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  1. I grew up in Houston right behind these properties, these properties were on the corner of South Main St. & Broadmead . I noticed on Google earth last August that the motel was being torn down. I was wondering if any of you know what they plan on building on those properties? TIA
  2. Miniature Golf Courses in Houston

    I used to play at a place on the corner of S. Main and North Braceswood it had a driving range next door that was next to the Kiddie Wonderland. For 2 summers I worked for Kiddie Wonderland. I played at that miniature golf course up thru high school in 1968.
  3. Houston Texas

    How about downtown out over 290 to highway 6. Or how about fly down hwy 6 from I10 to 290.
  4. Fieopened asta on 1960

    I grew up in Houston but moved away in 1979 for work, my mother wanted to move back because her only granddaughter lived there and wanted her to move there so she could see her more than she did when she lived in a neighboring state. So we moved to and bought a house in Copperfield that was close to her. While we were there we got a flyer from Fiesta saying their grand opening maybe it said reopening it Was almost 20 years ago, but I was impressed with the store and ending up shopping there quit often. I was just curious if was still opened I live in the DFW area now and have seen several Fiesta stores close or move and was just wondering.
  5. Fieopened asta on 1960

    I thought this was a discussion board it was when I joined years ago, but I guess I was wrong. Not being mean and all.
  6. Fieopened asta on 1960

    In 1999 not long after I moved to Houston Fiesta opened a Super Fiesta just across the road to Willow brook Mall is it still there?
  7. I lived in Houston (CooperField) from 1999-2001 and I used to love going to an all you can eat Japanese Sushi restaurant on 1960 at the entrance to Willowbrook Mall. I can't remember the name of it. I was wondering if 's still there? Lots of happy memories.
  8. Corner of San Felipe and Voss

    The original Antone's was on the corner of S. Main and OST in the old Sinclair service station back in the 60s I used to ride my bike up there and buy sandwiches for the family.
  9. Berthas

    When growing up in Houston my best friend's dad owned The Spanish Village Mexican Restaurant on Almeda Rd. that's been there forever. They also had one on OST at South Main. When I was 12 years old I worked there making Praline candy in the back of the restaurant overlooking a go cart track. His dad's name was Larry Pico.
  10. The Real Randalls #1

    I lived in Houston in 1998-2001 and shopped at the Randall's on Hwy6 and 529 at least twice a week. If Randall's are gone what replaced them?
  11. Scenes from Inside a Houston Zombie Mall

    Foley's were known to repeat themes in their stores so there is a chance that Foley's at Northwest Mall also had a ship in their children's shoes department. I have many fond memories of Northwest Mall. I had many jewelry stores I did Accutron repairs for in that mall and I was in that mall twice a week for 4 years (1975 - 1979). I remember the Walgreen's or was it Woolworth's had a restaurant and it was a great place for my wife and kids to hang out while I was busy picking up and delivering my work. The restaurant had 24/7 breakfast menu & they had great breakfast foods.
  12. Does anyone on here know the history of this place or stores? I remember they had a 2 story store in the Village on University Blvd. and a shop in the strip center at the corner of Holcomb and Greenbriar my mom worked in that shop in the mid to late 50s.
  13. remembering city of bellaire

    There was also on on Shepard Dr. just south of I believe Alabama.
  14. Growing up in Southwest Houston (close to the intersection of South Main & OST) the best burger joint was Prince's Hamburgers. Chuck wagon had the best onion rings I ever eaten period. Man I miss those onion rings.
  15. Could it have been a Casa Cabana? I know about that time they moved into the DFW area that by the late 2000s closed down many of their locations and their buildings were pink. Casa Cabana is out of SA.