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    DSC05182 by wpnsmech555, on Flickr DSC05193 by wpnsmech555, on Flickr
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    Came back from Denver, CO yesterday. So lucky to get these inflight shots of Arabella! You have a good view of Uptown from this shot as well Night shot. Pilot flew us in a circle upon landing due to weather. River Oaks District is bright!
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    From Thursday night concert at Disco Green. From today's bike ride.
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    Found an Instagram page for one of the crane operators Views from the crane:
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    Rendering of upcoming BLVD Place expansion http://whitestonereit.com/blvd-place-landing-page/
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    The ceiling of the valet parking area! Roka exterior
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    There was an image of the front of the garage next to the cello player artwork sent out this morning.
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    From the document. 29-stories at 339' feet, approx 11,000 sq feet of retail, eight parking levels with two below ground.
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    Some stone is starting to appear around the entrance area.
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    Took my mom to dental surgery this morning Photo taken from the parking lot off Richmond Ave.
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    Construction from left to right: Texas Children's, Methodist, Memorial Hermann.
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    HSPVA adding to the transformation of DT.
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    Went to see a talk on Mathematics & Language in the brain at Baylor College. And took a few snaps. From about a week ago.
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    Catalyst, Great Southwest, HSPVA... 1) Apt Tower 2) Repurposed Bldg 3) High School...unthinkable for DT Houston a few years ago.
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    Nearing completion of the north-facing facade. Aris is a great addition to the neighborhood. Fits in perfectly. Bravo Hines, Bravo!
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    I hope everyone realizes how fortunate we are in Houston to have such a dynamic art community. We just witnessed the opening of Match, a new arts venue, and Rice University's new art center. October will bring the opening of the much anticipated Drawing Center and new park and landscaping at the Menil and now the MFAH steps up huge with the new designs by Stephen Holl for the Glassel school, and new Contemporary exhibition space and the Lake Flato conservancy center atop the Beck garage. These are the type of things that great cities are defined by. Not how tall their buildings are or how big the galleria is. Its the opportunities for people to thrive that makes great cities. Just like the TMC, Buffalo Bayou park, and our growing community of higher education institutions that are all striving to become more responsible to the communities they serve. Its a great time to live in Houston.
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    I hope they'll paint the buildings to match the crown. https://houston-texas-us.blogspot.com/2017/05/kirby-collection-progress-may-2017.html
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    Catalyst (and the rest of Downtown) from the ballpark.
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    I was just wondering about that development yesterday.. Has the Museum District Neighborhood Association(?) said anything further on plans for the development/abandoning Palm Street? fullsizeoutput_74a by Justin Anderson, on Flickr
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    The tower crane operator has a great view of downtown.
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