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  1. I passed by a few times and never noticed. Looks good, would love to see more palm trees around the city.
  2. Have those palms trees always been there?
  3. One of my favorite areas of the city of San Salvador, modernization seems to be a priority for the mayor. Location: Boulevard Monsenor Romero Location: Zona Rosa, San Salvador Views from the Volcano El Boqueron A nice little office for PUMA energy New civil project built next to the highway Bulevar Monsenor Romero Random Urban Shots / __________________ Outside the city: La Puerta del Diablo (The Devil's Door) Pacific beaches of Acajutla Salto de Malacatiupan, Atiquizaya 8 volcanos can be seen in this picture out of a total of 21. 3 Volcanos Can be seen here, the lake being a caldera. left volcano: Volcan de Santa Ana, Caldera (lake) : Lago de Ilopango Bottom Right: Volcan de Izalco Volcanos in the city of San Salvador (Volcan Boqueron third one of the right with clouds looming and Volcan de San Salvador to the far right) Inside Volcan Santa Ana Izalco Volcano Chasparastique Volcano Volcano Usulutan on left and Volcano Charparastique on right Coatepeque Lake (color changing lake due to algae) La Libertad: Costa del Sol La Cordillera Oriental Tecapa Guld of Fonseca Lempa River Bahia of Jiquilisco Lagoon of Happiness (Laguna de Alegria) Posa El Capulin
  5. I am not 100% sure if these are the renderings to this project however the height and the parking garage suggest its designed for the inner city.
  6. A few more renderings from the architects web page, different colors though.
  7. Stumbled across this on PGAL architecture's website.
  8. Found this on MCS Architects page, not sure if its old but the website holds current development on its page. *Pops up under construction slides*
  9. Here's a rendering I found from PCG now called prismrendering. Its Sabic's new offices in the Sugar Land.
  10. No new updates but just a few pictures of the city.
  11. Just a bad location but oh well its something new.
  12. I am guessing this will be Noel's Corporate HQ, the parking got meshed with their new building. Site: Rendering:
  13. From HOK's 2016 design annual cover on ISSUU.
  14. Could it be Hanover? Hanover seems to always use Solomon Cordwell Buenz as an architect for its Houston projects. Also I think the other Houston projects on that list are for Hanover's other projects.