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  1. Houston is poised to become a tech city Detailed plan:
  2. Houston start-up running for a medical marijuana license, would be the first in the state to dispense medical marijuana Full Article: Houston Chronicle
  3. True, theres quite a few start-ups in the medical field popping up from the Rice University (owlspark) to the UH (redlabs) and to TMCX. I could also see start-ups in the space industry as the Houston Technology Center has another office near Nasa, not sure if it is aimed for that specific industry but if so this would do us great as it will renew our dying space scene.
  4. A few new Houston rappers OGSHYNE: Wes Blanco Chief Aleel
  5. read more:
  6. Former Timberloch Site Link to the architect: Link to some of the architect's work (pdf): More than likely to be part of Anadarko's Campus as the description say's: And the bridges in the rendering obviously connect to the Hacket Tower.
  7. I strongly belive so, I think Downtown will be the main tech district considering accelerators are popping up all over downtown. Wework, HTC (Houston Technology Center), Station Houston, Surge Shack, etc. Thats good to know, hopefully his experience brings him a lot of success.
  8. Here is another start-up that recently made headlines, Axiom Space is to planning to build the world's first commercial space station. Axiom Space website: The rest of the article:
  9. Station Houston, one of the city accelerators and incubators, are working on creating a tech district. Houston Chronicle :
  10. Currently there are many incubators and accelerators in downtown as well as a few more that are planned. These are really going to help us diversify our economy from oil and gas. Hopefully though, these companies do decide to stay in Houston.
  11. A few cool things I've seen coming out of Houston lately. I'm only posting start-ups that are non oil & gas related. Electric car maker Lumen Motors probably caught me eye the most, I guess this would be the first automobile company to be founded in Houston or Texas as a whole. The car is expected to be delivering its first pre-orders in late 2017 going into early 2018. They are also planning on creating 250 jobs as of now. Lumen Motors website: Front View: Back View Another start-up is creating a vest that will help you expand your perception. Neosensory will help train your brain in developing new senses in sound, infrared vision, vr gaming, stock market data, etc. Neosensory website: Macrofab specializes in manufacturing and assembling PCBs and electronic devices. They helped Neosensory with building their vest. Macrofab's website:
  12. Looks like Houston will be getting its first automobile company based from here and built here. Electric car maker Lumen Motors coming in 2018. Was on the news back in September