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    Two people on reddit got good shots, though. First, /u/AndyDwyer: Next, /u/softroxstar:
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    It's now higher than the parking garage I take the pics from, TWU.
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    609 is not deserving of a total worship. However, it still maintains a spectacular presence on the ever evolving downtown scene. The more I visit downtown the more I desire to move there. Applause to the COH, and continuous vision to transform our CBD into a neighborhood.
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    After living and spending all of my time working and playing downtown on the east side across from where Minute Maid was to be built. We moved out in 2004 to the Menil neighborhood. I can definitely say that a miracle has happened on the east side in the last 20 years. When we first moved into the Wagon Works building in 1996, they hadn't even broken ground on the stadium and there was literally nothing between our loft and the Southwestern building except a few vacant two story buildings some county offices and acres and acres of parking district. When I went out on long walks everyday with my border collie we would explore this side of downtown, walk over to see progress on the rail line, check out the construction of the Cotswold project and detour around the reconstruction of every north and south street in downtown. It was quite a mess, but it opened up a whole new frontier. The few people I saw out were either people parking to get to a courthouse summoned for jury duty or street people who lived under the Elysian viaduct. When I walk around the area now I am truly astounded at what has become of my old stomping grounds and it really is miraculous that this much has been accomplished in these last 20 years. I've been here in Houston since 1954 and always wanted for it to become a real city with people living downtown and look whats happening. I am so glad that I'm here to see it come to fruition.
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    ^^^ another LOVELY evening roller skating at the DG....
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    I just got a drone and have been having so much fun touring around Houston up in the sky. by Thomas, on Flickr
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    Source: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool
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    They finished up the 3rd tower crane. FB friend says they are going to run 2 shifts on the project.
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    Yesterday afternoon Aris at Market Square by Marc longoria, on Flickr
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    i've never understood these types of bumps... since when has any major news gone unannounced here??? if it was dead or moving forward someone would've said something. honestly can't remember the last time someone bumped a thread like this and received some groundbreaking news in response. carry on.
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    Hopefully the whole wing becomes wired for LED lights at some point, this makes it look like it's halfway done.
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    ^^^ from day to night, AVENIDA HOUSTON sparkles. simply gorgeous....
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    rode my bike from my galleria condo to discovery green saturday (thats HUGE for me btw seeing that i ride my bike once a month...to a park just to lay down in the grass haha! )...anyway...saw that Bud's Pitmaster BBQ still has its Super Bowl Preview signs up with no work going on inside and looks like nothing has been done since it was open for those "Preview" nights...any word on what's going on with that place? and ps...with the Bassmaster Classic Outdoor Expo going on with other events as well it seemed, it was so nice to see everyone out and about enjoying Discovery Green and Avenida Houston! Because of my adventure i also got to finally experience Buffalo Bayou paths on my bike which was so awesome...hope to do that alot more! Love our city so darn much!
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    The tower crane set up last weekend is building the second tower crane albeit in smaller pieces at a time. It will be a flat top tower crane. Next weekend they will use an AT crane in the street to build the third tower crane which will be located inside a hole in the existing parking garage where a tower base is already located. Again two different sets of workers I talked with today confirmed the office tower is going up. A little fuzzy.... Concrete counterweights being unloaded.
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    I'll share my downtown story as well. Moved downtown 4 and a half years ago and nothing but the old standards existed: Warren's, La Carafe, Flying Saucer, Hearsay, etc. They are all great establishments with a lot of history and character but the scene was sleepy and revolved around the local regulars. Fast forward to today: a complete explosion of literally everything downtown. I can't keep track of the number of bar and restaurant openings, the new hotels and office buildings are beautiful, friends are moving downtown into the Skyhouses. Downtown along Main Street on a Friday or Saturday night is like a mini-6th street. I can drink quality coffee from Honeymoon or Local Foods. Innovative projects like the underground food hall Conservatory choose downtown as home. The projects and growth aren't even wrapped up yet. Downtown has just completely blown away all of my expectations when I first moved here. I am very grateful for the Downtown Living Initiative, the OKRA Charity bar which was one of the first in the new wave of downtown bars and the Superbowl...
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    No but you're killing me with this update.
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    Travis St will be closed this weekend between Capitol and Rusk for crane construction from 7 pm Fri. 24th to 5 am Mon. 26th. Further proof that the office tower portion might be going up.