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  1. https://morrisarchitects.wordpress.com/2017/01/24/morris-huitt-zollars-contribution-to-downtown-houston-super-bowl-li/ 170124_MarriottMarquis_129 by byrne.kyle, on Flickr
  2. One of the buildings at KBR that faces downtown. Really visible from afar.
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  6. Just saw on their FB page that residents have started moving in. https://www.facebook.com/MidMainLofts/ Day and Night picture of their sign
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  9. Here are some of the photographs from the Presidential Suite at Mariott Marquis! sorry if these are so large! I finally figured out that i can load photos easily when logged onto my phone instead of a computer...
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  12. Website up for Midtown Park: https://midtownhouston.com/midtown-park/
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  17. Looking forward to see which proposal (this or 3300 Main) claims the title as Midtown's fist high-rise. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2017/01/25/more-details-revealed-about-proposed-luxury.html
  18. From HOK's 2016 design annual cover on ISSUU. https://issuu.com/hoknetwork/docs/2016_design_annual_issuu
  19. Thor Equities UC by Travis Baker, on Flickr
  20. 170130-H-NI589-1109 by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, on Flickr 170130-H-NI589-1633 by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, on Flickr
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  22. Catalyst 2.0 https://caydonusa.com/projects/the-midtown/
  23. Been dealing with jury duty this week...here is one from lunch break Monday.
  24. The Fox Sports set up is in full swing.. Construction/preparation work all over the park...
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  29. Now Leasing and now open with a valet service, I saw a family getting their car from valet so people are living here.
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  37. Nice to see it peeking over the skyline. From reddit, courtesy of /u/TronicsDota:
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  42. I was in the area Saturday for a photoshoot so afterwards i walked over to the Marriott... i introduced myself to the front desk manager and asked if it was okay to look around and she said of course and that they have many public rooms so feel free to explore...so i did! Biggios wasn't open but the bartenders let me walk around down and upstairs... then i checked out the Texas T coffee area on the ground floor which was like a mini open to the lobby Starbucks but my gosh they had some amazing looking desserts! Then checked out the Walker St Cafe which was the casual but still nice restaurant which was pretty full of people enjoying breakfast... and saw the open to lobby bar which had a nice little ambiance in a nook in the wall setting... its not the lobby's ceiling that makes the lobby look massive but the length that it stretches end to end with the shiny white floor...it really is impressive and with so many windows, its just super bright and beautiful! I walked to the meeting room levels and the rooms were what you would expect from a nice hotel with meeting rooms...nice carpets, fixtures and then outside of the meeting rooms there's lots of seating with the amazing windows and views to enjoy them from...there were quite a few areas that you could get away from it all if you wanted to. Then there is the pool area...first off there was a sign saying that this area was for hotel guests only....however there was a nice man there handing out towels and never asked myself or anyone for a room key so i walked on out to look at the pool and views from this level (6). The pool is an infinity pool and while not huge it was a good size and had about 5 people in it so i am hoping it was heated...however the lazy river had about 5 people floating in it and about 15 or so people just swimming it it...and that was heated...and the cool little bridges over various parts of the lazy river are made of see through glass so many times i would walk over someone as they floated underneath...that was cool ...on the south west end of the pool deck is a large covered area which i can imagine will be for live music and dancing or special events etc with great views of west downtown and discovery green as well...really loved that and hope to see some kind of event there some day! As i headed out i decided to take the elevator instead of the escalators i took to each floor and i got the giant astronaut greeting me on the wall inside as someone pictured on a previous thread...man i loved that! so much fun and such a cool way to remind people that we are space city! all in all i loved the hotel and cannot wait to go again and enjoy a stay, meal, game, event and/or the pool area! everyone was super nice there by the way...its almost like they all were just as excited to work there as i was to be there. SO awesome
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  46. The lifestyle center will front BBP and bears a striking resemblance to BP's (no relation) ultra modern data center on their campus. The Thompson is definitely approaching 40 stories and, as currently designed, shares a similar aesthetic to Hanovers 2nd BLVD place tower but with a more modern bent. Designs are still being finalized but they want the Thompson to be an architectural landmark and I think they are achieving it thus far. Presales of the condo units are needed prior to groundbreaking.
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  48. According to the property manager, the restaurants open on Thursday! When I walked by there were a bunch of people in both finishing up and all of the tables and furniture were in place. The wiring around Potente is in place for vines to grow around. http://www.papercitymag.com/culture/astros-owner-jim-crane-restaurants-houston-potente-osso-kristlla-chef-dream-team/
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