One Post Oak Central in Houston

Photo of One Post Oak Central in Houston, Texas
Photograph © Jeremy M. Mancuso

View at I45 and Midtown

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One Post Oak Central

2000 Post Oak Boulevard, Houston, Texas, West Loop 77056
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Only rarely do buildings from the 1970's fit in so well in the modern age. Post Oak Central remains as relevant and sparkling today as it did when the complex opened decades ago. One Post Oak Central is a 24-story wonder of silver and black bands. It sports rounded corners which give it a pleasing tactile sense when viewed from afar. You can almost reach out and understand what it feels like without actually stepping on the shrubs and alerting security. Inside, the glass is good enough to afford great views without compromising too much optical quality. The 17-acre complex is an arrangement of triangles. The shape of each building is formed from triangles. And each building is, itself part of a grouping that frames a triangle on the ground.

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