Monument au Fantóme in Houston

Photo of Monument au Fantóme in Houston, Texas
Photograph © Wayne Lorentz

View at I45 and Midtown

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Monument au Fantóme

1100 Louisiana, Houston, Texas, Downtown 77002
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"Monument au Fantóme" is a city within a city. Surreal in design, and painted in primary colors, think of it as a "Cat in the Hat" interpretation of a skyline. It was originally installed at 1100 Louisiana in 1983. Because it is exposed to the elements, the sculpture has been restored several times. Once, it was covered with marine polyurethane, which did more harm than good. Its creator, Even Jean Dubuffet, died in 1985 in Paris at the age of 83. He created similar sculptures which grace plazas in New York and Chicago.

Quick Facts
    > July, 2007 - It is announced that this sculpture will be moved to the new Discovery Green park. The Fantome Tower company is paying for the move, and setting up a fund to maintain the sculpture.
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