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  1. Then I'll politely say that you're wrong. If you think the bike plan is somehow nothing more than a glorified pep rally, then you are sadly mistaken. Every city needs a bike plan to guide future street improvements. Without the bike plan you give cyclists no say in how the city grows. NOW you have something the city must consider every time changes to our infrastructure are made. Just like every other person who doubts a very good thing, the city will find a way to fund some of these new bike lanes and get the ball rolling. Houston is already promoting a bike culture with numerous trails and a very popular bike share program. Along with the new bike lane on Holman and the other on Lamar, the city is trying to transition slowly. This plan just pushed the issue to the forefront.
  3. Does anyone have a timeline for W. Alabama and Lower Westheiner reconstruction?
  4. Whatever works
  5. Man we really needed this with the Chronicle building coming down.
  6. Yeah if we complain we will eventually get answers. Nice job HoustonMidtown!
  7. It's only a matter of time before the lots behind MMP start getting new construction.
  8. I didn't realize how bad this demo was going to make this area look. Such a massive gap between the Chase tower to MSP!
  9. Damnit the University Line would have been great!
  10. I remember this! I wouldn't leave Midtown lol This would really solidify the neighborhood
  11. This is such a big time development. We really couldn't ask for anything better to spur this side of Midtown. Along with the new Caydon building, this is awesome! The next time we host a Super Bowl the people won't recognize the city, AGAIN.
  12. Wow me either. I pass by this all the time. Anyways I'm really happy with how dense Houston is getting. Solid development.
  13. Awesome, this area is getting so dense!