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    New five-story hotel coming to East Village https://www.citylandsinvestments.com/investments/
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    The block 42 highrise is all residential and currently at 46 stories. This would take half the block (old HC parking garage).
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    Caydon may have been onto something with their renderings. I came across this image in an MRA survey. They are pushing to make Main Street a greenway through Midtown, removing all automobile traffic.
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    Parking lot is fenced off and windows are coming out of the south side of the building. Renovation looks to be under way!
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    I think the residential component is slated to be 40 - 45 floors. Hopefully they are tearing down the garage and close to a groundbreaking - this is becoming a dense residential neighborhood.
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    NIce article with some highlights from the announcement: http://news.rice.edu/2018/04/12/historic-midtown-sears-building-to-anchor-houston-innovation-district-2/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SEARS&utm_campaign=Facebook links That sounds muy bueno. Really good that Station Houston is going to be the operator in my uneducated opinion. Two years, as reported before, would be awesome. Keeping the art deco aspect would fantastic. This is looking to be an A++++ situation.
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    Residential high-rise with retail proposed somewhere along W Gray. Image was added to the architect's website 12/2017 https://www.tcw-group.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Multi-Family-Projects-TCW.pdf https://tcw-group.com/
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    New 6-story rmultifamily building with ~20,000 sq ft of retail coming to The Heights at Center/Shepherd/Nett and Durham
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    correct. block 58 could have a mixed use component but office for certain. hines is incredibly active in houston right now.
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    Saw a couple riggers coming back from lunch, they said it was topped out and they had a topping out party on Wednesday. From the White Oak Trail
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    Ah, you're right. Post edited. Here's another look at the original proposal for The Mix. Pg 13 https://issuu.com/jorgetiscareno/docs/jorge_tiscareno_portfolio_design_process/2?ff=true
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    Skanska’s Capitol Tower in downtown Houston tops out
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    Gorgeous day outside. Never been to Levy Park.. Great day to visit!
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    It’s a significant architectural alteration to a highly visible structure that’s the first phase of a larger redevelopment. I think the likelihood for additional structures in the other phases would warrant inclusion in “Going Up.”
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    Beautiful tile detailing seeing light after decades of darkness. I’m interested to watch this building transform!
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    Photos in downtown Houston by philip.je01, on Flickr
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    Right so for background, I was able to review Hines Block 58 Marketing book that highlighted all on their new office project (Block 58) in great detail. On a few of the pages where they showed the impact on the skyline from different vantage points, they showed the proposed high rise on Block 42. The proposed high rise was clearly residential and looked to be as tall if not a few floors taller than Market Square Tower, with nearly all glass facing Market Square park. I have no knowledge of the project outside of these renderings - but the impact on the northern portion of our skyline was immense. Hopefully the filing of these plats are a good sign.
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    When I saw the Block 58 material, they had renderings of the Residential project and it appeared to be as tall if not a couple floors taller than Market Square Tower with a lot of glass. Still subject to change, but this was back in January.
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    Uploaded the image from their website
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    Spotted the bean, already has lots of people taking photos.
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    RFQs to GC's have been released and a building permit is being filed this week. Powers Brown is the architect. They are pursuing history tax credits as a funding source for this project.
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    2Q 2018 https://www.downtownhouston.org/site_media/uploads/attachments/2018-03-26/180323_Development_Map__Renders_11X17.pdf
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    I was wrong. It is scheduled to open in July. The construction on the roof is complete though, hence the lack of work on the south end. They said that that were going for an unfinished metal building look. My guess is most of the plan seems to be trying to use the view from downtown, and having that end more open allows for a better view. It looks great though so far. The restaurant area is super neat and resembles a church.
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    12 hour foundation pour occurred today..., 1100 concrete trucks, 11000 cubic yards!
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    I'm not sure what the word is for tearing down the ballroom of a french-themed luxury boutique hotel, but I'm pretty sure it's not "gentrification".
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    Reading these comments makes me realize people don't quite understand what this project is. As I said earlier, I go to a lot of these innovative incubators in Houston.... most of these are full of startups working on cutting edge technology. These aren't just some random software engineers looking for grants or looking for some ideas.... these are actual entities with a goal in mind and are actively looking for investors to fund their ideas. Houston certainly does have an innovative spirit especially since UofH is pumping out a lot of good software developers... Not sure what natural progression on the East Side meant from a comment earlier but a lot of these startups are having to use home offices to create the next big thing. Instead they can go to places like The Station Houston, RED Labs, The Cannon (Absolutely MASSIVE), etc.... this tech wave is still in its infancy but I think a district like this can really make Houston the next hot spot for tech startups. A lot of those places I mentioned earlier are swamped already so to have an entire district to start this up would be amazing. Next, this isn't just for startups. Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, and many many other established tech companies send in their own people to work these incubators... to present their own thoughts, to push these ideas to reality where they may even buy them and allow these people to work remotely from Houston.. I mean, the list just goes on and on with the list of possibilities. I'm telling you, these places are really exciting if anyone has ever been to one. If Houston can get this, along with the medical research campus and keep expanding our aerospace industry, I think Houston has a very bright future no matter what happens to the oil industry.
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    Bigge crawler crane on site and ready to be assembled. Has to be there for the pilings.
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    New 240 unit mid-rise proposed as an addition to the Bristol Parc Condos in Uptown. https://tcw-group.com/projects/bristol-parc-high-rise/
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    I saw people touring some apartments today, the agent had them out on a patio, so apparently some units are done. Southwest corner signage. It's a nice looking building on Travis, the Main St side still has tarps on it.
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    While watching them lower the sculpture onto the fasteners, I realized how much this plaza is going to add to the Museum experience. This will be an incredible tourist magnet. I stood on the sidewalk on the construction side of Montrose instead of driving by and they've taken down the screen so you begin to see how well everything is going to fit and flow into the campus. I can"t wait to trek up the incline. A wine bar on top would be popular. Except you'd have to sign a waiver to come back down.
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    Getting ready for the In Bloom Music Festival https://www.inbloomfestival.com
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    Downtown Houston by Marc longoria, on Flickr
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