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  1. 1010 Prairie

    I wonder what spot they will take.
  2. Discovery Green

    I have too. People clean up hotel rooms for me.
  3. 6-story school downtown

    The muslims who built this did a crap job and don't care about architecture. The nuns who built this did a crap job and don't care about architecture. I don't see your point. Neither seems a problem.
  4. 1300 Capitol Street---New HSPVA campus

    Good point, downtown should get more high-schools for zoned kids too.
  5. Melrose Building to be Redeveloped into a Le Meridien

    Too few rooftop bars in Houston. I'm pretty pumped.
  6. HEB - Upper Kirby

    Wish they would go Urban downtown.
  7. Holiday / Days / Heaven On Earth Inn (801 Calhoun)

    Note to self: be a security guard now.
  8. Walked by this last night and it made me want the international tower (is that the name?) spot to be residential even more.
  9. SkyHouse #3 (SkyHouse Main) Planned for Block 368

    Been wondering the same. There has been essentially no activity in the space that CVS is supposed to occupy in MST. The only thing that I have noticed (which could have been there the whole time) is that the West side of the parking garage (the entrance) now has a permanent sign that says MST Resident and CVS customer parking only. I hadn't seen that until last week but it could have been up there for months.
  10. Franklin + Milam: 10-Story Garage

    The lot is very small and not likely to get an 11 story+ tower to cover up this wall any time soon. There are many more blocks that aren't so small and in the floodplain that I would think would get developed before this. So I revise my statement to say that I don't foresee a building covering the north side for 20+ years.
  11. Franklin + Milam: 10-Story Garage

    They have said that there could be a building covering the east face one day so that is why that side is so blank. I don't see any way for a building to cover the north side.
  12. Franklin + Milam: 10-Story Garage

    Agreed. This is how those sides looked this weekend:
  13. Camden Conte: 21-Stories x2 (2 Phases) - Downtown

    Right next to Root Square.
  14. Holiday / Days / Heaven On Earth Inn (801 Calhoun)

    I think uptown is very luxurious just not very "hip".