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  1. Some of those surfaces would help dress up the ugly AT&T or whatever they are called buildings around town, methinks
  2. Christmas Store

    I remember they had price tags $59,000 for this $78,000 for that
  3. Grand Texas Theme Park - New Caney

    Nazca Lines of Texas
  4. Developments on San Jac College Central Campus

    Needs a Mercedes Logo on the wall and its a Luxury European Car Dealer
  5. Defunct Houston Restaurants

    I think the idea was you wear a big fat ugly 70s tie at the time and have them cut it off and take a Polaroid with your friends. I just wanted my dad to take me to Lionel Playworld or the Original Christmas Tree Store back in those days.
  6. Hanover River Oaks - 39 Stories

    Time to put the render here so we don't have to search 13 pages
  7. Defunct Houston Restaurants

    Never went myself, not even sure I have the name right, Cattlerustler's Steak House. 1. They cut off your tie if you wear one inside 2. All you can eat steaks 3. Dad and his friends called it Steak-a-rama 4. Dad would come home say he ate 7 steaks
  8. Six Houston Center

    Hello Little Wrench, nice to see you again
  9. The River Oaks High-Rise Renovations

    Is River Oaks in general a very old population, as in, if the one young family moves out the average age goes back up to 85?
  10. As Houston urbanizes, it is pretty amazing to note what year the world population became more urban than rural. Take a guess of the year then look at this for the 51 percent urban on this chart. http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/world-population-by-year/
  11. Yeah, even the photos gave a renewed appreciation for what a great design that building was and is, I would see it regularly in my school text books in the 1980s for various classes randomly, it was that good. I even got to go inside to my GF's dad's office up on a high curved floor who worked at Penzoil at the time. We talked about the Texaco lawsuit and how those NY lawyers got walloped down here. He was also a member of the Houston Club and took me to see a Supreme Court Justice at lunch that day, think it was Thomas if I remember right, must have been early 90s.
  12. Greenspoint Mall Memories

    We moved to Las Cruces, NM when I was 13 and I missed Houston. Texas Monthly Microfiche in the library at my school had so many great pictures of the 1980s boom Houston office buildings that I loved viewing at the time in 1985-87, we moved back to Houston in 88 thank goodness.
  13. TMC|3, Texas Medical Center Research Campus

    Houston has come a long way in the past few decades and is no longer what the NY Times once wrote was "A city with a few nice buildings surrounded by 2,000 gas stations." This looks like next economic shot-in-the-arm to take it to the next level - this plus museums are looking world-class to me.
  14. 1300 Capitol Street---New HSPVA campus

    See large wall: wonder if it is going to get Graffiti often