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  1. Was just reading the discussion of the planning of the White Oak Music Hall in that thread and a few parts of it made me think more of the garage at Franklin and Milam: "That’s where I cultivated a keen interest in design and culture, and, more specifically, the relationship between architecture and the city. More often than not, the most engaging cities we visited were always the ones that had an overt interest in supporting the arts through built projects." Nailed it Powers Brown.
  2. Crushed it.
  3. Guess this is likely to be a M-F lunchtime only development. Would be cool if a place like this ends up being open at various times.
  4. I saw plywood up in front of the entrance the other day. I was thinking that it looked like construction had started.
  5. Yes
  6. Yep. Wasn't there one or two more buildings between this and the Franklin Lofts building?
  7. Used to be a bank building with columns that looked sort of like the Islamic center only smaller and some period buildings. I have seen a number of pictures of it, I will post them when I have time.
  8. I don't think that anybody said that any community needs to stay predominantly one race or another. Nobody was lamenting the third ward being one race either. I was saying that no neighborhood's goals should be based on their historical demographics and the maintenance of that.
  9. If there were insinuations that white community leaders in Montgomery County were actively pushing to stop the area from being predominantly white, I would expect the same rant.
  10. Downtown life has been trending up for the last few years.
  11. Still wish those buildings weren't demolished for another parking garage. Sitting outside at Honeymoon almost feels like a full historic district outside of that garage. At least they put in retail and a little effort to make it blend.
  12. See that circle above it that looks like a water mark? Aliens dude.
  13. Saw this one on Chron.com the other day. From October of 1980. Lots of adult entertainment where we currently have our strip of bars.
  14. Still baffles me that they had to get this approved to be in the historic district and somebody actually approved it.