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  1. I ate Tex-Mex at a restaurant in Sidney. It all came with cream cheese. It was actually not bad even though it was obviously not at all like Tex-Mex.
  2. Yes. This is by the same owners as Gossip Lounge but is a completely different feel. I liked the place. Feels kind of like a party sports bar.
  3. Yeah....I would take a Superbowl over 10 conventions any day.
  4. I have never understood why we only clean trash along freeways like once a decade.
  5. I don't think that its an ugly building. I've always liked it. Nothing crazy but still nice. (Continental building; 609 Main I really like)
  6. That promo video....
  7. It is kind of ugly. It is also arguably the best looking building in the memorial city area.
  8. As mentioned many times here, Campo runs a public company. Big difference.
  9. Hard to beat wrigleyville
  10. They don't even pay the halftime performers.
  11. We have a winner.
  12. I am a rum drinker. Hoping they are adding in aged runs down the road. Not a clear rum fan at all.
  13. Yes. Ignore User.