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  1. Enrique's pictures made me want to go get some shots so I decided to drive into town tonight...terrible idea but here's one that came out after I played with the colors some.
  2. Got to come into Houston for the New Years and spend it in downtown, mostly on Main St. and along the rail. What a difference from when I left almost 3 years ago, glad I will be calling Houston home once more beginning in February! Enjoy the pics
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  6. Another shot from last night...not as windy as Friday thankfully
  7. Had dessert at Grotto tonight - they opened today at 4:00pm. They have a nice outdoor area with fire pits and TVs... More pics of the GRB area....
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  10. Grotto by Marc longoria, on Flickr Grotto by Marc longoria, on Flickr Grotto by Marc longoria, on Flickr Grotto by Marc longoria, on Flickr GRB by Marc longoria, on Flickr
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  12. Was on the outside of the Esperson building for work the other day and took this shot.
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  14. Far left: fullsizeoutput_bca by George Zimzores, on Flickr
  15. Over the weekend I've been to Dallas and Austin visiting family. Having been in Texas' "top" three cities in such a short span, I'm beginning to appreciate Houston more. Austin is "pretty" and fun, and Dallas is "flashy", but Houston is on another level, imo. 609 Main is a "grown folks" tower, built for the nation's most diverse city, a Texas city that transcends stereotypes and trends. In comparison, Houston is a "serious" city--serious about industry, healthcare, philanthropy and the arts. A truly diverse city--as relevant to America's third coast as NY is to the east and LA is to the west. Our congested, messy, always under construction, international, thriving, blue collar but rich, soon-to-be-Super Bowl-host (again) city is amazing in so many ways. I have been guilty of comparing Houston to Dallas and more recently Austin as it "grows up", but I won't do that anymore. Texas is big enough for all, and Houston, I believe is Texas' truly "world-class" city.
  16. Some shots from walking around yesterday... Even with the maze-like entry/exits across ADLA, was amazed with the number of people on the sidewalks and even at Grotto for after lunch hour.
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  23. Lots of work going on around the area today.. The lake was having what seemed to be pretty major problems though. But what the heck is going on here..? Looks like a bunch of asphalt was forced up from the bottom of the lake? A flat bottom boat pulled up in the reeds.. Water eventually started gushing out from the pile.. Obligatory Marriott Marquis shot..
  24. Interesting transformation of the area--a sea of blue glass....
  25. Ate dinner at Biggio's -- what a great space....we happened the meet the Executive Chef as we were wandering around - he gave us a tour of the upstairs area....great views from the patio
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  28. Headed west bound on my Christmas day bike ride, Galleria area is good for a ride today because there is so little traffic.
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  36. Fence up, trees coming down, and interior gutting under way...... should be an exciting couple of years for Midtown Development! I think I read that this is self-funded.
  37. Via Flickr: GET_2036 by photolitherland, on Flickr GET_2039 by photolitherland, on Flickr
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  48. I talked with several workers today and asked all of them if they would finish in time to let ESPN move in a couple weeks before the Super Bowl. ESPN will need some lead time to set up their broadcast stuff, all the workers said YES, they were working hard to finish in time. Apparently the guy running the operation is an old hand at this and has done work for Disney before to finish time sensitive builds.
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