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  1. Does this mean they've submitted plans for permitting?
  2. I think the place looks great. Should bring some additional vibrancy to a sleepy area.
  4. Wow. Where would our skyline be without Hines?
  5. New creative office development
  6. I don't envision that project will take off anytime soon, and many of the city guys (not TXDOT) think it'll be 10 years before it happens. In the meantime, no one is being paid to sit on their land, so I envision we'll continue to see new developments along this corridor.
  7. Love the momentum of development along the St Emmanuel corridor
  8. I've heard a few grocery tenants were looking in the area. This would be a great location.
  9. If you want to dab into real estate, I would suggest starting off buying a rental home. Even then, I would suggest spending at least 6 months researching everything associated with being a landlord. Development right off the bat is just asking for trouble. Getting an occupancy permit for a club will require running water, bathrooms, electricity, and adequate parking for the club.
  10. It's pretty simple. Most developers know what they're doing - these guys don't. With that being said, I really hope they do succeed, as this would be a game changer for the area.
  11. It probably means no GFR, which would probably be a reach for this area anyway.
  12. There is a thread about this within the downtown section of the forum. Seems like a surface parking lot.
  13. Pretty excited about Eataly and Bouchon Bakery - hopefully, they'll have success and lead to a full service Bouchon Restaurant.
  14. Updated leasing flyer showing Rodeo Goat, Agricole Hospitality, and a Distillery.
  15. The building was designated a historic structure, and will be salvaged. TXDOT had to adjust the road around this building.