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  1. Montalbano Tire & Auto shutting down 1302 Houston Ave

    If this is true - WOW! I wonder if they will move everything to their N. Shepherd location? I'm sure property taxes are unreal on the Houston Ave. property.
  2. 5802 N Main St

    And, you can pick up the vacant lot adjacent too....It's always been commercial...
  3. Crossroads at Cavalcade

    On another note, New Quest seems to have picked up the property behind this as well....they are now working on Five Points AND Five Points East.
  4. Crossroads at Cavalcade

    New development at "Five Corners". Across the street from Five Points being marketed by New Quest.
  5. 1300 Capitol Street---New HSPVA campus

    I'm not sure how HSPVA works today, but when I was in school, HSPVA pulled students from all over the district. You had to audition in your desired discipline in order to be accepted to the school. A student is not "zoned" to HSPVA according to their residence. I would think, that once complete, maybe, maybe 2-3% of the students that attend the school will actually live downtown.
  6. 1300 Capitol Street---New HSPVA campus

    I still find it baffling that HISD spent tax payer money on an entire downtown block for HSPVA. They could have purchased a block on the near East side for a fraction of the cost and still had great accessibility via the train to downtown.
  7. 1848 Airline Dr

    I do wish they would have used a correct street number on the street sign in the mural. Where Airline and North Main meet, it's the 4700 block.
  8. 1848 Airline Dr

  9. 5307 N.Main

  10. 1848 Airline Dr

    Mural is up. They were working on it on Saturday. Will see if I can get some pics posted this afternoon.
  11. 5307 N.Main Chronicle article, though it doesn't say much.
  12. 5307 N.Main

    I'm not crazy about the design, but anything is better than the old car wash! Waiting for this intersection to take off - waiting to see what will go in on the vacant lot across the street and what will happen to the old shopping center on the other side of Studewood. Wonder how long DaVita Dialysis and Sola Salon will be there?
  13. 5307 N.Main

    It's now showing pending..... Maybe Town in City Brewery purchased it? It would give them room to expand in the future......
  14. Houston photo: 412 Telephone Rd, Houston, Texas 1704241026

    I was thinking this one...on corner of Telephone and Winkler...don't know exact address
  15. Tila's at 1111 S Shepherd for lease?

    Yes, I'm not a fan of the restaurant either. The owner, Tila, is not very customer oriented. Really don't know how she stays in business.