Kinder Morgan Building
Formerly:El Paso Energy Building
Formerly:Tenneco Building
Formerly:Tennessee Pipeline Company Building
Formerly:1010 Milam
1010 Milam, Houston, Texas, Downtown 77002 United StatesPrint this page   •   Share this page

An old building that has worked hard to look young. A full view of the building reveals nothing special. It's another Houston exoskeleton basking in the sun. But from the sidewalk -- and especially at night there is a bit of magic. The first five floors are open to make a huge glass-enclosed space. El Paso Energy has also installed an incredibly long electric stock ticker to deliver messages and add to the visual appeal. The effect is a warm, inviting space that is palpably high-tech with very little work.

Quick Facts
  • 1984: The bank drive-in teller booths were replaced by a fountain.
  • 2001: The fountain was renovated.
  • April, 2012: The building's name changed to the Kinder Morgan Building.
  • This building was designed by Chuck Bassett of SOM.
  • The plaza was redesigned by Richard Keating.
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