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  2. If you have not put 102 on ignore yet, your responses keep reminding me that he hasn't died yet.
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  4. Facebook page for Interio Bar Mexican Kitchen at 502 Main
  5. Construction picture of Oxbow7 or Oxbow 7 inside Le Méridien Hotel in Houston
  6. Updated site plan for Fairview District in Montrose: Old site plan here. From Swamplot: There appear to be 6 retail spots in the foot of the garage that will be ready for tenants before such time as the rest of the garage might hypothetically be repurposed (along with a slew of other spaces in the development, per Edge Realty’s leasing flier): Spots shown as available include the lot currently occupied by a house just south of the nexus of Genessee and Fairview.
  7. Additional rendering of Fairview District in Houston's Montrose: Leasing brochure (archive link) More renderings here and here.
  8. From Swamplot about the parking garage planned for Fairview District in Houston's Montrose. The latest of Gensler’s renderings of that midrise parking garage planned atop the recently evacuated location of nightclub and drag venue Meteor shows the structure rocking a swath of greenery in place of the decorative bicycles pictured across the facade in earlier drafts. More on Gensler's parking garage conversions in other designs of theirs:
  9. For the sake of anyone who may be under the impression that many downtown restaurants are open on the weekends, let me post a list of all the restaurants, cafe etc. that are closed on Saturday and Sunday. 1. AddicTea Café 1001 Fannin 2. Alonti Market Café 1001 Fannin 3. Alonti Market Café 1111 Louisiana 4. Alonti Market Café 777 Walker 5. Alonti Market Café 1221 McKinney 6. Alonti Market Café 600 Travis 7. Amille’s 1301 McKinney 8. Amille’s 1001 Louisiana 9. Amille’s 1001 Fannin 10. Amille’s 600 Jefferson 11. Amille’s 500 Dallas 12. Amille’s 333 Clay 13. Baoz Dumplings 1001 Fannin 14. Beck’s Prime 910 Travis 15. Bourays 609 Clay 16. Brooklyn Meatball Company 930 Main 17. Brooklyn Meatball Company 1200 McKinney 18. Brown Bag Deli 702 Main 19. Bullritos 910 Travis 20. Buzz Barista 811 Main 21. Café Express 650 Main 22. Café Basil 500 Dallas 23. Chick-Fil-A 1200 McKinney (All locations closed on Sunday, however this one is closed on Saturdays too) 24. Chick-Fil-A 500 Dallas (All locations closed on Sunday, however this one is closed on Saturdays too) 25. Chicken Etc. 777 Walker 26. China Ocean & Hibachi Grill 815 Walker 27. Chipotle 909 Texas 28. Corner Bakery Café 1000 Main 29. Dimassi’s Mediterranean Kitchen 919 Milam 30. Doozo Dumplings & Noodles 1200 McKinney 31. Droubi Brothers Mediterranean Grill 507 Dallas 32. Dunkin’ Donuts 1000 Main 33. Eats Mesquite Grill 804 Milam 34. Einstein Bros Bagels 1200 Louisiana 35. Freshii 1200 McKinney 36. Fuddruckers 1100 Louisiana 37. Gigi’s Cupcakes 600 Travis 38. Great American Cookie 1200 McKinney 39. J&M Café 500 Jefferson 40. Jason’s Deli 901 McKinney 41. Jason’s Deli 1200 Smith 42. Jimmy John’s 820 Main 43. Jimmy John’s 500 Dallas 44. Jin Bento 914 Main 45. Kolache Factory 811 Louisiana 46. La Dolce Vita Café 1000 Louisiana 47. La Dolce Vita Café 1201 Louisiana 48. La Palapa 1110 Preston 49. Leaf and Grain 1200 McKinney 50. Lenny’s Sub Shop 1001 Fannin 51. Luby’s 1301 Fannin 52. Luisa’s Pasta 1200 McKinney 53. M R Mexican Grill 1001 Fannin 54. Maggie Rita’s Mexican 600 Travis 55. Mango Tree Thai Bistro 914 Main 56. Mayuri Express 930 Main 57. McDonalds 777 Walker 58. Mediterranean Grill 1200 McKinney 59. Mediterranean Grill House 808 Travis 60. Michael’s Cookie Jar 711 Louisiana 61. Miller’s Café 1001 McKinney 62. Morningside Thai Café 917 Franklin 63. Murphy’s Deli 601 Jefferson 64. Murphy’s Deli 1021 Main 65. Murphy’s Deli 500 Dallas 66. Murphy’s Deli 910 Louisiana 67. Murphy’s Deli 1200 McKinney 68. Murphy’s Deli 440 Louisiana 69. Muscle Maker Grill 914 Main 70. Ninfa’s Express 1111 Louisiana 71. Nosh 919 Milam 72. Otto’s BBQ 500 Dallas 73. Otto’s BBQ 600 Travis 74. Otto’s BBQ 1200 McKinney 75. Panini 711 Louisiana 76. Pappas BBQ 1100 Smith 77. Pastabilities 815 Walker 78. Peli Deli 808 Travis 79. Poblanos Mexican Grill 1000 Main 80. Post Oak Grill 1111 Louisiana 81. Potbelly Sandwich 1000 Main 82. Potbelly Sandwich 1200 McKinney 83. Quizno’s 1200 McKinney 84. Rachel’s Café 421 San Jacinto 85. Rustika Café and Bar 801 Louisiana 86. S&T Restaurant 1001 Louisiana 87. Salata 711 Louisiana 88. Salata 1201 Fannin 89. Salata 500 Dallas 90. Salata 1200 McKinney 91. Salata 919 Milam 92. Schlotsky’s Deli 1200 McKinney 93. Schlotsky’s Deli 815 Walker 94. Shipley Do-Nuts 1001 McKinney 95. Simon’s Homestyle Kitchen 1200 McKinney 96. Skyline Deli 1111 Bagby 97. Skyline Deli 1301 Main 98. Skyline Deli 717 Texas 99. Smothie King 815 Walker 100. Smoothie King 1001 Fannin 101. Snap Kitchen 500 Dallas 102. Snap Kitchen 1200 McKinney 103. Sol Café Mejicano 1205 Travis 104. Sonic 711 Louisiana 105. Star Chef Dumpling House 930 Main 106. Starbucks 1100 Louisiana 107. Starbucks 1600 Lamar 108. Starbucks 1200 McKinney 109. Starbucks 600 Travis 110. Starbucks 711 Louisiana 111. Starbucks 910 Louisiana 112. Starbucks 914 Dallas 113. Stephanie Leighs 700 Louisiana 114. Stephanie Leighs 1100 Louisiana 115. Subroc 1021 Main 116. Subway 919 Milam 117. Subway 1201 Louisiana 118. Subway 1100 Louisiana 119. Subway 1200 McKinney 120. Top Taste Asian Subs & Grill 930 Main 121. Treebeards 315 Travis 122. Treebeards 1117 Texas 123. Treebeards 1100 Louisiana 124. Treebeards 1200 McKinney 125. Treebeards 711 Louisiana 126. Uptown Express Deli 1000 Louisiana 127. Wendy’s 1111 Louisiana 128. Whataburger 1000 Main 129. Which Wich 1001 Louisiana 130. Which Wich 711 Louisiana 131. Wok & Roll 1200 McKinney 132. Wok & Roll 1000 Main 133. Zero’s Sandwich Shop 507 Dallas 134. DGN Factory 1001 Fannin If I missed any please feel free to add.
  10. ^ Ragin' Cajun was in a tunnel. What does a subterranean tunnel restaurant open for limited hours of the day, limited days of the week, and for a limited amount of people have to do with a light rail line? Idk. If anything its great they closed, maybe in the future they'll consider opening elsewhere in a more visible location that isn't closed after 6:30 pm. Oxheart closed but not because of some nonsense: "oh how lamentable Houston, closing fine restaurants due to a lack of competence in public transport" your trying to spin here. The owner is revamping the entire place into a new concept. Samurai Noodle is, like your presence on this forum, irrelevant. Roma Pizza is closed on Sunday, yet is open Thursday-Saturdays until 3AM. Why you didn't acknowledge that I don't know. You know what else is closed on Sunday? Chick-Fil-A, didn't see you complain about the Chick-Fil-A in Pennzoil Place being closed all the way from your homely Chicago. Its not always about electric trains and how they have swindled an entire city out of millions by advocating false assumptions and promises of bringing thousands of commuters and development into town. Maybe the employee's/management need a break from long late hours, maybe they need Jesus.
  11. Samurai Noodle Closed Ragin' Cajun Closed Oxheart Closed Am I missing any other restaurants that have closed in downtown this year? How is Roma Pizza doing on the light rail line? Still closed on Sundays? Odd, I guess people don't eat pizza on Sundays.
  12. RT @realDonaldTrump: It's almost like the United States has no President - we are a rudderless ship heading for a major disaster. Good luck…

  13. Interesting. I used to live in those apartments (Western Ridge, at 3354 Rogerdale). When we first moved in we were excited to have a movie theatre right across the street. One week later, the Tinseltown closed. LOL! I don't know anything about what was at 3350 Rogerdale before, other than I remember Randall's did have some kind of facility. I applied for a job there in the mid 1990s. I do wonder why that empty lot to the south of Western Ridge on Rogerdale at the corner of Westpark has never been developed. I have looked at old aerial photos and once in the 1950s there was a house there. Since then, nothing.
  14. I-10 may need to be a minimum of 8 lanes (4 in each direction) between Katy and Columbus to fix that issue since you have 2 lanes of Highway 71 from Austin dumping onto 2 lanes of I-10. Since the issue only exists on Sundays and holiday weekends and isn't a daily problem, TxDOT may not justify it. Just thinking about it, 8 lanes of rural interstate would be a monster. Do any 8 lane rural interstates currently exist?
  15. I think we need more. Coffee shops should have different feels like bars. Honeymoon is our only great coffee shop.
  16. Which tower?
  17. He was going to but got redirected by the ads
  18. I would say this part of downtown in particular needs more, especially with three new apartment buildings.
  19. Spell check nabbed it... It's MotivA. An energy giant from Saudi/USA.
  20. Yesterday
  21. "Motive Center" sounds like a really prissy euphemism for the toilets. Or perhaps a bus/rail station.
  22. Good! "Motive Center?" and, out of curiousity, what the heck is "Motive"? (Scurries off to google)......
  23. It's good to see this space filling up with a coffee shop or otherwise. But I disagree that coffee shops are desperately needed downtown.
  24. The redevelopment looks quite nice, especially those metal windows. That said, tearing up one of the most intact and vibrant blocks of lower Westheimer to put in what essentially will be a strip center blows goats.
  25. Good news... Motive gets naming rights to One Allen Center by expanding their lease to over 204,000 square feet including a new roof deck.
  26. Downtown is dead. Light rail killed it. Some dude in Chicago told me so. These restaurants are FAKE NEWS. Sad!
  27. If you can post said list, that would be awesome. I live downtown and am well aware that there are tons and tons of spots, but when it comes time to decide where to eat, I default to my same old spots.
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