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    Camden announced phase I is a go on their earnings call. Should kick off Q4-2017. It'll be 21 stories, as discussed here. They have no definite plans for phase II.
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    Sorry tried to attach something and did not work. Will try to find better attachment, but groundbreaking for Office is also scheduled for this fall and delivery is in winter of 2019. The Allen -- Digital Preview -- Summer 2017.pdf
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    this will start before the end of the year, per a very very good source.
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    More good news. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2017/08/04/another-downtown-apartment-project-expected-to.html
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    Lighting feature being tested? Downtown Houston Aerial by Chris Olbekson, on Flickr
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    This garage is way behind the one for the Lyric Center.
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    and this is what I have been working on for a month, a lighting feature in the HoB stairwell. It will be finished either Friday or Saturday. it's 96 individually controlled RGB LED strips, one per pane.
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    It's official: https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2017/08/10/exclusiveaustralian-developer-acquires-more-land.html
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    Hotel Alessandra is booking rooms starting October 6 (8 months and 1 day after Super Bowl LI)
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    From the transcript: "Based on our view that there will be limited completions and competition from new developments in 2019 and 2020, we’ve decided to go forward with the construction of our Downtown Houston project, Camden Downtown. Construction will begin in the fourth quarter of this year with lease-up beginning in the fourth quarter of 2019 and stabilization expected in 2020. Camden Downtown represents a counter-cyclical opportunity to lock in construction costs at a time when it’s difficult for developers to get equity or construction financing."
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    Looks like they are doing about a floor per week...
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    The lobby staircase of Hotel Alessandra at 1070 Dallas St in Midway's Greenstreet. (From Facebook)
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    https://www.downtownhouston.org/development/project/planned-residential-3/ Estimated construction start 1Q 2018
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    Turns out they took down the flat top tower crane and the one over the parking garage. The flat top is supposedly done but the southern crane needed mechanical work but will go back up. The parts are being staged on Travis till they go back up.
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    Flat top is back up the tower crane in the garage is gone.
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    Please don't let there be a recession.... Please don't let there be a recession.... Please don't let there be a recession....
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    Sorry for the poor quality as I took this from a distance. New sign is up and looks like the leasing office is ready to roll.
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    HSPVA draws students from all over the HISD zone. Downtown is centralized and has the best transit options. It also makes sense to develop relationships between HSPVA and Houston's performing arts organizations, most of which are based downtown. This seems like a no-brainer to me.
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    windows up to the fourth residential level
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    Wish they would go Urban downtown.
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    Got the plans to bid the lighting on this today. Showing 35 stories.....
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    I give RD a lot of credit for this thing. Say what you will... when was the last time someone built a high-rise condo downtown? I literally can't think of any. We need to get this lifestyle kickstarted, and this is a good one to get the conversation moving.
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    2/3 on pizza joints in Skyhouses. Who's down to fund my idea for the third pizza joint in the remaining tower called "Cut My Life In 2 Pizzas"
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    More on the 26-story tower planned for Midtown from Australian developer Caydon Development Group: Plans filed with the Houston's Development Department further illuminate the change that a large residential tower will bring to Main Street in Midtown, one of city's most quickly evolving walkable urban corridors. Australian developer Caydon Development Group is asking the city for a variance to put canopies above the sidewalks along Main and Drew streets, where the 26-story Main Midtown town is under construction. Plans call for a ground level of shops and restaurants with bike racks on the sidewalk. Building plans filed with the application show a densely developed urban block. "A holistic approach has been taken to plan this project as an urban walkable development on all four sides of the site," the application says. The tower sits across Main Street from the new Midtown Park, in an area filled with new projects that are sure to bring a density uncharacteristic of Houston. The planned tower will have 357 units, 464 parking spaces for residents, 18 spaces for shoppers and 206 bike parking spots. http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/bizfeed/article/26-story-tower-will-transform-Main-Street-11366616.php
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    Placing some steel I-beams vertically @ Rusk & Travis. It looks like they topped out the garage side too.
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