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  2. New Dallas Suburban/Exurban Development

    According to the DMN: -- this will be the 11th Costco in DFW, not 12th. -- Costco just bought the property and has no scheduled opening date. They don't even have building permits yet. It will not open October 1.
  3. New Dallas Suburban/Exurban Development

    Plans to revitalize Plano’s ailing Collin Creek Mall come into focus Project Location
  4. Yale Crossing- Yale & 28th street

    Construction of Ancorian's Yale Crossing at 2723 Yale from Facebook:
  5. East Village at 1201 St. Emanuel

    Morgan Weber and Dave Pickerell are partnering with Gulf Coast Distillery, 5610 Clinton Dr in the Second Ward. The name is Indianola Distilling Company and will distribute whiskeys, bourbon, gin and brandy. From Houston Chronicle today:
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  7. Imperial Sugar Site development plan approved

    From Houston Business Journal today: In around two years, Sugar Land's old Imperial Sugar refinery area will be redeveloped into Imperial Market, a $200 million historic mixed-use project led by the developers behind downtown's Houston Pavilions, now known as Green Street. Recently, the project secured a co-working tenant, which could signal the industry's broader push into Houston's suburbs. Rye, New York-based Serendipity Labs will occupy 15,939 square feet in the mixed-use development, per a Serendipity Labs spokesperson. The company made its first splash in Houston last year when it signed an exclusive franchising agreement with Houston-based Cameron Management and announced its plans to open 10 locations throughout the Bayou City. Gensler will design Serendipity Labs' space in Imperial Market.
  8. Town & Country/City Centre *update*

    Straits at CityCentre is closing at the end of the month. From Houston Business Journal: Visitors of CityCentre will have to say goodbye to the Straits Restaurant ...The Singapore and pan-Asian restaurant's last service day will be Aug. 29, manager Inri Diaz said. He doesn’t know why the location, which opened in 2010 at 800 Sorella Court, is closing. It’s the third Straights restaurant to close, the Houston Press reported. The other Straights that closed include one Atlanta in 2012 and another in San Francisco in 2014, according to The Grio and the San Francisco Gate. From the above HBJ article: Meanwhile, The Escape Game is opening a 4,000-square-foot space on CityCentre’s Sorella Court sometime in early 2018, according to a press release. The Nashville-based puzzle brand privately owns and operates eight locations, including in Dallas and Austin.
  9. Missed the memo. Several posts in the thread outlining the properties included for Buffalo Heights District.
  10. Exxon Mobil Brookhollow sold for retail

    No rendering yet?
  11. The Iron Works @ 1414 Bonner Street

    I don't care what's going here, but am happy to see developers repurpose the building and not tear it down. In Houston Chronicle's recent Looped In podcast, the hosts discussed warehouses being in top demand in Houston and how breweries are occupying them. Anything that doesn't involve demolishing buildings, I'm in favor of.
  12. Sawyer Yards

    Tila's Restaurante, which closed some time this month at 1111 S. Shepherd, is relocating to Sawyer Yards. So what's next for Tila's? "I'm looking at a space in Sawyer Yards, where all those art studios are," Hidalgo says. Her plan is to use the space as a commissary to operate her popular food truck business, Tila's Tacos, known for its clean and lean Mexican fare as usual, serving as she does at all the athletic functions at the University of Houston, area food festivals and private events around town, and "Then we're going to make a little space in it for a cantina and taqueria." Hildalgo's husband, Sergio, is the chef of the restaurant, so obviously he's still on board with the plans. The location she's eyeing, and could potentially have leased by September if all goes as planned, is the Meek Studio, where glass blower Jim Meek inhabits one half of the warehouse.
  13. Ford Fry's Tex Mex restaurant isn't opening in the Heights Waterworks development but will open elsewhere in the Heights.
  14. Greenspoint Mall Under Contract to be Redeveloped to Mixed-Use

    That's the one. I think the open air retail and dining model could have worked here, with other parts of the property becoming new residential, green space, and offices. Old and run down developments like this one can help turn the area around for the better by building a well thought out development. A truck stop and whatever else they have planned for this, which won't be so grand if there will be a truck stop next to it, seems to me that developers don't want to be the catalyst for change for the better in that neighborhood, but more of the same.
  15. 1920 Houston Avenue (Former re:HAB Bar)

    Progress pictures of Spring Street Beer & Wine Garden at 1902 Houston Ave. Photos from First Ward Houston group on Facebook.
  16. Salmex Car Lot Turned Treadsack Restaurants @ 1801 N Shepherd

    Ford Fry is taking over the Hunky Dory and Bernadine built out space at 1801 N Shepherd, opening a Tex Mex restaurant and another restaurant. The Tex-Mex restaurant will be Superica as Eater Houston speculated several times this summer. He's also opening a seafood restaurant in the adjacent space, which may be The Optimist. From CultureMap: After a couple of months of rumors and speculation, State of Grace owner Ford Fry has made it official. The native Houstonian-turned-Atlanta-based-restaurateur will open a Tex-Mex restaurant called Superica and a casual seafood-oriented restaurant in the Heights restaurant spaces formerly occupied by Hunky Dory and Bernadine’s. Slated to open in the first quarter of 2018, Houston’s Superica will take over Bernadine’s. Fry will expand the seating capacity slightly by incorporating the space currently allocated to the private dining room. Design changes will give both spaces a more casual look that keeps with the Tex-Mex atmosphere without resorting to cliches like pinatas hanging from the ceiling. ...Superica’s atmosphere will help differentiate it from Houston’s numerous Tex-Mex options. Fry channeled the Hill Country as inspiration for State of Grace’s design, and he wants Superica to have a bit of an Austin vibe that takes advantage of the space’s spacious patios and features live music on the weekends.
  17. 1902 Washington Ave.

    From the Lack of Restaurant Diversity in the Heights thread: Kukuri is open at 1902 Washington Ave
  18. Groundbreaking set for October.
  19. Lack of Restaurant Diversity In the Heights

    Kukuri Japanese Restaurant opened on Washington Ave in Old Sixth Ward. link:
  20. haha yeah too funny, i just caught that! unfortunately my sister sent me a quote from some other source saying basically the same is indeed a bummer.
  21. Nude Beach?

    Ha! To each his own, but naked people are not going to stop being funny. On a related note (and a slightly less random bump), scanning through Google Maps, I happened upon what was labeled as a "resort" in Porter. You know that there must be something a bit out of the ordinary to something surrounded by trailer parks and the prototypically "low income" Walmart that would attempt to invoke images of luxurious leisure. Emerald Lake Resort. Look it up, if you're in to that sort of thing...
  22. Frank's Backyard @ 413 Travis Street

    When scarcity becomes a positive attribute, that's when the big dollars start rolling in!
  23. Discovery Green

    The MM's pool is a more local, small-scale substitute for places like Hyatt Lost-Pines and Hill country resorts, which obnoxious children from the Houston area (and elsewhere) have been assaulting for quite some time. The price of popularity is having to deal with all of the people.
  24. 1111 Rusk: Texaco Building Renovation

    They put a tree up on the garage, so I guess it's finally done growing. The renderings suggest that there will be some cladding and paint added to obscure the metal framework of the garage, and I think something retail/restaurant was planned for the ground floor, but I might have that wrong. In any case, they have the amenity deck up there that would look horrible perched on top of something that would not look out of place in an olefins unit in Deer Park.
  25. LGBT family - Pittsburgh PA to Woodlands/Spring TX

    Speaking from experience, people in the suburbs can find a way to be snotty neighbors for any or no reason at all, while others will be very welcoming and friendly. I found the same to be true when I lived in town. Any insularity that I have experienced was not mitigated by my own personal matching demographics or (presumed) political preferences. Here's hoping that your family and everyone else here is lucky enough to live close to a few non-jerks wherever you land.
  26. I don't think one entity owns all of those properties. HCAD shows different owners with different addresses. Doesn't mean they aren't related, but it's unlikely. When I get time, I'll see if the County Clerk's office shows any changes that aren't in HCAD
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