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  2. Canyon Cafe and the Relax The Back store below have been completely gutted (with the rug place closing and moving out very soon...) to begin the renovations to make way for Canada based Moxie's Grill & Bar! I'm pretty excited about this since it will be a good sports bar and grill to walk to just behind my condo! Plans were to open originally this summer but as behind as they are, my guess is the fall or next spring...we shall see...!
  3. Sorry for not posting much about this one, there's just not a lot to say about it that we're privy to. I know that this house does have some connection with the house that was formerly on River Bend, as in one of the architects that worked for Neuhaus & Taylor worked on it, and for the life of me I can't remember his name. The house on Willowick was not originally built completely to Taylor's specs, so the current owners tried to complete the original design as much as possible. That's about all I know about it that I can recall.
  4. You are mostly likely correct if the numbers mentioned in this form are accurate. Downtown Houston will have approximately 9 million square feet of vacant office space if the vacancy rate reaches 20%. I imagine the downtown movers and shakers are busy trying to stop and reverse this situation. Downtown Houston has much to offer so hopefully this situation will not last long and more towers will go up.
  5. Was just reading the discussion of the planning of the White Oak Music Hall in that thread and a few parts of it made me think more of the garage at Franklin and Milam: "That’s where I cultivated a keen interest in design and culture, and, more specifically, the relationship between architecture and the city. More often than not, the most engaging cities we visited were always the ones that had an overt interest in supporting the arts through built projects." Nailed it Powers Brown.
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  7. Really Subdude don't you think the monstrosity at Franklin and Milam has a sort of Omaha Beach pillbox charm to it? It is a good thing it is some distance from the USS Texas or the Texas might reflexively begin lobbing shells toward it as it did on pillboxes on June 6, 1944.
  8. I saw an article last year that mentioned that and didn't know that was still the if that's the case, then awesome and thank you! edited to add this article i just found:
  9. I wish someone would show a picture of this to whoever designed that monstrosity at Franklin & Milam.
  10. it would make for an amazing confluence of the historic district with the theater district but my source says they are more than likely going with some kind of parking situation for a few years before they build the tower. They just opened a new 50 story tower they need to fill and the BOA tower that is losing its namesake tenant to Skanska will need a replacement of 430,000 sq. ft. Thats a he heck of a lot of space not to mention the Exxon building sitting empty, and the Smith building which lost United.
  11. This project is such an odd story, it does seem to have a good ending though. Has there been any specific mention of a garage on the Chronicle block? The demolition work is now almost all below grade, and there is the interplay with the tunnel deal/lawsuit and the adjacent block that complicates things, but if they were going to just lay asphalt over the block it seems like they would have stopped digging. Hines could make a bit of a semi-contiguous development among the Chronicle building block, Aris, and the Chronicle garage half block if they were so inclined. If that happened and the International tower went ahead, how cool would that be?
  12. COH did a brief presentation at the Neartown Meeting. Biggest discussion was need for lighting to be lower, live oak and pin oak trees are not options that residents want, and parallel parking on westheimer that might or might not have parking meters. the On street parking by the clothing resale apparently is given a by but the parallel parking in the 300 block met with a negative reaction. Instead many suggested that space be used for cafe tables chairs and planters. Pull in parking on side streets was also suggested as an alternative. Also so learned that COH is actively seeking new businesses for that part of Westheimer that would put the storefront directly by street with parking behind. public feedback is still being sought.
  13. Pictures of Better Luck Tomorrow bar opening at 544 Yale where Dry Creek Cafe was (from Instagram):
  14. It troubled me to lose the Houston club building for a garage. It also troubled me to lose the chronicle building for a garage. But if a tower follows the garage on the chronicle site as quickly as this one followed then I'm glad they did not hold off demolition of the chronicle buildings.
  15. The volleyball bar on the White House Music Hall grounds is Sideout Volleybar. It's opening May 5th at 2623 Keene Street. Here's the Facebook page and website:
  16. RT @overatx: Tonight's Sunset

  17. they're going to need to jump the crane soon
  18. Turn Allen Prkwy into Houston's own Champs Elysee!
  19. Looks good from where I'm sitting. Let's reel 'er in, fellas!
  20. Love it! The design fits in with the Theatre District and I remember reading a while back that they wanted a wine lounge of some sort. The video shows a steakhouse in the corner so I'm sure this will cater to both the lunch time and after 5PM/weekend crowd.
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  22. Oh so many years ago I brought a date there. And we have been married ever since. I figured we would survive this long I am surprised that they have.
  24. Michaelangos is going bye-bye. The Italian restaurant with the tree in it is being replace for a retail center at 307 Westheimer. NewQuest is marketing a retail center and looking to fill the remaining spaces. Here's a rendering from Loopnet: 2,000 SF retail for lease on the 1st floor Lower Westheimer servicing Midtown and Montrose Whole Foods only 404 yards away Fitness user on 2nd floor 4 reserved parking spots for grab and go concepts
  25. my understanding is that everything besides the initial tower and lifestyle center are all TBD. Uses will include office, apt, retail, perhaps medical but designs and scale are subject to change.
  26. It makes me so happy that @IncubusBand is still making new music

  27. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus International Giveaway @androidauth @GetRhinoShield #giveaway

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