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  1. That's huge news! Stuff like this has a ripple effect to draw even more cool things.
  2. The Recenter: Phase I & II

    We may not turn in to Brooklyn, Boston, or SF overnight, but I guarantee you will see a massive shift in the overall design and placement of new buildings in the next 5 to 10 years. Houston is going to change dramatically. We can complain how mass transit has not expanded westward but area's like Downtown, Midtown, East End, all the way towards the MedCenter will really densify with greater street presence.
  3. Pearl on Smith + New Whole Foods

    I should be updating this thread more often. I work across the street.
  4. Train From Houston To Galveston?

    Both. We need a train/bus shuttle/SOMETHING now to create new economic growth. More so a train would create that growth but if the city created a nice bus station downtown dedicated to traveling to Galveston, people would go. Much the same way the MegaBus is situated. Obviously much nicer than that but you get the idea. The problem was a lack of foresight in the early 90's to see that potential. Instead it was a cost issue and it was cut. So yeah the train was "before it's time" but there was also no desire to make downtown more attractive and spur growth in the area period. The argument has always been, nobody will ride it and it's a waste of money. The same stuff was said about the light rail. So my point is that NOW, would be a great opportunity to offer something that's accessible to entice ridership. The same goes for our Amtrak station. Half the people in this city don't even know we have a train that can get you to LA or Nola. The reason is it's damn near non existent where it's located. I noticed that 20 year plan for downtown calls for moving the station for more visibility. My point is if nobody knows then how can you expect ridership to grow? This city need's a connection to the island.
  5. Train From Houston To Galveston?

    Yeah like the multitude of other things that would help this city that have never been done. I'm not the only one, I mean Metro and The Island Transit have a 2 year deal to run limited service to show the need for the connection. To think there wouldn't be tremendous economic growth because of this is ridiculous. You connect Houston with it's vacation neighbor outside of just 45 which is already congested. You're also forgetting how unappealing downtown was during the early 90's along with Galveston. Both have become great spots the past 20+ years.
  6. Train From Houston To Galveston?

    Yeah but you're basing all of that on the now. If you had a commuter line in Galveston, think about the economic impact it would have in that city. Yeah right now there are very few people traveling from Galveston to Houston to work. In the long term that number would grow. And that's not to mention the amount of people using it on the weekends.
  7. Train From Houston To Galveston?

    It's a novelty idea because Houston and Galveston haven't been serious about connecting the two areas. I mean think about being able to live in Galveston and still be able to work in Houston with better jobs, etc or vise vera. Trust me the development that would have occurred would've still probably included BBVA and a ton of other development along the route.
  8. Central Market Makeover

    It's nice to see Highland Village blend in better with the Central Market. I'm noticing a lot of businesses are sort of molding their overall current design to better connect with existing development.
  9. I keep thinking about how dramatic Kirby will look off of 59 once all these buidings finish.
  10. 33 1/3 @ 34th - Ella & 34th Redevelopment

    Wow this is awesome!
  11. New HEB in Bellaire

    I never come to this area of town but I absolutely love how this project looks from above. I didn't realize it covers it's own block. So cool!
  12. East Downtown Promenade

    I never said NEVER. What I said was a lot of the thing we are seeing in Houston today come with a lack of urgency to get done. I never said anything about not seeing progress.
  13. East Downtown Promenade

    I know money is always an issue but I never saw such a sense of urgency from the city to get things done as I did prepping for the Super Bowl. Obviously that's a huge event but things that were upgraded were things that should have been in place to begin with. My point is there never seems to be a sense of urgency from city officials to get things done. We do plenty of "studies" to get everyone's opinion on sidewalks or bike lanes down a major thoroughfare but we see little to any progress. Things that should be common place are considered upgrades.
  14. Lowell Street Market: 718 W. 18th Street

    I'm assuming Midtown TIRZ
  15. The Iron Works @ 1414 Bonner Street

    damn that sucks