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  1. Falstaff Brewery to be Redeveloped

    A little more info in this Forbes article - storage, boutique hotel, and what sounds like an awesome rooftop party venue.
  2. Atlantic Coffee Solutions CLOSING

    My grandfather worked for Ford in that building in the 1920's. He lost his job when a block and tackle hit him in the back and he couldn't work anymore. I have a company picture from 1926 that I treasure.
  3. Heights Transit Station to become park

    You are correct....the gas station was only at the southern tip. I think they tore down houses on the north side to complete the station? I can't remember now. I was at the grand opening of the transit center, I do remember that!
  4. Heights Transit Station to become park

    What was once a gas station, then a bus stop/transit station, will now, hopefully, become a park!
  5. 5307 N.Main

    Steel structure is up. Parking looks minimal.
  6. Proposed apartments near Farmers Market, 700 W. Calvacade

    Drove past yesterday - equipment business has moved. Bring on the wrecking ball!
  7. What is it?

    It's a form of a rosary. The 10 bumps instead of 10 beads. I'm guessing the pictures are to symbolize the mysteries of the rosary.
  8. Proposed apartments near Farmers Market, 700 W. Calvacade

    Whatever it is, it will be better than this...
  9. Proposed apartments near Farmers Market, 700 W. Calvacade

    Sounds like a great idea to me! It will be better than the tool/equipment business that is there now, and may actually wake up the shopping center to the East.
  10. Canino Produce Co. Farmers Market @ 2520 Airline Dr

    Looks awesome!
  11. Hallie Pritchard

    I remember Ms. Angie! I still have some of my costumes!
  12. We just went for lunch. $2 margaritas on Tuesdays. Food was great!
  13. 2100 Airline Dr

    Well, it's Sunset Heights. So, we might as well jump on the bandwagon! I always thought of the North Side as a little closer to Jeff Davis High School, or whatever they are calling it now.
  14. Canino Produce Co. Farmers Market @ 2520 Airline Dr

    I just noticed that NewQuest has the old trailer park on Airline (1 block North of Canino's) up for redevelopment too. With the redevelopment of the market and if someone were to do something here, that would really improve that part of the Heights. Almost 5 acres. $6 million.
  15. 5307 N.Main

    Slab has been poured.....progress on its way.