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  1. Defunct Houston Restaurants

    There was a Christie's at 5911 Bellaire @ Renwick; according to the website in must've opened in the 1960s. I went there a couple of times. According to the website there also was a smaller, mostly take-out place on S. Post Oak. That's a new one on me. I was told back in the 70s by a native Houstonian who introduced me to Christie's that the Bellaire location was by a different branch of the family and not co-owned with the S. Main and eventual Westheimer locations. Maybe he had it wrong since it's on the website. Scroll down for some timeline photos and down at the bottom click on the About Us link for more history.
  2. Defunct Houston Restaurants

    Cattle Rustlers Steak Buffet - mentioned earlier in this thread. I was thinking it had the word cattle in the name but maybe it was just called Cattle Rustlers? I went only once, really no memories. It was right at the first entrance to the mall parking lot on the SB feeder, where the Gaylynn theater was.
  3. Where was this Stop N Go?

    The apartments along Bissonnet are beyond the U-Haul facility. In the pic linked by gnu the building with the blue sign across Bissonnet was identified in a thread in Historic Houston I think as a Chuck Wagon (bbq? burgers?). It then was briefly a place specializing in sliders called My-T-Bite or something like that and for probably at least 20 years has been El Pupusodromo, part of a local chain of Salvadoran places. Beyond that, on the corner of McAvoy, is a small grocery store with a tortilleria attached. I do not remember a LJS along there. I will have to take a drive and look. The CarTex across Bissonnet was a Pizza Inn, then a pawn shop or insurance office for a few years. The Baskin Robbins catty-corner has been there forever and is still standing. The Parkway Center behind it, which was anchored by an A&P 50 years ago, was leveled for an Aldi. You can see the blue construction fence (in the 1/16 picture). Aldi opened ca. May of last year. I am not aware of changes on the other corner which is the SW point of a residential neighborhood.
  4. Pre-AIDS Houston

    Great picture! I can see why you called him Pan with those curls. By the time I started seeing him, the curls on the side were gone; he wore his hair close cropped on the sides and back but there were still curls on top, just not as many. I've been trying to remember when I first started seeing him. Certainly no earlier than '74, perhaps as late as the end of that decade. Long after you were gone, I take it. I am completely baffled by your seafood place. Only thing I can think of would be something at Seabrook. Thanks for sharing all your memories of that era. It has brought many fond memories back to mind.
  5. Pre-AIDS Houston

    Yes I've never had a better haircut before or since Howell. And never enjoyed the stay in the chair as much. I realized when I first read your post it didn't hit me that I knew who you were talking about. Second time through the name Howell stuck out, though. I never would have described Howell as like Pan; I thought he was real down to earth. Different strokes, i guess There were other restaurants right on the ship channel - Monument Inn, still there right at the Lynchburg Ferry crossing, and the unfortunately long-gone San Jacinto Inn nearby. SJI had a large deck or porch but I don't remember any of it extended over the water. Does MI have a deck? I can't tell from the aerial photos - maybe part of it is over water at very high tide . And then of course there's Stingaree, at Crystal Beach on the Bolivar Peninsula - definitely you could have sat on a deck over the water and picked crabs to your heart's delight. You would remember the long drive to Galveston and the ride over on the Ferry, I think. Still in business. I'll have to drive by Howell's old place the next time I'm in the Heights and see if it's still there.
  6. Pre-AIDS Houston

    Brady's Landing was another place on the Ship Channel, right next to Shanghai Red's. My relatives in the East End preferred it and I never went to SR. We took an uncle from California to Brady's and I told him it was on an island, like Catalina. Once he saw it he started lecturing me and I had to interrupt him and tell him I meant it as a joke. We couldn't see much of the passing ships because of the one moored right outside the window where we were seated. There was a big private club on Albany that became a gay club in the early 70s for a short time; I can't remember the name but I'm sure it's been mentioned here. There's at least one old thread about gay clubs. I believe I remember a balcony across the front. Athen's Bar and Grill on Clinton Dr. (?) was the most famous ship channel bar but there were others. A former coworker at KAUM referred me to Howell. She had also mentioned Lyndon but said I would probably like Howell better. She was working at KHOU at the time and working with most filmmakers who came to town back then and modeling sessions; she did make-up and also helped find locations and props for shots and filming. Many shoots for national ads and catalogs were done here then, may still be for all I know. He had a place on Crocker, I think it was, but by the time I got around to calling him he had moved to the Heights. I don't remember a long wait to get in. Maybe my friend gave me a good rec or said I desperately needed his services so please take him right away. I think she referred a lot of people she worked with to Howell and Lyndon. He grew organic herbs and vegetables in his back yard in the Heights and he told me once he sold some of them to Jamail's. I think he told me he was related in some way to the Jamails. I liked Howell a lot. He was a very interesting man to talk to and he always had great music playing. Occasionally you would bump into a rather strange character. I was sad when I got the card from his partner that he had passed. ETA: the hot dog place was probably the original location of James Coney Island.
  7. texas corral and Jerry Irby - 1948

    There are some mentions of Jerry Irby on Wired for Sound if you haven't already seen them (use the search feature). Interesting how numerous descendants of the musicians mentioned have commented; maybe you could too. I'm not absolutely certain but I believe the blogger may be the person who posted here as Don Julio years ago. A Google search pulled up a lot of references and pictures which I presume you've seen.
  8. Restaurant at 9205 S. Main Street

    Wrong side of the street. Gaido's was on the west side of Main, Baytown Seafood is on the east. And as I recall, Gaido's was quite a bit larger than that. The building was formerly/originally(?) a Grandy's.
  9. That probably was the original incarnation then. I've been making occasional visits to Three Brothers across the bayou since the early 70s, driving down Stella Link from visiting relatives in West U, but I'm drawing a blank on it as a Toddle House.
  10. North Braeswood @ Stella Link - similar but just a coincidence? This one was a bike shop for a while but before that, 10 years ago or so, it was a Pilgrim. It would make sense if it was another dry cleaning establishment before that.
  11. Southeast Houston in the 1950s

    Fascinating stuff. Thanks for posting all of this. Even though I wasn't raised in Houston it's fun to look through these and see what was there and what has lasted. In the 1960s thread, I noticed two ads for KIKK during the short period after the adoption of the call letters and before they started using the cowboy boots in their logo. One looks to be the side of a building, perhaps the studios at 227 E. Sterling? In the last thread posted I noticed a business card ad for the Kolache Shoppe listing both a location on Telephone Rd. and Richmond. The history of that business is something I and Harry Johnson (?) of the late had tried to pin down. The location on Telephone, now known as the Original Kolache Shoppe, was apparently the first in Houston, started by a couple of Czech women in their garage in 1956. The one on Richmond was believed to have been started by some former employees of the Telephone Rd. store but it seems at one time at least they were co-owned. Re: Brockman's in the Alvin pictures - a small department store chain based in Angleton, I think, with locations also in Freeport and Lake Jackson as I recall.
  12. Last Tube Tv

    I dropped off a 27" at Westpark in July, didn't have to show any ID. Never have there - computers, tvs, vcrs, induction cooktops. At the Environmental Services Ctr on S. Post Oak, a driver's license and signature were required. At the Neighborhood Recycling Ctr on 59 @ BW 8, just a sig for paper, plastic, tin cans, utility bill for bigger items like mattresses, remodeling debris.
  13. seafood restaurant on south main 1940

    Gaido's dates back to 1911 in Galveston. Christie's is another seafood restaurant that started in Galveston and later established an outpost in Houston. Christie's had several locations run by different family members from what I've read, I don't know about Gaido's.
  14. Linky I've never seen it either but I think it's been shown at MFAH. Several years ago I also came across the fact there was a unit of curriculum in California Public Schools about this. Filio - I never knew the media had been excoriated for their participation in the hush-up.
  15. Roy Rogers Restaurants

    There's a building on MLK just south of OST that up until August housed Sunshine's Health Food Deli. Very nice folks and tasty food the one time I went in. It's been bugging me for a long time what that building was before and I was thinking maybe an RR or an Arby's. I can't remember just what the RR on 610 looked like before it became Luke's and then the porno store. These pictures are from 2011, I think. Looks kind of like some of the pictures you can find online of older RR restaurants. Anybody know what it was originally? Sunshine's has moved down on Long Drive.