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  1. ^^^ i'd be willing to think that none of us are hereby surprised.....
  2. 708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main Sharing Button&utm_medium=social ^^^ can't wait....
  3. New Garage with Retail Next to Lyric Center

    ^^^ i work at ^^^ downtown houston. therefore, i decided the other day to walk over to LYRIC MARKET... and oooohhhh boy, this place is going to ROCK! i am most certain that the prospective FINN HALL shall be magnificent in itself. however, LYRIC MARKET shall become utterly spectacular. myself, along with my pals... cannot wait for it to open. this new on-site FOOD MASTERPIECE along with PHOENICIA FOODS.. shall become my new downtown ESSENTIALS. let's go LYRIC MARKET! i'm already SINGING your praises.....
  4. ^^^..... for we all knew that sooner or later... something was going to appear on top of this PARTNERSHIP TOWER... right? however, it is a true testament to the many HAIFER'S that patronize this cool forum... that we all wanted our very first W HOTEL to be utterly spectacular! JUST BREATH everyone! for when all is hereby said and done, if it's designed and constructed accordingly to scope and scale... this prospective W HOTEL could be the catalyst along with our amazing MARRIOTT MARQUIS... that catapults downtown houston up into the stratosphere. just think about it everyone, the powers that be... shall design and build this particular first W for houston to be gorgeous! no stone shall be left unturned here... you can bet on it... for the PARTNERSHIP'S reputation shall be at stake here. this prospective W shall sit atop the PARTNERSHIP'S headquarters building. additionally, although, i do not harbor the exact facts here... i am almost certain that they are indeed designing and contemplating as we speak... about the W HOTEL for UPTOWN HOUSTON. this particular 44 floor edifice may just end up directly across the street from the UPTOWN WHOLE FOODS store on POST OAK BLVD. that's right everyone, at long last... houston just may end up like atlanta... with two W HOTELS to boot. now go ahead... relax... smile... and breathe.....
  5. @hindesky our fair city's weather is currently inclement. yet, you still ventured forth and contributed OUTSTANDING illustrations as always. nice....
  6. TMC|3, Texas Medical Center Research Campus

    @j_cuevas713 we wholeheartedly AGREE with your very sentiments my pal. however, if only AMAZON would have smiled down upon our fair city as well. apparently, they must think that houston is the worst....
  7. Amazon HQ2

    @downtownian you are a great patron of this forum my pal. however, i really do believe that "relaxing a little bit" is houston's main problem. we have always been the BLUE COLLAR TOWN that just sits's back, relax, and watch DALLAS, AUSTIN, and SAN ANTONIO run rings around us. oh, and before i forget, (we are this state's largest city.. and the fourth largest city in this country), and yet, AMAZON, cannot dare to name us within their prospective TOP 20 places for future growth. realistically speaking, all AMAZON sees houston for... is to keep on constructing these larger than life warehouses upon the outskirts of our fair city to route their products around this country. their national policy-making executives obviously see houston as a blue-collar, warehouse infested, back roads kind of town. whereby, they see dallas as a sparkling high-end metropolis, as well as a magnificent city of the future. yet, houston, is supposed to be the SPACE CITY... right? THIS MAKES ME SICK TO MY STOMACH! one can only imagine that the city officials of dallas are laughing their heads off right now at us. this is completely awful....
  8. Amazon HQ2

    ^^^ what an absolute DISGRACE... that AMAZON would name both DALLAS and AUSTIN as this state's two top 20 finalists! houston, is this state's largest city... and you mean to tell me that we cannot even make the AMAZON listing? talk about presenting DALLAS with absolute bragging rights within this state! this is an ABSOLUTE NATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT for the city of houston. austin does not harbor a NATIONAL and MONUMENTAL mode of transportation throughout their fair city. yet, we can still present austin with the benefit of the doubt as a young city that is built for young urban professionals and such. however, dallas shall never allow for houston to live this monumental embarrassment down. it just does not get any worse than this for us.... period!
  9. ^^^ how GREAT thou ART!
  10. @Twitter1 my pal, these ROD illustrations are simply gorgeous! wow!
  11. ^^^ uummm, don't ask. i just grabbed the illustration. i know huh, YIKES!