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  1. The Mondrian at The Museums

    The Barista asked if I wanted an extra shot, I said yes, results speak for themselves
  2. Hardy Yards Development

    Move here so you can actually hear the Midnight Train to Georgia nearby if those rail lines are still in use.
  3. The Mondrian at The Museums

    Monday morning, time to make sure the bolded links on HAIF Going Up are viewed to make them regular text - five years now, hat tip Hindesky as vital contributor
  4. 3300 Main by PM Realty Group: 336-unit high-rise

    Add a letter to Million abbreviation, Take a space away after a period. Net zero. I still use two spaces after a sentence and I know cursive.
  5. Every huge public mural should have 20 hidden items kids can look for
  6. I can't imagine what the West Loop looked like before the Galleria came and all the rest, hope this is the start of something big mid-way
  7. Harris County / COH Joint Processing Center

    Like the Minecraft Brick work
  8. Hope this and Hines Chron block get out of the ground before the end of the decade - good places to add, Chase is looking tall and lonely
  9. No!!! Not the Salt and Pepper Crabs at Kim Son
  10. Marlowe: 20-floors, Downtown Condo Tower

    Like the Titanic. Good cabins above and all the riff raff in the lower levels
  11. 1300 Capitol Street---New HSPVA campus

    I hear they use it quite a bit on Bejor.
  12. Museum of Fine Arts Houston Expansion

    Have Fios Gigabit but these images are loading like Netscape circa 1997 after California woke up mid-morning.
  13. Texas Children's Hospital New 25-Story Tower

    Just needs some Shriner's on tiny motorcyles doing figure eight formations
  14. 40-story High-Rise for Block 98, Behind Hess Tower

    How many plots of land left around Discover Green now, seems like the ring of buildings is closing in
  15. The Dream...tall buildings connecting the Medical Center with Downtown and another spoke connecting Uptown with Downtown ringing the fine parks and bayous, view of a mega city