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  1. Hardy Yards Development

    Way off topic, but why can't Houston use some existing railroads for commuting like the VRE and railroads on the East Coast from DC Proper to MD and VA locations?
  2. Hopefully this doesn't go through an Alessandra like revision. Still looks good. BUT... Remember that cool original rendering vs what was actually built, this kind of reminds me of that.
  3. I imagine a giant L.E.D> Amazon Logo down the side and a drone-port in the roof.
  4. I use a toll-road here in Maryland, the Inter-county Connector and like it. I get across town faster for a nominal fee. The first point I would make is that I am glad they actually built it. A lot of groups oppose building any kind of roads for various reasons (neighborhood traffic, environment, etc). So to get one built can be an accomplishment in and of itself. Incidentally it is equally difficult to get Mass Transit built as well - Purple Line built which is a rail connector for the DC Metro, seems like a group sues and you pray a judge doesn't cancel the whole thing or delay it so long you never get to use it. Even when something is built, there could be other delays. A Silver Spring Bus Terminal was built outside my office and sat unused for years because someone claimed the concrete wasn't built properly and it would be dangerous to use the facility - it finally opened after lawsuits, inspections, etc. If you want an economic reason for having toll roads vs freeways go look up a Milton Friedman video on YouTube, I seem to recall he made some sort of case back in my college days. Honestly, I like toll-roads because they tend to be less crowded, and the fee is nominal. They also seem to be pretty well maintained - could because the ICC and the Virginia Hot-Lanes are pretty new though.
  5. Figured bunch of you have advice. We did it. Got the huge AirBnB house in Kissimmee, invited everyone to join from around the country, doing Disney and Universal Studios for a week over New Years. I figured it is going to be crowded, any advice on these two questions? 1. Figure the teenagers and aunts/uncles and grandparents will be ok doing what they want but was interested in thoughts on pace, order, and frequency for 3, 4, and 5 year-old boys? If you have the day after Christmas through the day after New-Years. Do a park every other day? Do a park every day? Do Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot? Skip Epcot and do Lego-Land, also take the little guys to Universal or leave that for the olders? The group is 3 17-20year olds, 2 millennial 20-something women, a set of grandparents, three 3-5 year old boys and a mom and dad. 2. Where would you do actually New Year's Eve?
  6. Plus Hillcorp - architecture buffs Pub Crawl locations BYOB Hashing-style
  7. I would like to see Downtown Houston add a golden glass tower on this block, a bit retro like the intro to Dallas TV show but I think it might add an interesting mix with all the other colors.
  8. Amazon HQ2

    T.I.C. - Maybe Ellington Spaceport
  9. Here is a good vehicle to have just in case. Drive or Float, good for both.
  10. Amazon HQ2

    Wouldn't it be awesome if Amazon chooses Houston for its new second city location with 50,000 employees and $5B investment that WSJ just flashed on my iPhone? Wouldn't it suck if they chose Dallas (:. Seems like there would be a chance it would be Texas and to me, highly likely Dallas could win it but wish Houston could.
  11. I don't know that developers care after they develop if they just move on but a question you would seem to ask is "Did this land flood during Harvey?" If not, that would be a safe bet on building say your next Master planned community, urban enclave, medical facility or corporate headquarters.
  12. 1111 Travis/Block 256 Office Tower, Formerly Macy's

    Wow, those buildings have never looked better to my eyes, nice job!
  13. Great points, thanks. I am always amazed that Galveston raised the island 10 feet - watched that video in the Galveston museum like many other kids and wonder what things will be done this century to deal with this stuff
  14. What are the best ideas to alleviate Houston's flooding problems moving forward to keep new development dry? 1. More Western Reservoirs? 2. Put concrete all along Buffalo Bayou to replace mud bottom? 3. Widen the Ship Channel 4. Dredge and Deepen all or many bayous with concrete? 5. Move out the 100 year requirement for flooding for new developments to a 200 year or 500 year? 6. Raise improve existing Reservoir Walls, Lake Houston, etc
  15. The Hampstead - 1508 Blodgett

    Delete your old photos same thing happened to me