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  1. Update. This thing is a looker. If this turns into a giant mural, cool. If not, pitchforks.
  2. Yeah, I know plenty of liberals who smoke too. What a joke of a post.
  3. The city needs to do something about every block of downtown turning into parking garages. Cue Ross.
  4. Took it. Marked the Days Inn. My downtown was barely visible with all of the markers.
  5. Looks like they have been there since 2007 at the very least.
  6. I fail to see how that is a separate issue. We are advocating for the state to spread the funding across more public universities. You are saying that if UH wants that funding, they should join the UT system. I am saying that even within the UT system the money is not spread out equitably. I see the issues as one and the same.
  7. Has that worked out for UTSA, UTEP, UTRGV, UT Arlington, or UT Tyler? The UT system does not spread the wealth like the University of Cal system that you keep mentioning.
  8. How anybody can read a story about UT wasting taxpayer money and claim that it is avarice on the part of UH is beyond me.
  9. And there it is. UT will keep spending money grossly overpaying on polluted brownfield locations to misappropriate assets into their booster's pockets without state approval. They will continue to use funds that could be better spent raising the value of all of our state schools, and Texas residents as a result, on sketchy deals that go nowhere, good of the state be damned. Especially while they ruin a conference from within that was once respected. Disgusting, really.
  10. Whole deal was extremely sketchy. Overpaying for a booster's brownfield. Circumventing the whole appropriations process. Doing it all with PUF money that could be much better utilized if spread amongst the other state universities.
  11. Look at the last two renderings above your post. You can see their Ten Celsius in both which will give you an idea.
  12. Jesus
  13. I ate Tex-Mex at a restaurant in Sidney. It all came with cream cheese. It was actually not bad even though it was obviously not at all like Tex-Mex.
  14. Yes. This is by the same owners as Gossip Lounge but is a completely different feel. I liked the place. Feels kind of like a party sports bar.