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  2. On the positive side, a cheap precast garage means this is just a stand-in to make more profit than a lot could make until a better use for the land is found. If they spent extra on trellises and gargoyles and other flair that would signal to me they intend to keep this as a garage for quite a while. Once market demand dictates better financial use for the land, they likely won't hesitate to tear down the boring garage and build a better and bigger building--to make more money. Also, the huge blank wall signals to me they anticipate the neighboring parking lot being developed near-term. Why have anything more than a blank wall when building to the lot line intrablock? A mural (or an advertising profit motive) would be a great possibility until the lot next door is developed.
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  4. We looked at a few houses in the Sixth Ward years back that had the exposed shiplap. In general, the cheesecloth was removed, the nail heads made flush, and the wood stained and varnished. Some of the nail heads were shiny, some looked like they had been touched up with paint to match the stain, so they weren't obvious.None of the houses had sealed the joints between boards to make them less visible.
  5. Just curious what you have done with your walls. I have the same situation with an old house I am working on in the Longview area. Tried sanding with belt sander. It does a good job but leaves the nail heads bright and shiny. Not the look we were going for. Considering sanding and painting to match the wood floors, but trying to figure out what others are doing. I've pulled several boards off some of the walls but not an easy task without splitting it. Plus a lot of the old nails aren't in good enough shape to pull without just stripping off the nail head. Thanks for any info you might have. Doug
  6. It is ugly like he went China to get the design. Looks like the Museum Tower. Dallas deserve better.
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  8. Or maybe the plan is, Skanska gets their cranes in place, and every time they get a lease, they build just enough floors to cover the space leased. The catch is, a new lease has to happen within six months each time, otherwise the cranes come down. So if only one tenant signs a lease this year, they build just a few floors, and then that's it, they finish the tower at 6 or however many stories. On the other hand, if tenants keep leasing more space, they keep going until it's over 100 stories. Pretty cool game on Skanska's part! Otherwise I think hindesky is probably correct, the tower is going to be built as planned, full speed ahead.
  9. Several months ago, after eating at Cheesecake Factory, I walked into the mall, through the entrance that spits you out right by outside Target (to the left if facing Target). That end of the mall really seems to have changed the least since the renovation. But I had peaked through an uncovered exterior window and noticed that the former Sun and Ski Sports (still vacant after all these years) has hardly changed at all. It still had the same tile floor I remembered from years ago. I'm sure the space has been subdivided over the years, but I'm surprised MetroNational hasn't found a new tenant for that space. It's one of very few non-anchor spots with exterior access. I always thought they would try to get something like H&M for that space.
  10. I think 2 tower cranes and a 3rd one going up next weekend are probably pretty solid info. That and the fact that the 2 Skanska workers told me that they were going to build the office tower. They just weren't willing to confirm who the main tenant was going to be just yet.
  11. It was constructed for the Tennessee Centennial and International Exposition (a.k.a. a giant State Fair) celebrating 100 years of Tennessee in the Union.
  12. No need to defend yourself, nothing you said was wrong, nor was it "doom and gloom." Vacancy is the highest it's been since 2005. Not an all time record, but I think "historically high" is a legitimate description, as in, it compares with other major vacancy peaks in history. The only other point you made was that there wasn't likely to be another office tower start for a few years, which is a pretty fair point to make and in no sense gloomy.
  13. ^^^ another LOVELY evening roller skating at the DG....
  15. Finally Perot sounds excited like he's got some fire now!! Its about time. Truthfully I was very dissappointed in the first render. That render looked boring as heck, almost generic. After looking at bold skyscrapers around the globe (especially my favorites in Moscow) I wondered why we couldn't have another bold design to continue the theme started in the 80s. This design is gorgeous and has a London/Moscow/international type of feel. Nothing looks like it in Dallas. This should easily hit 900ft+. Even if its just 1,000,000sqft. Just look at 432 Park Ave in NYC. That sucker is like over 1300ft yet skinny(412ksqft). We can finally get our deserved supertall with a smaller footprint. Since the spot has no height limit we need to go hard or go home. Glad Perot wanted something more aggressive. No wonder he has been so quiet over the last 3+ years. I hope its taller than LAs US Bank Tower (1018ft). 1025ft would be a perfect height IMO but if they can go! (There's not an emoticon on site that can express my thoughts right now)!!!
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  17. "The plan is only a guide" "routes may not be built" what bothers me about this whole whole process is that this "guide" is just that...... a guide....... BUT a number of our leaders at the City decided to talk to the media..... and then the media reports that Houston WILL BUILD 600 miles of bike paths (or whatever bullS**t that political crapthey want to say. Everybody feels good. Maybe something gets done. Maybe not. This is far more about politics than actually committing to build bike trails and at least a few of our elected officials went on record to say as much. Unfortunately, I don't believe that the mayor was one of them. so, now they City has a "guide" with no funding sources, no commitments, no timelines, and........ ok, great. We have a plan. Terrific. We can now all feel good. We have a guide that will guide us for some number of years into the future. Yeah!
  18. They are now tearing down the buildings in the block described in my previous post. Phase 3 coming soon? I'll try to snag a pic.
  19. Simply elegant.
  20. By Abby Livingston WASHINGTON—With Friday’s decision to pull the American Health Care Act from a vote, U.S. House Republicans came up short in their singular promise to voters for over seven years: repealing former President Obama’s 2010 health care law. Democrats had soundly opposed the measure U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan and President Donald Trump put forward, which meant the bill had little room for error within the Republican conference. Opponents fell along both ends of the GOP spectrum: Both moderates and Tea Party members helped sink the bill. Trump told The Washington Post on Friday afternoon that they decided […] The post Republicans pull health care legislation from vote in U.S. House appeared first on Community Impact Newspaper. View the full article
  21. If you thought it was depressing several years ago, try this (taken yesterday): The only items that were left for sale in the entire store (aside from the fixtures) was a small section of men's clothing (mostly work pants), a small section of women's clothing, and a pathetic-looking table displaying several heavily-discounted coffee makers.
  22. Montgomery County’s population increased 3.7 percent from 2015 to 2016, according to population figures released by the U.S. Census Bureau earlier this week. The Houston-The Woodlands-Sugarland Metropolitan Statistical Area gained more than 100,000 residents between 2015 and 2016, placing it among the top two largest numeric-gaining metropolitan areas. According to the data, Montgomery County’s population grew from 536,434 residents to 556,203 residents between 2015 and 2016, adding more than 19,000 residents during that time. Since 2010, the county’s population has increased 22 percent. The post Census: Montgomery County adds more than 19,000 residents in 2016 appeared first on Community Impact Newspaper. View the full article
  23. What a way to finish this week! Round skyscraper by famed architect would remake Dallas' skyline Project Location
  24. Apartment builders buy high-profile Las Colinas building site
  25. After almost 18 years with the TEGNA station, CBS 11 News Anchor Greg Hurst will be leaving today. Thoughts of Hurst's departure ? A.) Hated It B.) Not surprised: based on moving him out of prime-time newscasts due to behind-the-scenes changes with you-know-who as the GM. C.) No Opinion on Hurst's departure.
  26. Love Field-area project would replace '60s apartments that copied Olde England Project Location
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