SEZ). however, as you may attest above, illustrations just do not lie. the TEXAS football locker room is now the BEST IN AMERICA. each and every football locker now boast a 43"inch tv monitor instead of the obligatory nameplates. they also are the only football lockers that harbor pull-out AVONITE doors that actually create a cool white glow with the adjoining LED white lighting around the front entry. each locker boasts a price tag of ($10,500) respectively. all in all, left to come to austin, tx: (new basketball arena, currently in the planning stages. should be seeing the new renders/concepts this coming fall. current prospective price tag, on or around $495mm - once the new basketball arena is up, then comes the expansion/renovation/full enclosure of the DKR SEZ - south end zone. current prospective price tag $480mm - then comes coach tom herman's new indoor football training facility. current prospective price tag (who knows) - further enhancements to the LONGHORN baseball field and LONGHORN soccer stadium. oh well, HAIF, that's all for now.... HOOK'EM!
  14. Camden Conte: 21-Stories x2 (2 Phases) - Downtown

    ^^^ i thought that we needed this....