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  1. Hopefully if the cloverleaf is removed, Memorial would be stretched northward to create more parkland adjacent to the bayou. Floodplain is also a major factor. With all the high end development happening nearby, might not be a bad idea to have a large bowl/sponge right here.
  2. Buffalo Bayou Partnership is what's driving the plan, although the city may spend money on certain elements. They are getting the low-hanging fruit and kicking the far-fetched stuff down the road. Attention has shifted to the eastern stretch after the big west side makeover that ended last year.
  3. Page 27 and 66 (43 and 82 of file) here: http://issuu.com/buffalobayou/docs/bbpmasterplan2002?e=13332866/13696999
  4. I wonder if Gordy is working on getting the city to eliminate the cloverleaf interchange at Memorial and Waugh, as envisioned in the Buffalo Bayou master plan. That would really bring a sense of place to the area.
  5. Hell freaking yeah, this rivals 609 Main and Marriott Marquis for impact on the city. (Sorry I didn't mention ROD or any of the grocery/multi-family sandwiches.)
  6. True to a point, although plenty of people in the suburbs are open to it, it just doesn't work for their location and commute. The other trick is how to make it work in low-density areas.
  7. He looks kind of like a manlier Phil Collins in the photo.
  8. Who is Younan? Fill us in.
  9. So in that case, it looks like they are placing the parking garage on Main with the retail on the bottom. Sort of a dueling parking garage with Hilcorp's across the street, and continuing the rich tradition of parking garages on Main - 9 in 6 blocks between Texas and Dallas if this goes through. You would think that creative office space users would want to overlook Main Street Square, rather than overlook Fannin Street and have their cars overlook Main Street Square. Right? Or maybe they are preserving the Sakowitz building with garage inside, which would be slightly better, but I doubt the building can take that much more reconfiguration.
  10. Looks pretty nice. I had been thinking the city's RFP specified residential here, but maybe it is mixed use? One must keep in mind how many of the design elements could be whittled away in later renderings...
  11. No worries, I know you weren't. I too would like to see more transit. Unfortunately for us, TXDOT has a voter mandate to build as many roads as they possibly can.
  12. Fair enough. But I am not sure whether the people who do the "official" updates are looking at anything more sophisticated or informative than what I am looking at.
  13. This is a valid point. When I was looking at traffic conditions yesterday, I noticed that virtually every artery east or west of I-45N had worse traffic than I-45N (inside the loop). As to 249, the plan that has been bandied about in the past is to extend it southward along railroad ROW through the Oak Forest area to the North Loop, and perhaps I-10.