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    Sorry for the delay! Was this what you had in mind, @bobruss?
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    Well I went downtown and I did get a photo of the 609 Main building but it didn't really show much of the crown. That said, it is still just lighting up the two angled upper sections of the crown. I hope that the following picture I got this evening will make up for my insolence.
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    Now planned as a high-end hotel (Cambria; 2019 Opening) http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2017/05/16/houstons-historic-petroleum-building-to-be.html
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    20170505-Campbell-_H6A2728 by Mabry Campbell, on Flickr House of Blues - Houston by Mabry Campbell, on Flickr
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    Taken Friday 5/5/2017. Construction appears to be around floor 29.
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    I was right, they weren't taking the tower crane down this weekend they were installing the 3 trusses over the auditorium which weighed 48,000, 45,000 and 38,000 pounds, too much for the tower cranes to handle. The tower crane on the southeast side will come down in a couple of weeks according to a couple of McCarthy Builder employees I talked to. They have topped out the concrete work and the northwest crane can reach everything on the site for the rest of the job. They are on schedule to finish in time for the fall semester of 2018.
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    Photo from last week, but I forgot to upload it until now. Construction is going strong on the pocket park:
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    Wow. Look at all those people walking around. Don't they know they're stranded on an island? I think the pedestrian bridge makes The Allen become another amenity of Buffalo Bayou Park, just like Lost Lake, Johnny Steele Dog Park, Water Works, Eleanor Tinsley, Sesquicentennial Park, and the Police Memorial are. Except that this amenity allows for dining, shopping, parking and lodging in an area of the park that doesn't currently offer any of that. It may not be as good as a strip mall with a Subway sandwich shop, mattress store and big parking lot on the corner but it will do for now. The close up renderings make this development look pretty pedestrian inviting at street level to me, especially for anyone who is walking along one of the Bayou pathways or Gillette.
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    Houston by Marc longoria, on Flickr
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    New Science and Technology Building http://www.uh.edu/facilities-planning-construction/fpc-projects/spotlight/UH-downtown-science-and-technology-building/
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    Some interior walls are going up:
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    Tunnel to the lazy river at the Chronicle.
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    We got an email as a progress report today indicating there would be noise over the next five months on this garage. It had an updated rendering of the exterior, which I have attached as a JPEG. (Edited after attachment appeared to be successful)
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    Most if not all of the street level columns are up now, you can get a feel for the street level scale of the building. It's going to be pretty big and engaging with the whole tunnel access thing,
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