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  1. Check out that 10 story chain-link fence covering the stairs.
  2. Looks kind of like a more open Hogg Palace. Fan.
  3. B I may still turn on 790 around lunch (the crews from 10 - 3 are fine) but this has cemented the end of Houston sports radio for me. SM/podcasts/music from here on out.
  4. Sucks, would have been a cool restaurant patio. We need more patios and rooftops open to the public downtown.
  5. Most major cities around the globe and even here in the US have more in common with New York then they do with Houston. Striving to add dense walkable pockets in the formerly neglected core doesn't compromise Houston's unique identity.
  6. And that is the good looking side.
  7. Looks fantastic.
  8. As always, F the lancaster
  9. Saw the sidewalk section last night. Looks really good.
  10. Georgia's Market just sucked.
  11. Agreed. If that post wasn't in jest then I couldn't disagree with somebody any more.
  12. Physics?
  13. So I haven't seen anybody in the CVS spot for over a month. Today there were new for lease signs up. One or two of the CVS signs are still up though. Anybody?
  14. Hell of a block for a curtain call development.