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  6. or the Fens in Boston or South Beach in San Fran or downtown San Diego or downtown Denver or Camden Yards on the waterfront in Baltimore It's getting there but no need for hyperbole.
  7. With respect, you need to look at the future plans again. 45 NB does not drop to 2 lanes where it continues on its original ROW from I10. It is 4 lanes in that section (and that's without counting the downtown connector and I-45 max lanes). You've acknowledged the addition of northbound lanes on the south end of downtown at the 45/59 pinch point. It's rather odd that you know of this lane addition and yet insist that no lanes are added to I45. It is exactly at the pinchpoints that we need added lanes; that's where the congestion is created. The key lane addition on 45 SB is also at the pinch point. As you acknowledged, currently there are only 2 through lanes for I-45 SB where it meet I-69. However, as you failed to acknowledge, the new plan has 4 through lanes for I-45 SB traffic where it meets I-69. The fact is, the plan does add lanes to I-45, at least at the crucial points, and it does add capacity to I-45.
  8. That weblink url tho ^^
  9. Tesla is expected to occupy the former Buckle tenant space in Southlake Town Square, across Grand Avenue from Apple and Michael Kors. This will be Tesla's fourth gallery in DFW. Also in Southlake, a developer is proposing an office/hotel development at the southeast corner of SH114 and White Chapel Blvd. Project Location The development includes a Delta hotel, two five-story offices with underground parking, and a six-story office building with an adjacent parking garage. Delta Hotels operates only two hotels in the United States - Orlando and Racine. Here's a screenshot I took from the 1/17/17 City Council meeting:
  10. There's a permit plan review for the conversion of a warehouse to a restaurant at 1239 W 19th St. It's filed by Sun Collective Design Group.
  11. Pictures of The Rice Box's exterior and patio from CultureMap
  12. I've always wondered once MMP reaches its lifespan where would they put a new stadium? To see the area around the stadium gradually progress and then really take off here recently I would hate to see the stadium elsewhere. Don't know the politics or economics behind that but I would almost choose keeping MMP around a VERY long time if the other option was moving elsewhere like to the suburbs.
  13. Define "neighborhood". If you mean that houston will have several brand new, dense, residential structures within 3 blocks of the stadium, ok. but, if you are speaking more broadly about a "neighborhood", have you walked around wrigley field -- into the neighborhood a couple blocks back? If you have, I would be curious as to how you think this small section of downtown Houston might improve on that large area of Chicago.
  14. Harvest Lofts at Farmers Market, taken 12/27/16, via Andres Construction: Project Location
  15. Hard to beat wrigleyville
  16. It does add capacity only because it would be a longer distance, and the addition of lanes depends on where they're adding the lanes, But the fact that there are 3 extreme curves immediately forces the speed limit to drop dramatically. Also they don't eliminate every left exit that exists, in some parts there are even many exits in one place instead of one exit to carry all traffic and then would split. When its necessary 2 lanes are added on the 59, on the 45 southbound it stays 3 lanes wide(same as today), but on the 45 northbound it's 5 lanes. And indeed the 45 is widened to 3 lanes at the 59 interchange, but those 3 lanes include traffic coming from the 59 eastex freeway. What would slow down traffic the most are mostly mostly the curves at the interchanges, plus the fact that most traffic in downtown is through traffic. And also keep in mind the levels of traffic now compared to how they'll Be in the future, when they Finnish the project there may even be the same speed and Sane number of traffic jams So the 45 could be widened, the 59 too but just one lane added, and the Allen pkwy interchange coild just be reconstructed and have all right exits and the 45 won't have To go from 5 lane to 3 lanes and instead from 5 lanes to 4 lanes, as well as the 10 interchange which could be just be redesigned and widen the 10 where it merges to 2 lane because that is a bad bottleneck. As well as adding space for cars to merge easily Maybe widen the 59 to 5 or maximum 6 lanes but not sure, and widen from 1 to 2 lanes the 59 eastex to 45 gulf and from the 59 South to the 10 Katy Also have comments about the 45 North of the 10 but that's another story. Maybe on future plans have an express lane highway parallel next to the railroad in the EaDo part, but as long term plans. That'll solve the bottlenecks on the 45 59 and 10 on a more reasonable amount of money.. benefiting all through traffic the same as their project would. hope this is satisfying for most although I know I'll get at least one complaint.
  17. I'll probably bike around the area next weekend. not gonna be around there SB weekend. as far as ESPN going where they are rather than on the other side of downtown, well, they are in the action over here, not on the other side of town. they aren't on disco green, but they're within very short walking distance.
  18. KATY (Katy ISD) – Parents and students interested in learning how to save money for college, how to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and how to apply for scholarships are encouraged to attend the 2017 Financial Information Academy. Representatives at this event will also be able to answer questions about student loans and help families determine which ones will best serve their student’s educational funding needs. Registration is not required and the event is FREE for all parents of KISD students. Where: Katy ISD Education Support Complex Staff Development Entrance 6301 S. Stadium Lane Katy, TX 77494 When: Saturday, February 4, 2017 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. 12:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. The post Financial Information Academy FREE for Katy ISD Parents appeared first on Covering Katy News. View the full article
  19. This area is going to be a boom for all empty lots surrounding MMP. This is very bold, but I think Houston could have the best ballpark neighborhood at the end of all this.
  20. The darker brick speaks to the nearby buildings, and tops out about where they do. The lighter brick gives it a bit of a break, speaks to the taller buildings from the 20s - 40s, and makes it feel less massive over Market Square. YMMV, but I like it.
  21. Currently, NB where 45 goes over 59 it drops to 2 lanes. then it gradually expands to 3-4 lanes, depending on where you are in the rest of the system. future state has 3 lanes of 45/59 interchange, it expands to 5 lanes, then drops to 4 lanes, eventually where 45 continues on it's original ROW from i10 it drops to 2 lanes. currently, SB where 45 and 10 do their thing, there's 3 lanes of 45, then 4 lanes when it picks up i10 traffic, then it dumps to 3 again. and finally, where 45 crosses 59 there's 2 current lanes. further, there's 2 lanes that can exit 45 to join 59/288 south. future state has 3 lanes of 45 through joining to 2 lanes of i10 funneling down to 3 total lanes throughout. there's only 1 lane that exits for 59 and another for 288. my experience is that way more people want to get off for 59 from 45, rather than 288. anyway, yeah. using the existing alignment it looks like they could buy that small passport photo place, and easily add an additional lane of traffic in each direction throughout the entire length with marginal row needed. get rid of the dallas dip by making that go over rather than under, get rid of left exits/entries, that would do so much better for the overall project. Anyway, the project has at least one really interesting easter egg in it. go to where 45 and i10 merge. follow the regular 45 SB traffic. It's a yellow highlighted line. where does it go? it disappears under i10 express, then just miraculously springs into being again. It's clearly not right. Same for 45 NB. it goes from being a tiny 2 lane to a wide 4 lane. What? on that pdf, go to where holly and spring street merge, it's near WOB, just look at the interchange.
  22. Hmmm. i thought that the "standard pace" that folks tried to build to was one floor a week ....... good to know that it's almost topped out though.
  23. Prett sure it actually does add lanes to I-45 through downtown.
  24. Overall, the entire system will have added capacity. Specifically, the realignment of 45 through downtown will not. What changes that are made to make the system run smoother (no left exits/entries) could be done within the existing ROW. There are no additional lanes. Furthermore, have you ever taken the turn from the existing gulf freeway NB to 59 NB? That radius, that curve, is about what the new one will be. 90% of drivers slow down to 35mph on that curve. I don't look for it because I don't drive a rig, but I believe there are signs that state the maximum for high load vehicles is 35mph. The new radius appears to only slightly be more open. cars will slow down. the same is true as 45 turns from being aligned with 59 to being aligned with 10. cars will slow down immensely for this curve. is there any elevation change while these are curving? Due to the tight nature of things, I can't see there not being elevation change during the turns, this will further complicate the corner for drivers making them want to slow down even more. Next time you're going north through downtown on 45, take the route on the freeway as it is currently. Imagine taking those same corners, only slightly more open, but with 2 lanes of hundreds of cars and trucks and 18 wheelers trying to not to drift into each other. So yeah, specifically, the realignment of 45 from the pierce elevated to follow 59 and 10 does absolutely nothing for the greater whole. This is all so some developers can snatch some land, and a very small minority of residents can feel better that for the distance of about 1 mile, there isn't a freeway anymore. The overall project is ok, the realignment of 45 is very bad.
  25. Downtown garage ready to start construction.
  26. One floor done since Dec 24th. Three more to go.
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