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  3. Feel free to discuss religion, politics etc all you want on every thread. If the moderator, editor at HAIF support your view. Ask them about it Socks.
  4. The title of this thread is" New Dallas Development". Is there anything we can do to help you comprehend what that means?
  5. Can we keep politics, religion, etc out of an architecture website please? It's not needed or asked for.
  6. Reminder Respectful discussions only. My-city-is-better-than-your-city flame wars are not permitted on HAIF. "He started it" is not a valid excuse. Both parties in a flame war may have their accounts suspended or terminated. Just walk away. Flames will be deleted without notice. Please report violations to a member of the moderating team, or to the Editor.
  8. linkie should help you.
  9. Number of Passenger Airlines at DFW according their website today: 24 Domestic: 11 Foreign Flag: 13
  10. He is worth $1.75 billion.
  11. Is my sarcasim clear enough for you? The comments I see on Houston Architecture Forum about Dallas seem pathetic in my eyes.
  12. Sir, you are gentleman and anyone would be a fool not to accept you at your word. I admire what you stand for.
  13. Houston has taken itself from nothing to a being global city. It is to the credit of it's people that this has happened.
  14. Wait till you are my age. You will go take a leak on many occasions during the night. Take it to the bank.